After Capitol attack, Biden’s speech fails to condemn the actions of the black nationalist who killed a cop


WASHINGTON, DC – In the fallout of the attack that transpired at the Capitol complex on April 2nd, a statement from President Joe Biden, shared via the White House briefing room, issued customary condolences for the officer killed in the attack.

However, the statement by President Biden was lacking any form of condemnation of the alleged attacker’s actions.

In the time that has passed since the incident that occurred on April 2nd where a Capitol police officer, later identified as Officer William “Billy” Evans, was killed, more has been learned about the suspect allegedly responsible for the attack.

Law enforcement sources have come forward and identified the deceased suspect as 25-year-old Noah Green, whose possible motivations for the attack have been getting increased attention since details about Green’s background have been unearthed.

Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman has come forward noting that Green wasn’t on any law enforcement agencies’ proverbial radar that she’s aware of, but media outlets have found that Green was apparently a follower of the Nation of Islam and its founder, Louis Farrakhan.

On the day that the incident occurred at the Capitol, President Biden released the following statement on the matter:

“Jill and I were heartbroken to learn of the violent attack at a security checkpoint on the U.S. Capitol grounds, which killed Officer William Evans of the U.S. Capitol Police, and left a fellow officer fighting for his life. 

We send our heartfelt condolences to Officer Evans’ family, and everyone grieving his loss.  We know what a difficult time this has been for the Capitol, everyone who works there, and those who protect it.

I have been receiving ongoing briefings from my Homeland Security Advisor, and will be getting further updates as the investigation proceeds.

I want to express the nation’s gratitude to the Capitol Police, the National Guard Immediate Response Force, and others who quickly responded to this attack.  As we mourn the loss of yet another courageous Capitol Police officer, I have ordered that the White House flags be lowered to half-staff.”

When one takes a glance at the statement released by the president, it doesn’t seem at all controversial and seems rather customary and appropriate for the situation.

But it’s just missing one thing that has frankly become quite the standard practice by President Biden: a condemnation of the actions allegedly committed by the deceased suspect.

When it comes to condemning things, President Joe Biden has quite the track record. He managed to condemn the Proud Boys back in September of 2020 – a group that doesn’t even have any murders attributed to their activities.

President Biden also rightfully condemned the Atlanta shooting from March, while also strangely condemning anti-Asian racism at the same time, despite racism reportedly not having motivated the shooting.

And mere days before the latest attack that transpired at the Capitol complex, president Biden found time to condemn Georgia’s voter ID law.

In fact, when President Biden went to condemn Georgia’s law that aims to quash voting fraud vulnerabilities, he referred to the law as “outrageous, ” “un-American,” “Jim Crow in the 21st century,” an “atrocity,” and even went so far as to call it “a blatant attack on the Constitution.”  

Keep in mind that said condemnation from President Biden was in reference to a law in Georgia that is predominantly requiring individuals to present proof of identification for voting in person or by mail.

Yet when it came time to offer comments with regard to an incident that resulted in one officer hospitalized and another killed at the Capitol complex, President Biden referred to the incident once as a “violent attack,” and later on as simply an “attack” within his statement.

While the absence of harsh condemnations of the Capitol incident from April 2nd doesn’t mean that President Biden either explicitly or tacitly approves of what transpired, the lack of fierce denunciations of the incident comes off rather bizarrely since he managed to afford stronger words to describe legislation passed in Georgia a week prior.

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While the incident at the Capitol was still developing, Law Enforcement Today shared a report of the details that were known at the time. 

Here’s that previous report. 


WASHINGTON, DC – According to reports, a Capitol Police officer was killed and another was injured after a suspect reportedly rammed a vehicle into one of the barriers that surrounds the Capitol complex.

While preliminary details are scant, it has been reported that police fatally shot the suspect that allegedly rammed their vehicle into the barrier.

Officials say that the Capitol complex is currently on lockdown following an incident involving a suspect ramming their vehicle into the surrounding barrier of the complex on the afternoon of April 2nd.

The suspect, who has not been identified as of this time, was said to have rammed their vehicle into two police officers and then exited the car while armed with a knife, reportedly lunging at officers.

According to a briefing provided by Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman, officers then fatally shot the suspect:

“He did not respond to verbal commands. The suspect did start lunging toward U.S. Capitol Police officers, at which time U.S. Capitol Police officers fired upon the suspect.”

The two officers that were injured during the incident were said to have been transported to two area hospitals, with the police chief saying that one of the officers did not make it:

“The suspect has been pronounced deceased. Two U.S. Capitol Police officers were transported to two different hospitals, and it is with a very, very heavy heart that I announce [one of the] officers has succumbed to his injuries.”

Such as with the name of the suspect, officials have not yet named the injured and deceased officer involved in this matter.

Officials from the DC National Guard confirmed that troops were deployed to the area of the incident after it transpired:

“The DC National Guard deployed a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) composed of National Guard soldiers and airmen to the Capitol complex this afternoon to support the U.S. Capitol Police. Due to operational security, we cannot discuss further details regarding the QRF.”

Videos showcasing the formation of the National Guard troops were also shared on social media.

At the time of this writing, there’s no word from officials on any possible motives behind the incident.  

However, police officials have stated that this incident does not seem to be “terrorism related” and that there is no apparent “ongoing threat” as of this time.

Images of the alleged suspect involved in the deadly attack have surfaced online, which it appears to have been a young black male behind the vehicular ramming incident.

This is an ongoing investigation. Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further insight into this developing case.


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