Biden’s brain breaks again, calls for another leader whose death he acknowledged four weeks ago


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WASHINGTON, DC- How much longer will Congress ignore the clear cognitive decline of one Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.? Frankly as embarrassing as this fiasco has been for the past 21 months, things continue to slide downward and may have hit bottom this week.

The latest booboo by old Scranton Joe occurred this week at a White House event. Recall this was the same week when Biden gave a speech at the UN General Assembly in New York, where after he finished, he literally wandered the stage aimlessly for what appeared to be a clean minute.

The latest  occurred at an event commemorating the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health. During his remarks, Biden said he wanted to thank “all of you here,” while singling out lawmakers for their work on hunger as he attempted to point out his administration’s pledge to end hunger in the U.S. by 2030.

The only problem is one of those lawmakers he called out for praise included Rep. Jackie Walorski, USA Today reported. The issue with that is Walorski was killed in an automobile accident in August, along with two members of her congressional staff.

“I want to thank all of you here, including bipartisan elected officials like…Senator Braun, Senator Booker, Representative…Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie? I don’t think—I think she was going to be here to help make this a reality,” Biden said.

That of course would only be true if the attendees were planning to hold a séance. Sadly, Walorski is no longer with us.

What makes Biden’s latest gaffe even more troublesome is the fact that when Walorski died in August, an entire month ago, Biden issued a statement in which he said he and his wife were “shocked and saddened” over her death and that he appreciated Walorski’s help on planning for the hunger conference.

Not only that but Biden went chapter and verse in Walorski’s career and specifically mentioned her husband in his remarks, along with the families of her two staff members. Yet somehow he forgot that Walorski had passed away?

Of course, Biden’s propaganda minister, the clearly overmatched and incompetent Karine Jean-Pierre gave Biden cover for another in a series of bizarre moments in his presidency, when asked about the latest screw up.

Walorski, she said, was “on top of mind” for Biden because of her work on hunger. Jean-Pierre claims that Americans would be able to easily understand why Biden screwed up yet again, noting that “I don’t think it’s all that unusual to have someone top of mind.”

Perhaps, however a mere month after that person died tragically in a car accident, and where you sent your condolences regarding that death seems to indicate old Joe’s mental acuity is falling faster than Bill Clinton’s shorts in his heyday.

Just saying.

For more on the “uniter in chief,” we invite you to:


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WASHINGTON, DC- Who are the people fomenting violence again, Joe? Just a couple of weeks removed from his Darth Vader-like speech in front of Independence Hall, where he said “MAGA Republicans” are the biggest threat to our democracy, Joe Biden once again took to inciting the radical base of the Democratic party by telling them to “fight back against extreme MAGA Republicans,” the Post Millennial reports.

You have to give the old “Scranton kid” props for his impeccable sense of timing. His call to arms came only days after an unhinged Biden supporter deliberately ran over and killed a teenager whom he believed was part of a “Republican extremist group.”

Completely ignoring the facts of 40 year-high inflation, coming off record-high gas prices, with over 2.5 million foreign invaders walking across the southern border and crime spiraling out of control, Biden decided to do a little bragging, specifically about his ridiculously named $739 billion “Inflation Reduction Act,” the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, and the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, a total of nearly $4 trillion in spending that is pouring gasoline on the fires of inflation.

Instead, Biden stoked the radical base of the Democratic Party by claiming that “extreme MAGA Republicans want to take it all back.”

For those unfamiliar with the sad tale out of McHenry, North Dakota, an unhinged lunatic named Shannon Brandt, 41, ran over Cayler Ellingson, 18, with his car following some kind of political dispute.

After running over the teen, the gutless Brandt then left the scene of the accident. He was arrested Monday and charged with vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of a deadly accident.

Brandt admitted that he ran over the teenager because he believed he (the teen) was a Republican, thereby proving his actions were politically motivated.

While Biden and the Department of Justice under the auspices of the FBI claim that “right wing extremism” is the biggest threat the country is currently facing, recent events seem to show that is a lie.

From the attempted assassination on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the firebombing of crisis pregnancy centers and now the killing of an innocent teen, a vast majority of recent high-profile incidents have come from the radical left.

None of that of course matters because it doesn’t fit the desired political narrative or feed into the scheme to tie January 6, 2021’s insurrection into former President Trump.

In his remarks in Philadelphia, Biden painted conservative Republicans as a threat to the nation, saying:

“Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.”

Hey, credit to Biden…he actually knows the United States is a Republic and not a Democracy.

What Biden’s speech accomplished was to basically paint half the U.S. population as “a threat to this country” and “extremists” who must be defeated.

“…as I stand here tonight, equality and democracy are under assault,” old Sleepy said, while trying to pin the blame on his political opponents and their supporters. “MAGA Republicans have made their choice. They embrace anger. They thrive on chaos. They live not in the light of truth but in the shadow of lies.”

