Biden’s Texas Political Director accused of being involved in illegal ballot harvesting


AUSTIN, TX – In a recent series of affidavits provided by a retired police officer and former FBI agent to the Texas Supreme Court, Joe Biden’s Texas Political Director, among others, have been accused of participating in an illegal ballot harvesting scheme.

Biden’s Texas Political Director Dallas Jones was among several names mentioned in an elaborate scheme that was testified to under oath by retired Houston Police Captain Mark Aguirre and former FBI Investigative Specialist Charles Marler.

The both of them now function as private investigators detailed what their findings were when looking into alleged ballot harvesting within Harris County.

Marler’s testimony noted the following:

“In December of 2019, I was approached by two individuals who witnessed activity from an illegal ballot harvest operation in Harris County. Since that date, I have been investigating the illegal ballot harvesting operation.”

Marler explained that during the course of the investigation, he kept hearing certain names crop up that were alleged to have been either participants or orchestrators of said scheme:

“Witnesses have stated to me that Precinct 1 Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis and District 13 Texas State Senator Borris Miles are leading the illegal ballot harvesting operation in Harris County, Texas.

Their chief lieutenants are Houston businessman Gerald Womack and political consultant Dallas Jones who work directly under them executing the ballot harvesting operation in Harris County, Texas.”

Within Marler’s testimony, he described what witnesses told him as to how this scheme works when illegally harvesting the ballots:

“Ballot harvesters take absentee ballots from the elderly in nursing homes, from the homeless and from unsuspecting residences’ mailboxes. The ballot harvesters then complete the ballots for their preferred candidate and forge the signature of the ‘voter’.”

Back in May of this year, Harris County Clerk Diane Trautman was said to have resigned citing health concerns.

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But according to Marler’s testimony, Trautman didn’t resign due to any concerns over the pandemic – but rather she was allegedly concerned about being implicated into the ballot harvesting scheme that law enforcement had already started investigating during the spring of 2020:

“Witnesses have told me that Ms. [Trautman] was arguing with Commissioner Rodney Ellis about the legality of the mass purchasing and mailing of mail-in ballots and that [Trautman] was concerned she would be included in the eventual arrest pertaining to illegal ballot harvesting.”

Marler claimed that instead of fleshing out the corruption, Trautman “abruptly resigned”.

Another witness that Marler made mentioned of stated that one of Commissioner Ellis’ employees “bragged” about the ballot harvesting operation:

“An employee of Commissioner Ellis, Tyler James, has bragged that he could guarantee that the illegal ballot harvesting operation, with the help of mass mail-in ballots, could harvest 700,000 illegal ballots.”

Former police captain Aguirre mirrored much of Marler’s testimony, but also named a company alleged to be on the forefront of this scheme that is being used as a means to conceal the illegal operation:

“One of the companies these individuals are using as a front for this operation is AB Canvassing, although there are others that have been identified that we are investigating.”

Aguirre further claimed that he’s in possession of taped interviews with the witnesses that came forward to describe the ballot harvesting:

“I have in my possession video-taped interviews of witnesses attesting to the aforementioned people having groups of people completing thousands of absentee and mail-m ballots, including completing ballots for deceased individuals; illegally going into nursing homes, with the complicity of the nursing home staff, and filling out and forging the signatures of nursing home residents; signing up homeless individuals to vote using the ballot harvester’s address then completing the ballot and forging the homeless individual’s signature.”

If the allegations are true, then this is an operation that can be reasonably be emulated in numerous locations throughout the country.

Which is why it is extremely concerning that anything of this caliber is taking place within the nation.

Aguirre did not mince his words when pointing out whom he says is responsible for the entire Harris County ballot harvesting scheme:

“This entire operation is being run by the elite politicians of the Democrat Party in Houston/Harris County.”


Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) proposes bill banning ballot harvesting for 2020 election

WASHINGTON, DC- It’s hard to believe that Joe Biden was the best the Democrats could do. One candidate who was largely ignored during the Democratic primaries was Hawaii representative Tulsi Gabbard.

While she did embrace a number of pretty left positions, overall she seemed one of the most reasonable out of the bunch.

