Black Lives Matter chapter founder charged with felony battery of a cop, admitted to trying to smash his fingers


KENOSHA, WI – The founder of a BLM chapter based out of Lake County, Illinois, has been charged with felony attempted battery of a law enforcement officer and misdemeanor disorderly conduct for his alleged role in the Kenosha riot from August 25th of 2020.

While much of the talk of Kenosha within the current discourse either relates to Jacob Blake or Kyle Rittenhouse, the serious riots that occurred in August where an unfathomable number of felonies were committed by malefactors seems to get glossed over.

Yet a criminal complaint was recently filed against 62-year-old Clyde McLemore, who touts himself as the founder of BLM’s Lake County chapter, for his alleged conduct on August 25th.

According to the criminal complaint filed against McLemore, he allegedly attempted to lead a group – by force – into the Kenosha Public Safety Building while the mayor was inside tending to a press conference.

The criminal complaint alleges that both police officers and the Civil Disturbance Response Team were called out to dispel the crowd that had amassed outside of the PSB building.

One of the CDRT members, Officer Steven Winters, was reportedly trying to pull a door closed that the mob was trying to open up and breach at the time.

From what Officer Winters says of the incident, he was put into a position where he needed to grip the exterior of the door – exposing his fingers – in order to get better leverage to close the door.

That’s when investigators say that McLemore kicked the door shut, causing the officer to smash his fingers in the door. Furthermore, investigators say that McLemore had admitted that he kicked the door in order to “try and break the officer’s fingers.”

The reasoning as to why charges are coming up nearly six months after the alleged incident is unclear, but it may solely be related to when identifying evidence of the suspect became available to investigators.

Kenosha Police Detective Peter Falk was said to have been the officer who received the tip that McLemore was the individual behind the August incident, which police later found that McLemore had allegedly posted images of himself online from the incident – with even one of the photos being of him kicking the PSB door closed.

Despite the charges, McLemore’s Facebook activity was still live as of early February 22nd, with the suspect even providing Facebook commentary on his recent charges:

“Instead of filing criminal charges against the officer that attempted to murder Jacob Blake instead Kenosha County Government District Attorney Michael Graveley chose to go after me for kicking a door.  It’s sad to see in America that a Door is more important than the life of a Black man or woman.”

If convicted of the charges in question, McLemore could be facing up to 3-years and 3-months in prison along with a fine of up to $6,000.

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In other news related to the incident that set the city of Kenosha off, the Kenosha District Attorney set the record straight back in early January about the swirling misinformation that spread regarding the officer-involved shooting of Jacob Blake. 

Here’s that report from January. 


KENOSHA, WI – During a recent press conference regarding the officer-involved shooting of Jacob Blake, it was announced that no charges would be filed regarding the incident. 

But more importantly, Kenosha District Attorney Michael Gravely also took the time to both address and debunk many of the swirling and false narratives provided by media outlets regarding the August 23rd incident. 

A simple look at how outlets reported on the officer-involved shooting of Blake can demonstrate why many consumers of mainstream media outlets were mislead on what transpired that August day. 

ABC 7 reported on August 24th that, “police shot an unarmed Black man several times in the back.”

On August 27th, Politifact had the audacity to produce a “fact check” claiming that Blake could have been carrying, “a knife, sunglasses or something else.”

On August 24th, CNN declared that video from the incident “showed officers shoot unarmed Jacob Blake multiple times.”

Turns out that those outlets, and many others that proclaimed that narrative, were completely wrong. 

When addressing the press during the recent announcement of no charges being filed against officers in the shooting of Blake, DA Gravely pointed out that there was indeed a knife present, held by Blake, and Blake even admitted to having it:

“Very important, Jacob Blake, while actively resisting, arms himself with a knife.”

“I continue to hear, I think I heard it at the rally last night, the vigil, where someone again said he was unarmed. It is absolutely incontrovertible that Jacob Blake was armed with a knife during this encounter. Incontrovertible.”

“Most incontrovertible, because Jacob Blake in all of the times he spoke to DCI, admits he possessed a knife.”

To the credit of some media outlets, there’s been attempts at retractions made in light of the revelation. USA Today had their own iteration of a “fact check” back in August proclaiming that the knife Blake was holding couldn’t be confirmed.

Yet, on January 5th, USA Today posted an editor’s note that prefaced the August “fact check” saying, “that Jacob Blake was armed with a ‘razor blade-type knife’ when he was shot by police.”

However, even on that update to the article, USA Today also wrote that this update “does not affect the rating for this item; ratings are based on what is known at the time.”

Basically, USA Today won’t admit that they were just flat-out wrong in August, but rather just not privy to all the facts at the time. 

But what was most surprising is that on January 5th, The Washington Post still attempted to reiterate that Blake was “unarmed” on the very same day that DA Gravely provided proof that Blake was armed during the police encounter. 

After getting called out by several people online, WaPo did print a retraction on those statements made in their produced piece and social media posts in relation to. 

But aside from the armed/unarmed clamoring made by outlets back in August and the months that followed – there was just general framing that alluded to police just wantonly shooting Blake without attempting other methods of arrest. 

DA Gravely also debunked those notions as well: 

“There are many commands disobeyed and that’s not only talked about by all the officers, but that’s admitted by Jacob Blake in his statements and there are a number of civilians who talk about that as well.”

“And there are multiple ways that officers try to bring Jacob Blake into custody, again, none of those I think visible in any of the videos.”

“They try to direct him to the ground, they try to grab, multiple officers try to grab his arms and secure him so he can be cuffed. He admits at one point officers were trying to ‘handcuff me but I was able to get up.’”

“There’s a time where he’s down on the ground…where a really close viewing of it shows Jacob Blake is on top of someone who has to be Officer Sheskey based on everyone else and Officer Sheskey says, ‘I was on top of him and then he was on top of me as we were grappling for me trying to get him under arrest.’”

And apparently, aside from ground scuffles in an attempt to get Blake into custody, there was a taser used on him three times – which apparently didn’t affect Blake in those moments:

“Most importantly, he was tased twice using remote penetrators and once with a direct strike with Taser. So, I’m going to suggest to you three attempts were made to tase Jacob Blake to get him in compliance.”

There’s really no other way to say it: media outlets with their early version of reporting on this officer-involved shooting managed to get a lot wrong with their version of events relayed to the public. 

And as a very likely result of these false version of events that were spread on a national-level, Kenosha became the site of not merely protests – but full blown riots that saw businesses looted and burned to the ground. 

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