Report: Biden’s Director of National Intelligence spent exorbitant amount of taxpayer money on chairs, art


WASHINGTON, DC — I nearly fell out of my peasant chair when I saw this story about how U.S. taxpayers are paying for fancy seating fit for a queen, but going to a public, yet elite U.S. government servant under the Biden administration.

Pull up a chair and come closer. While I don’t think you will be hanging on the edge of your seat, you will be astonished at the continual foolishness emanating from the Biden administration.

First, I must point out there is an old proverb that states “one cannot sit in two chairs at once.” The idea is that one must be decisive when pursuing multiple goals. Ultimately, one path is supposed to chosen over another.

The updated exception to this proverb is that it becomes true if one is playing a DC version of musical chairs of destruction.

How is this possible? Greed.

Yes, there are appointed people in DC who somehow get to squat their asses on more than one chair.

This op-ed is about some DC elite having their cake and eating it too while purportedly working for the “little people.”

Disclaimer: Please remember that there are clearly some Democrats and Republicans who are truly working for Americans. It is rare, but they are present in both parties.

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While President Joe Biden has claimed he would be the most transparent president who is in touch (is that figuratively and literally?) with the working-class people (hello, Scranton), he and his administration’s officials have been infected with the Queen Marie Antoinette virus.

Queen Antoinette was the last queen of France who helped provoke the popular unrest that led to the French Revolution and to the overthrow of the monarchy in August of 1792.

She became a symbol of the excesses of the monarchy and is often credited with the famous quote, “Let them eat cake.”

While there is no actual proof she is responsible for that offensive quote, Queen Antoinette was nonetheless beheaded nine months after her husband by order of the Revolutionary tribunal at the age of 37.

The “little people” were so upset and offended by the perceived transgressions of the elite French monarchy that they sought to do away with the whole concept of a form of excessive government that had a monarch as its head.

Well, that was intense.

Yet, elitism has infected our own government way before Biden became president. There also seems to be an elitist hang-up about where one places their butt, no matter party affiliation.

I remember when our government spent ridiculous amounts for toilets. Currently, you can purchase a fancy toilet and add a European-style bidet (love that name…can you figure why?) from a local hardware store or chain for under $500 each.

Yes, some items are more, but does one really need to spend hundreds more for an item that flushes stuff away?

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In the past, the Pentagon spent $640 on a toilet seat. Not a toilet…merely a seat. The leftist-leaning The Nation reported in 2016:

“Despite the tens of billions being wasted on a project like the F-35, the examples that tend to draw the most attention from the media and the most outrage among taxpayers involve overspending on routine items.

“This may be because the average person doesn’t have a sense of what a fighter plane should cost, but can more easily grasp that spending $640 for a toilet seat or $7,600 for a coffee pot is outrageous.”

Thank you, The Nation. I need to look into the government’s coffee pot purchases for a future article.

But regarding regal thrones, others have complained about private, 18-karat-gold toilets being offered to museums.

For example, the Trump family had allegedly wanted to borrow a painting by Vincent van Gogh from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum to adorn their White House residence.

The Trump family allegedly offered to swap a solid gold toilet that was used (but presumably cleaned) for the unnamed painting, according to a report in the Washington Post.

Honestly, I would have loved to be in possession of either the 24-karat toilet or van Gogh painting, but I am a “little people,” so good luck with that.

Gold toilets and van Gogh paintings are on my elite wish list if I ever make it.

But I have severely digressed.

Guess what?

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) reportedly spent an exorbitant amount of taxpayer money on “executive furniture” for agency head Avril Haines, according to documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Washington Free Beacon recently reported:

“Weeks after Haines was confirmed as Director of National Intelligence, her office spent $12,134 on four office chairs, according to a government procurement order obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

“An ODNI employee asked in the order for ‘appropriate executive furniture that meets the level of the position in which they are charged with.’ ODNI said it needed the chairs by April 1, 2021.”

Four office chairs…that means one cost $3,033.


Do any of us little people own a $3,033 chair? I mean, even with the current Biden inflation, I don’t know anyone who could pay that amount for a chair unless it was kissed by Elvis, Michael Jackson or Qaboos bin Said.

The most expensive office chair available from Staples costs less than $1,000.

Gimme a break!

Washington Free Beacon further reported:

“The procurement order shows that Haines’s office ordered versions of furniture company Haworth’s Zody chair, which is customizable and can sell for a wide range of prices depending on the selected configuration.

“According to the document, each of the chairs cost $2,759 before delivery and labor fees, which brought the total to $3,033 per chair.

“It is unclear how exactly Haines’s office purchased a chair that expensive. Using Haworth’s 2021 price list, it is possible to customize a chair that costs up to $3,000 by adding on a variety of features including lumbar adjustments, a ‘PAL back system,’ 4D arms, and an ‘upholstered back jacket.’

“ODNI did not respond to requests for comment on the chairs’ specifications.”

Oh, really? I wonder why ODNI did not respond.

The Washington Free Beacon disturbingly further noted:

“It is unclear whether Haines, a 52-year-old woman with no documented back problems, was directly involved in the orders, as all names on the documents are redacted.

“It is also unclear how much spinal damage has been done to ODNI employees forced to sit in non-executive office chairs.

“Haines’s office also spent more than $3,000 for a seven-piece art installation that features photos of D.C. landmarks.

“The set includes a photo of the Capitol taken by Valeriy Tourchin, a Russian native known as ‘Black Russian.’

“According to his website, Tourchin earned the nickname ‘for having mostly black friends and (as my friends saying) ‘shooting black people.'”

Alrighty, as they say in in the U.K. and Australia, it may be time to rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic.

I suppose it could be worse.

Imagine sitting in a cheap-ass chair and staring at Spirit Cooking master Marina Abramović for hours.

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