And this week, she showed one reason why. Along with Republican Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL), they introduced the Election Fraud Prevention Act, an amendment to the Help America Vote Act of 2002, which would ban federal payments to states that allow ballot harvesting, according to Breitbart News.  

Ballot harvesting, which was credited with flipping seven House seats in California in 2018, was cleared for use this past week by a Michigan judge.

The process of ballot harvesting is ripe for fraud, with political operatives being permitted to collect and deliver as many ballots as they choose. Clearly it is possible for some of these operatives to commit fraud in the process.

And, while the so-called harvesters are not supposed to be paid, loopholes allow them to be paid in most cases.

Rep. Gabbard noted that reform is necessary in order to ensure that special interest groups don’t corrupt the election process.

In a statement, Gabbard said:

“This bill protects assistance from family members, household members, and caregivers as well as election officials and mail carriers acting in their official capacity. Voters will still have assistance, if they need it, to turn in their vote, but this bill makes sure that third-party special interest groups don’t get between voters and the ballot box.”

Under the proposed legislation, states would only be allowed to have election officials, mail carriers, family members, and caregivers of the voter.

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There have already been numerous problems during the primary season with mail-in voting, with the latest issue being in Nevada. For example in Las Vegas, over 223,000 mail-in ballots were deemed to be undeliverable in the election—or about 17 percent of the total number of mail-in ballots which were sent unsolicited to voters.

According to data collected by the Public Interest Legal Foundation from the Clark County Election Department, 223,469 mail-in ballots were bounced as undeliverable—amounting to 17 percent of the total of approximately 1.326 million mail-in ballots sent out in the county.

“These numbers show how vote by mail fails,” said PILF President J. Christian Adams in a statement, while adding:

“New proponents of mail balloting don’t often understand how it actually works. States like Oregon and Washington spent many years building their mail voting systems and are notably aggressive with voter list maintenance efforts.

Pride in their own systems does not somehow transfer across state lines. Nevada, New York, and others are not and will not be ready for November.”

Unlike past elections in 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018, the whole state of Nevada only showed 5,863 ballots as undeliverable. And you wonder why Republicans are concerned about the process?

According to federal election data, since 2012 about 28.4 million mail-in ballots have gone missing in each of the past four election cycles. Pew Research noted that there are potentially 24 million ineligible or inaccurate voter registrations on state voter rolls.

Democrats have been using COVID-19 as an excuse for people not to vote in person. When Wisconsin held its primary in April, Democrats railed against voting in person and said that it would cause a so-called “super spreader” event.

However, only 52 of more than 400,000 voters and poll workers in the state were confirmed to have contracted COVID-19, with none being fatal. In other words, that equated to an infection rates of less than two-hundredths of one percent.

Likewise, Wisconsin officials actually had no way of knowing if those 52 actually contracted the virus at polling stations.

For the April primary, Democrat Gov. Tony Evers attempted to postpone the vote, however the Republican-controlled state legislature challenged the order.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court overruled Evers and permitted the election to proceed as scheduled. That led to Democrats having a meltdown, suggesting Republicans were attempting to kill Wisconsin residents.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services also noted that there were other ways in which those who tested positive may have contracted the virus. The Associated Press reported at the time, “that “It’s unclear if those people contracted the virus at the polls.”

After the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled against Evers, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a meltdown, suggesting that the court was “undermining our democracy.”

“You have the Supreme Court of the United States undermining our democracy,” Pelosi told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. “It’s really shameful. Five to four, surprise, surprise.”

Funny how Pelosi doesn’t have an issue with the Supreme Court when it rules in favor of liberal causes, such as attaching the 1964 Civil Rights Act to LGBTQ.

The US Supreme Court had denied a request to extend the deadline for submission of absentee ballots postmarked after April 7 to April 13. Sorry Nancy.

Democrats are trying desperately to expand mail-in voting and ballot harvesting and are using coronavirus as a catalyst.

After the Wisconsin primary, failed Georgia candidate for governor Stacey Abrams (D) [has she conceded yet?] cited the Wisconsin situation in order to advocate for vote-by-mail. Abrams said that it was necessary to maximize participation in vote-by-mail and ballot harvesting schemes.

Kudos to Rep. Gabbard and Rep. Davis for recognizing the threat such schemes represent to fair elections and the security of our Republic.

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