Lets’ see…”embrace anger,” “thrive on chaos.” We’re not sure where Biden was during the 2020 “summer of love,” but if any party embraces anger or thrives on chaos, it is the Democrats, including his diversity pick for vice president, Kamala Harris.

Not only did Democrats stand by as cities burned, people were killed, and police officers were assaulted and maimed, but they actually encouraged it. From Schumer to Pelosi, Harris to Biden, they all encouraged the riots.

Biden, who sees his poll numbers sinking faster than the Titanic and with Democrats poised to lose their majority in the House, and possibly in the Senate, reeks of a desperate old man, seeking to deflect blame from what he and the Democrats have done to divide the country and try to lay it on Republicans.

As many have noted, when Democrats blame Republicans and conservatives for doing something, it is they themselves who are guilty of it. And fortunately a lot of Americans are no longer buying their lies.

For more on Biden’s plot to target his political opponents, we invite you to:


WASHINGTON, D.C.: President Biden is formulating a strategy that is built on a foundation of ‘divide and conquer’ against the entire Republican party. However, his laser focus is targeting ‘MAGA republicans’, not just republicans.

Biden and his Democratic allies are looking to create a divide amongst the republican party. But it more so appears he and his cronies in the administration are looking to go after their biggest threat and rival, Trump and his supporters.

According to a The Federalist column, it stated:

“They say Biden has made it clear that he is not talking about all Republicans and that he is delineating MAGA Republicans from ‘mainstream republicans’ (whatever that means).”

Tone-deaf Biden's speech about the "rule of law" took gaslighting to a whole new level
Unhinged Biden complains about the rule of law as his administration repeatedly breaks it

Critics of the Biden Administration have been zeroing in on his speeches and finding the commonalities within them.

And the results are surprising, but than again, not surprising.

Those who work in the government, particularly those who write speeches and develop political strategies, have a keen way of introducing strategic plans.

The Federalist column stated:

“Notice how they declare ‘MAGA Republicans’ but then quickly shift the rhetoric to ‘Donald Trump and his supporters’ (or what the president has now branded ‘Trumpies’)?

It continued:

“Every word and sentence is carefully crafted and designed to convey a message and provoke a reaction. It is not by accident they interchangeably use ‘MAGA Republicans’ with ‘Trump and his supporters.’ It is a rhetorical tactic that they believe provides them cover.”

Biden's brain breaks again, calls for another leader whose death he acknowledged four weeks ago
Trump tells CPAC attendees: “You’re either with the peaceful truckers or you are with the left-wing fascists”-YouTube screenshot

The writers and strategists who provide these speeches carefully craft every line, every statement, and every word to generate a desired, emotionally charged response. Psychology is carefully considered and meant to drive the audience.

They go beyond just making a speech interesting and captivating. The goal is to evoke an emotional response, get a reaction and leave the audience feeling a desired way.

In Biden’s speeches, they want the audience angry at Trump and his supporters and ‘MAGA republicans.’

In fact, speech strategists include the visual aspect of speeches. They didn’t just want to make the audience angry about Trump by what the speech’s written words entailed; they also wanted to show the audience a specific setting to further anger its listeners.

In a recent Fox News column, it stated:

“Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, who posted a photo of the president and dramatic red background, called Biden’s speech the ‘most demagogic, outrageous, and divisive speech I have ever seen from an American president.’”

The column continued:

“Joe Biden essentially declared all those who oppose him and his agenda enemies of the republic. Truly shameful.”

Biden's brain breaks again, calls for another leader whose death he acknowledged four weeks ago
Screenshot image taken from Fox News YouTube channel

Another tactic used in Democratic speeches is to casually mention important hot-topic political issues without directly saying it.

In Biden’s most recent speech, he made references to the ‘right to choose’, or a lack thereof.

The Federalist column stated:

However, it doesn’t end there. If you listen carefully, the pool is expanded even more as policies get invoked.’

It continued:

“In the now infamous authoritarian-style speech that Biden delivered earlier this month, he stated that ‘MAGA forces’ want an ‘America where there is no right to choose.’ It’s obvious the president was talking about abortion.”

Political speeches aren’t just about passing along information. They are more about recruitment into an ideology. In Biden’s case, the administration and the Democratic party as a whole is interested in isolating the republican party by labeling them fascists.

And it’s clear the Democrats don’t fully understand what it means to be fascist, either.

According to the Federalist:

“Fascism is when the nation-state is an all-powerful entity ruled by an autocrat. The autocrat implements strict regimentation over the economy and all aspects of social life. All threats to the nation-state and the government apparatus must be crushed and eliminated.”

