Black Lives Matter activist claims she was kicked off American Airlines for ‘offensive mask’ – here’s the truth


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Black Lives Matter activists think they are special, and do not have to play by the rules. They can smash windows, vandalize property, assault people with impunity.

Mayors of the big cities have seen to that as they have emasculated their police departments. A Florida woman, and self-appointed activist was seen on an American Airlines flight with a vulgar slogan written her mask. 

She was asked to remove it and then complained about it. Of course for her, it’s all about race…because that is what it’s always about. 

According to the New York Post, Arlinda Johns said:

“I think I got taken off the plane because I”m black,” she told

No, it probably had to do with the fact that she was wearing a mask that said, as she confirmed “F—k 12” and her shirt said, again as she confirmed “Black Lives Matter.” 

According to The Post, Johns had boarded a flight in Miami last week, at which time a member of the crew asked her to cover up the slogan on her mask, which is slang for “Fuck the police.”

Johns claims that she replaced it with a different mask, at which time she claims that she had a “tense conversation” with the flight attendant. 

“She came back and stood over [me] and said, ‘I better not see that other mask,’” Johns said. “I said, ‘Leave me alone, lady.’ She stood there, she said, ‘okay, I got you.’” 

The aircraft had already pushed back from the gate to proceed to the runway for takeoff, then returned to the gate where Johns was escorted off the plane, she said. 

An American Airlines spokesman said that Johns was removed for using offensive language, which comes as zero surprise. 

‘Although [she] initially complied, [she] later continued to display the inappropriate language. After arriving at the gate, the passenger was asked to deplane,” the spokesman said. “[Johns] refused to follow crew member instructions to remove or cover a face mask with offensive language.” 

American Airlines rules note that “offensive clothing” is not allowed on flights. 

However Johns—who wants to abolish the police—said it was because of her race and outspoken political views that she was removed from the flight. We’re sure the flight attendant had absolutely no clue who this self-important loudmouth was, but she obviously is a legend in her own mind. 

Sadly, Johns then had to drive several hundred miles to her destination in Illinois, she said. 

“This is what American Airlines is doing, and this is what happened to me,” Johns said. 

You see, this is what happens when people are not used to being told no, as has been the case since George Floyd died in police custody in Minneapolis. Given the sudden “woke” culture among businesses, Johns probably felt that American Airlines would cower and allow her to wear what was clearly an offensive item of clothing. 

Not everyone buys into the Black Lives Matter mantra of blatant Marxism. 

“Fuck-12” is believed to either come from the 1970’s police drama Adam 12. Others say the reference comes from the term ACAB (all cops are bastards). 

Johns told the news outlet that she is an “abolitionist.” 

“I am an abolitionist. I believe that we need to defund and abolish the police.” Next thing you know, Johns will want to defund and abolish flight attendants. 

Oh also Johns appears to think she gets some type of privilege because she claims she is a disabled veteran. One would think that as a veteran, she would understand respect, which she apparently does not. Johns also claimed that she had flown on an earlier American flight with the mask. She did not however indicate in her post if she had been wearing the same mask. 

American Airlines has said that it will look into the incident, and that Johns will receive a refund for the unused portion of her ticket. 

Johns claims that after she tweeted about the incident, she still had not heard back from the airline. Perhaps writing a direct email to the company might be more helpful than sending a generic tweet intended to get retweets and attention. She did receive one reply from American saying, “Our specialist will be in contact with you directly to speak with you about this.” 

Johns complained about her 15 hour drive, saying in a reply to American, “I need a new back mfers.” Class act. 

She also complained that airline staff are repeatedly referring to her with the male pronoun “sir.” This probably is not fair to the airline since they are probably not familiar with what her preferred pronoun is. 

Johns said that she returned on a Southwest flight and she has spoken to an attorney…of course. 

According to the Daily Mail, dress policies for the airlines are vague. “Dress appropriately; bare feet or offensive clothing aren’t allowed,” it states on American’s website. Call us crazy, but a shirt that says “F—k-12” seems pretty offensive to us, especially to that segment of the population that respects the rule of law and police officers and not a Marxist revolutionary group. 

But don’t worry…the Hollywood leftist wackjobs have come to her defense. Rosanna Arquette, who is apparently an “actress” or something tweeted, “Time to Boycott that lousy airline.” I’m sure they won’t miss you. 

Last year American Airlines created a bit of a tizzy when they forced a woman who was wearing a shirt that read “hail satan,” “Est 666” and featured an upside down cross. American actually apologized after apologists pointed out that there would be an uproar had someone been “discriminated against” for wearing a “hail Jesus” shirt. This is where we are at folks. 

Of course, the “victim” in that case thought it was all about religious discrimination. 

“I’m really trying to make some good deeds come out of this. This is really about religious discrimination,” said Swati Runi Goyal at the time. “Because they treated me this way, I can only imagine how they’re treating other religious groups like Muslims.” 

As to Johns, she clearly is trying to be an attention seeker. On her way back on Southwest Airlines, she wore a mask that said “I can’t breathe” and a hat with four marijuana leaves on it. And not for nothing, but wearing a hat and a mask, it is a bit difficult to determine her gender, in fairness to American Airlines. 


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