Black convicted felon opens fire at kids camp – quickly gets shot dead by police before he can kill kids. Where’s the media?


DUNCANVILLE, TX – Police responded to a 911 call of an armed man entering the Duncanville Fieldhouse and firing at least one shot. The facility was filled with approximately 150 kids and counselors who were there for a week-long sports day camp.

Brandon Ned, 42, is alleged to have walked into the lobby, exchanging words and firing at least one shot. Staff, camp counselors and children immediately went into lockdown.

Children were ushered into classrooms, where they were able to lock the doors, or escorted out of side exits, retreating to safety away from the building.

According to FOX4 DFW, one eyewitness said Ned appeared to be just another parent when he entered the lobby.

“‘To be honest with you, he didn’t pose a threat when he walked in,’ Diana Vazques said. ‘I thought he was another parent. I didn’t think anything of it.’

However, Vasquez says Ned started to attract attention, lighting a cigarette and asking people if they needed food or water. That’s when she remembers one coach ask if Ned needed help. 

‘He said he was waiting on a lady or looking for a lady or something,’ she said.

Vasquez heard a second coach walk up and ask Ned to smoke outside. 

‘The guy grabbed something and then coach said, “You have a weapon on you?” And he said, “Yeah, you want to see?” And pulled out the gun and turned on a laser beam and aimed it at the coach,’ she recalled.

Vasquez grabbed her boys, dialed 911 and ducked into a nearby room.

It was at that point that she heard the first shot.

Ned attempted to enter one of the locked classrooms. When he couldn’t get the door open, he fired at the door. It is unclear if the round passed through the door into the classroom. No one inside was struck.

“We all went to the back when we heard a couple of shots,” camper Jordan Jones said. “I was just praying to God that nothing would happen, that he wouldn’t come upstairs where we were.” 

Within 2 minutes of the initial call, Duncanville police responded to the scene, immediately locating and engaging Ned. The Fieldhouse and the police station are a little over 1 mile from each other. It is unknown if there were officers patrolling in the area.

Police say that Ned raised his weapon and fired at officers. They returned fire, striking Ned and ending the threat. He was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Duncanville Mayor Barry Gordon told WFAA that the department had recently been through active shooter training.

“Our officers did not hesitate,” Gordon said. “They did what they were trained to do and saved lives.”

As it turns out, Ned was a convicted felon. He was convicted for intoxication manslaughter as well as cocaine possession.

But he was not known to Duncanville police, according to Assistant Chief Andrew Stogner.

“We take security very seriously,” Stogner. “We obviously understand what took place in Uvalde just south of here, but I can only talk about how we responded here and we did an exceptional job.”

Police are investigating how Ned came to be in possession of the gun, as it was illegal for him to have it.

The Dallas office of the ATF are assisting the Texas Rangers in tracing the weapon to determine if it was used in any other crimes.

Duncanville is a small suburb in south Dallas with a population of almost 39,000. It is also the hometown of Texas’ governor, Greg Abbott.

Given that Ned was African-American, it remains to be seen if the national media lets this story die since it doesn’t fit the narrative. We invite you learn more about this media practice by


Where’s the media? Police say black man killed one person, injured seven at Memorial Day mass shooting


TAFT, OK — Authorities said a 26-year-old black man was in custody after one person was killed and seven people were injured in a shooting early Sunday at an outdoor festival in eastern Oklahoma, where witnesses described frantic people running for cover amid gunfire.

Officials say the suspect, Skyler Dewayne Buckner, was taken into custody after turning himself in at the Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect’s motive has not been revealed.

Muskogee County District Attorney Larry Edwards could not immediately provide Buckner’s hometown, and he also declined to say if there were other suspects in the case or if other arrests were pending, citing the ongoing investigation.

However, he said casings from four different caliber guns were found at the scene of the shootings.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) agents arrived at the scene of the mass shooting in Taft, Oklahoma after eight people were shot during a Memorial Day festival, which had food trucks and a DJ.