Biden's brain breaks again, calls for another leader whose death he acknowledged four weeks ago
Stock, copyright free image

Biden and his democratic affiliates did exactly that during the pandemic. Like the nearly ousted California, dictator-governor Newsom, many blue states enacted draconian anti- Covid measures that stifled, controlled and suffocated its own residents. All in the name of ‘safety’. Meanwhile, politicians like Newsom and Pelosi were caught being out and about having a grand ol’ time while the people suffered.

Their policy of ‘comply or else’, forcing people to lose their jobs and other incentives is full proof the Democratic agenda is to take over, control, and defeat any one who opposes them.

Hopefully this is an indication that they know their backs are to the wall. With soaring inflation, the skyrocketing cost of food and Biden miserable approval ratings- the Democratic party is becoming desperate.

But the truth will come out during the election season.


Biden's brain breaks again, calls for another leader whose death he acknowledged four weeks ago

Check out more of Biden’s strategy.

Tone-deaf Biden’s speech about the “rule of law” took gaslighting to a whole new level

Posted September 2, 2022

The following editorial is written by a former police officer and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

WASHINGTON, DC- This would almost be hilarious if it weren’t so dangerous.

The man who promised to “bring the country together” on January 21, 2021, has done anything but.

In a speech that men such as Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini would be proud of, the man who occupies the Oval Office gave a speech with enough gaslighting that it could power a large-sized American city for a year.

To call the address eerie is a vast understatement.

Using taxpayer money for a campaign speech advertised as a “policy statement,” Biden put a target on the tens of millions of voters who chose Donald Trump, his opponent in the 2020 election, whom he referred to as “MAGA Republicans.”

The speech, which was a disturbing and dystopian display of an old man in the mold of the caricature of the cantankerous old grouch who yells at kids to “get off my lawn,” was in some ways laughable.

The sight of Joe Biden actually being led out by his wife literally holding his hand and steering him in the right direction will not strike fear in America’s enemies in Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. It was a sad, sorry sight, yet laughable in the fact Democrats have hung their hopes on this empty, demented shell of a man.

As a law enforcement publication, the largest police-owned media company in the country, Law Enforcement Today has a grasp on the pulse of a majority of police officers throughout the country. When Biden once again spoke of the importance of the “rule of law,” those of us with law enforcement ties could only sit in disbelief. The “rule of law?”

This as hundreds of thousands of illegal cross the US-Mexico border into the United States in California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas each and every month.

As the Biden administration on the one hand wants to end Title 42 protections enacted in response to the coronavirus pandemic, while at the same time gaslighting the American people that he is taking the unprecedented (and unconstitutional) step of forgiving what will amount to $1 trillion in student loans due to the COVID “emergency.” Dyslexia runs deep in this administration.

In 2020, as police officers across the country were attacked by armed and masked thugs in the name of “social justice,” Joe Biden did absolutely nothing to turn down the temperature and in fact, joined in on calls to defund the police. Now, he pretends to support police officers. To a man and woman, any right thinking police officer knows this is a load of bullshit.

Even when Biden pretends to support the police, backed up by officers who are either chiefs who are political hacks or rank-and-file officers who are ordered to appear behind him in uniform, he still cannot help but attack officers under cover of pretending to believe there are “lots of bad people.” The only thing Biden got right in his speech earlier this week was when he said, “There are bad presidents.” That’s for damn sure.

Rule of law? How about setting his Department of Justice after school parents who disagree with their children being indoctrinated into radical racist ideology and deviant sexual behavior by having the gall to exercise their First Amendment rights at school board meetings. This after his administration colluded with the National School Boards Association and radical teachers’ unions.

Rule of law? How about using that same Department of Justice in the form of the FBI to target Americans who exercised those same First Amendment rights outside the US Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021?

No, not the ones who engaged in violent conduct, who deserve everything they get. This is for those arrested and held without bail for nearly a year-and-a-half for crimes as minor as trespassing and parading. And in doing so, violating the tenets of Due Process, the Fifth Amendment, the Sixth Amendment and others.

How about once again using the FBI as your own personal secret police to conduct a raid on your chief political rival, former President Donald Trump?

Remember, Trump was impeached by Democrats for much less when he was accused of attempting to get Ukrainian President Zelenskyy to look into Joe and Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings in that country.

Now, Biden directly had the man who is the leading candidate to challenge him in 2024 be subject of a raid with an estimated two-dozen FBI agents.

Rule of law? Why is Joe Biden’s crackhead son, Hunter not in jail? There is plenty there to indict him. Oh that’s right, he’s above the law. Just like Hillary Clinton.

In his Thursday remarks, unbelievably staged in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Biden stood with a backdrop of eerie, blood red lights, flanked by two United States Marines, an egregious break in protocol of using our brave military to stand guard at a political event.