OSBI said Buckner killed a 39-year-old black woman and injured seven others whose ages range from nine to 56. Only one juvenile was injured, but officials initially thought there were two juveniles injured.


Tulsa World reported:

“The names of the person killed and those injured had not been released Sunday.

“But witnesses at the scene Sunday said the woman who was killed died after reportedly being struck in the head.

“Witnesses said several of the injured were struck in the legs and did not appear to have life-threatening injuries.

“The eight that were struck in the shooting were all transferred to the hospital in Muskogee and three patients were then transferred to a hospital in Tulsa for treatment, the OSBI said.”

The shooting happened at Old City Square Saturday night at a Memorial Day event with an estimated 1,500 people in attendance.

The Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office was in attendance and was able to immediately render first aid to victims, according to a report by KTUL News.

Witnesses said an argument preceded the gunfire just after midnight, OSBI said.

Sylvia Wilson, an owner of Taft’s Boots Cafe, told The Associated Press:

“We heard a lot of shots and we thought it was firecrackers at first. Then people start running and ducking. And we were yelling at everyone… ‘Get down! Get down!’”

Jasmayne Hill, who was working at a food truck during the event, told Tulsa World:

“Bullets were literally flying everywhere.”

Hill said she and the owner of the Kountry Queens food truck, Tiffany Walton, dove to the floor inside the food truck, trying to hide from flying bullets:

“We’re thinking we’re safe and the bullets are like going through the bottom of the food truck. They didn’t hit us, thank God.”

Walton, a Taft resident, said the town for decades has held a multi-day Memorial Day festival that usually lasts from Friday through Sunday with a parade on Monday.

Walton also said not only do most of the town’s 220 or so residents turn out, but also many people from all over the country: 

“We are a small community. Everybody is family-based. This did not come from our community. This came from people outside of our community.”

At least one large bullet hole could be seen on the outside of the truck, not far from where the truck’s propane tank was located, Walton said.

Tulsa World reported:

“Hill said the shooting began with an initial ‘pop’ that sounded like a firework.

“But then she said, a much-louder, high-caliber-type weapon could be heard firing rapidly, as if it was some sort of automatic weapon.

“‘It was something like right out of a movie,’ Hill said.

“‘It (lasted) a long time,’ Walton said.” 

Walton also noted that it was her first night in business with her food truck:

“And this had to happen.”

By late Sunday morning, law enforcement had cleared the scene, and only the owners and employees of two food trucks remained in the area, along with a few passersby.

Authorities had also removed crime scene tape of the area, along with markings of where gunshot shell casings were found.

Witnesses said there was at least 40 marked points where shell casing were found, all around the area.

Neicy Bates and her husband, Triirmain Bates, were operating the Fat Fries food truck when the shots were fired. Bates described a chaotic scene to Tulsa World:

“Most people were just going to the ground trying to get out of the way. I ran out because I have kids and they were out here. 

“People were just screaming. Some were trying to run away. There were cars leaving, trying not to hit each other.”

Neicy Bates said her grandmother, Lelia Foley, who became the first black female mayor in U.S. history when she was elected mayor of Taft in 1973, continued to organize the annual Memorial Day events.

The former mayor was up most of the night following the shootings, talking with residents and assisting authorities, Bates said and added:

“She’s devastated.”

Taft, founded around 1902, is one of only 13 predominantly black towns still existing in Oklahoma, according to Tulsa World’s report.

The state once was home to more than 50, more than any other state.

Originally called Twine, the town was renamed Taft in 1905 after William Howard Taft, who became the 27th president of the United States.

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt on Sunday issued a statement on Twitter:

“I have been informed of the shooting in Taft. I am grateful for @OSBI_OK‘s swift response to assist local police and am confident in Oklahoma law enforcement’s ability to bring justice to whoever is responsible for this deadly incident.”

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