An angry Biden, pointing, shaking, holding his arms in the air and yelling at times incoherently used the occasion to launch attacks not only on Donald Trump but on every American who supported and still support him.

The man who has the White House and both chambers of Congress made the absurd claim that “equality and democracy are under assault.”

When it is the Democrats who are running the show and ramming through economy-killing legislation to push their radical leftist agenda, many of that legislation being negotiated behind closed doors with the public being shut out. Biden has taken more vacation days than he has spent in the office, yet he stands there and lectures us.

“MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution,” Biden said. “They do not believe in the rule of law. They do not recognize the will of the people.”

This from a man whose poll numbers are sitting in the 30’s. Later on he once again said, “This is a nation that believes in the rule of law. We do not repudiate it.”

Rule of law? Again, this is the man whose vice president touted a fund to bail out violent rioters in Minnesota, several of whom returned to commit additional crimes, including murder.

This is a man whose party has been out front in calling to defund the police, with one such radical, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) advocating to completely dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department.

Joe Biden visited a man who pulled a knife on police officers and was shot for his trouble. Yet when dozens of people were run down in Waukesha, Wisconsin, some killed at a Christmas parade last year, Biden didn’t even mention it, and only his wife and the “second gentleman” went to visit survivors. All because the suspect in that case didn’t fit the right demographic.

Rule of law.

When a would-be assassin set out to target Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and was stopped before carrying it out, again all we heard from Biden were crickets.

Nothing about the plot, and nothing about the routine targeting and harassment of Supreme Court justices at their homes, while they ate out, and in the case of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, giving out the name of the school her children attend.


Perhaps the most laughable line Biden said was the following:

“American democracy only works if we choose to respect the rule of law and the institutions that were set up in this chamber behind me, only if we respect our legitimate political differences.”

This in a speech where he put a bullseye on every Trump supporter, bet they Republican, Independent, or yes, even Democrat, in the country. You see, Biden only talks about respecting “legitimate political differences.” He doesn’t really mean it.

Biden said nothing when a crazed lunatic attempted to stab Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) at a campaign event in New York last month, where the representative is running for governor. That’s because Zeldin “plays for the wrong team.”

When one talks about violent rhetoric, all of that comes from the party of Joe Biden on an overwhelming basis, whether it’s from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, unhinged lunatic Maxine Waters and dozens of others.

Perhaps the most egregious factor however exposing Biden’s call to “respect the rule of law” is the handling of the border crisis. In one of the most amazing exchanges at a White House press briefing,

Biden’s completely inept equity hire, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed…with a straight face…that illegal aliens were not walking across the border. This despite hundreds of hours of video showing exactly that happening.

According to Fox News, there have already been over two million illegal alien encounters this fiscal year, and that is with two more months to go. Last year set the previous record when 1.7 million illegals crossed the border.

Those numbers had cratered under the Trump administration, but the border has been overwhelmed since Biden took office. His administration ceased construction of the border wall under Trump, ended asylum agreements that would have sent illegals closer to Central America to make asylum claims, while stopping the “remain in Mexico” program for those awaiting their asylum hearings.

Rule of law? How about the dozens of men on the terrorist watch list who have been caught crossing the border, to say nothing about those who got away.

Biden’s claim about the “rule of law” during his Hitler-esque speech on Thursday caught the attention of at least one group, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), a group seeking to lower the number of illegals entering the country.

“If ever there was an administration that does not respect the rule of law, it is this one,” FAIR president Dan Stein said in a statement. “There is no more glaring example of lawlessness than the Biden administration’s gutting of immigration laws and border enforcement. This administration is not just refusing to enforce nearly every immigration and border enforcement law on the books, the president’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, in a series of policy memos, has put it in writing. Moreover, the Biden administration is defying a federal court order to resume immigration enforcement.”

Stein also accused the Biden administration of “openly” refusing to remove illegals unless they are violent felons or terrorists.

Stein said that when immigration requirements run counter to their own political objectives, the Biden administration throws them “in the trash can.” That is the hallmark of an authoritarian dictatorship, not a constitutional republic.”

Former Trump administration acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell was more direct.

“Joe Biden talks about the rule of law but supports sanctuary cities,’ he said.

Last week, appearing on Fox Business, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody accused the Biden administration of ignoring the law at the southern border.

“Not only are they completely ignoring public safety immigration laws to the detriment to the security of our nation, they are also building new programs that are unlawful to bring more people over her that are illegal,” she said. “This administration is absolutely, no question, sacrificing the safety of our nation for politics.”

Biden’s Thursday speech at Independence Hall was an insult to the Founding Fathers who helped found the greatest nation in the world. By giving such a divisive, hateful, and yes, dangerous speech, Biden spit on their memory. Biden may have caused irreparable harm to our country.

“When in the course of human events…”

God help us.

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