New York Times acknowledges Biden’s border policies already triggering migrants to push to America


TUCSON, AZ – Even the pro-diversity New York Times is acknowledging Joe Biden’s pro-migration policies are encouraging poor people to migrate to the United States – before he would even take office.

In a report released December 13th, the New York Times quoted T. Alexander Aleinikoff, the director of the New York-based Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility, from their interview:

“If there is a perception of more-humane policies, you are likely to see an increase of arrivals at the border.”  

The Times report was titled “As Biden Prepares to Take Office, a New Rush at the Border.”

Several deported migrants explained their rational decision to undergo arduous and risky treks through the dangerous deserts, amid U.S. surveillance and sweeps, according to the New York Times article:

“Alfonso Mena, his jeans ripped at the knee, shivered with his companion on a bench less than 300 yards from Arizona and sobbed uncontrollably. ‘What wouldn’t you do to help your children get ahead?’ he said.

“A landscaping job in Houston awaited him, he said, and his family was counting on him. ‘We are not bad people. We come to work.’

“Mena and other migrants are likely the leading edge of a much more substantial surge toward the border, immigration analysts say, as a worsening economy in Central America, the disaster wrought by Hurricanes Eta and Iota and expectations of a more lenient U.S. border policy drive ever-larger numbers toward the United States.”

Supporters of this surge-type migration, like Dora Rodriguez of Tucson, Arizona and the founder of Salvavision, said:

“In people’s mind, they believe that a new administration will open the borders and give them an opportunity to stay.  We are expecting a large number of people.”

President Donald Trump made huge strides to curb illegal immigration, and his efforts had several significant impacts.  Trump carried out the effort to lower immigration numbers through his “Hire American” policy. 

He gradually blocked the Central American blue collar migration wave that was created by President Barack Obama after 2010.

Those Trump efforts and policies helped push up Americans’ median household income by seven percent in 2019, and boosted Trump’s support among blue collar Americans, including many Latinos — but infuriated healthy progressives and investors.

After Biden’s (alleged) election, many foreign people are hoping to take advantage of Biden’s border promises.

The Miami Herald reported December 10th:

“Thousands of Cubans have started to join other migrants in caravans heading for the U.S. southern border to apply for political asylum, Cubans in Latin America have told el Nuevo Herald.

“From Guyana to Paraguay and Chile, Cuban migrants are posting notes on social networks to join the caravans, which have already created problems in Suriname because of border closures due to the coronavirus.

“Nearly 500 Cuban migrants, including children and pregnant women, are stranded in campgrounds there.”

In the Herald’s report, Janet Figueroa, one of the caravan members, said:

“I came to this country three years ago with my two children and my husband. I came from Cuba to escape the misery, but we’re in the same situation here. Without work and without assistance, living in a neighborhood with drugs and violence.”

Leon Fresco, a lawyer who helped write the 2013 ‘Gang of Eight” cheap labor bill talked about the warning flags that are waving and turning toward a flood of immigrants at a dangerous time.  He told The World radio show:

“What’s been done to the asylum program under President Trump hasn’t comported with the Democratic Party’s values, that’s certainly true, you do run a practical problem that if you sort of undo all of that very quickly. You could risk a border surge during the COVID-19 crisis.”

Neil Munro tweeted:

“Joe Biden’s would-be immigration chief says a ‘comprehensive’ immigration deal would raise wages.

Nobody believes that Wall St. cover story – except the people paid to promote it & the estb. journos whose editors don’t want them to follow the money.”

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Here it is: Biden’s immigration plan to shut down Trump’s immigration achievements

November 15, 2020

LAREDO, TX – Joe Biden’s massive immigration overhaul appears designed to undo everything President Trump has done to fix our illegal immigration issues. 

The “legal wall” created by President Trump via agreements with at least three countries – Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras – would be the first target of a Biden presidency.

It has been said that the “legal wall” was more impactful that the physical wall, as far as repelling numbers of illegal aliens. And Biden intends to shut it all down.

New York Times acknowledges Biden’s border policies already triggering migrants to push to America
Screenshot courtesy of Fox News video

According to a CBS news report:

“A source familiar with the Biden team’s planning said the incoming administration will withdraw from the three bilateral agreements Mr. Trump brokered with Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras that allow the U.S. to send rejected asylum-seekers to those countries and have them seek refuge there.”

In new information shared about Biden’s plan with CBS news, some staggering notions have been suggested, with unsettling and damaging results:

 “The Biden team also hopes to have U.S. embassies fly foreign children to their migrant parents throughout the United States.

The embassy process would bypass the coyotes and cartels and allow illegal populations to burrow into U.S. society — much to the disadvantage of less-skilled Americans.

Without Trump’s legal wall, U.S. border agencies may be forced to admit a growing tide of asylum-seeking Africans, Indians, and South Americans so they can apply for asylum.

The incoming population will likely cause massive backlogs in U.S. courtrooms, allowing the migrants to get work permits for U.S. jobs, and driving down wages for working-class Americans.

Migrant inflows cut wages for unskilled Americans, drive up their apartment rentals, and crowd the schools needed by their children.”

Migrant inflows also provide cheap services for wealthy Americans, extra consumers for real estate investors, retailers, and Wall Street, and replacement people for cheap labor cities, such as New York.

New York Times acknowledges Biden’s border policies already triggering migrants to push to America
Screenshot courtesy of CBS News

The proposed revival of President Barack Obama’s Central American Minors (CAM) program would allow many more immigrants to leave their kids at home while they sneak into the United States.

Trump’s diplomacy has led to inexpensive and effective agreements with border countries:

“Trump’s diplomatic deals allow U.S. border agencies to easily and cheaply fly asylum-claiming migrants from Latin American, India, or Africa back to the safe countries they crossed on their journey to the U.S. border.

This process minimizes migration to the United States by reviving the traditional rule that requires migrants to ask for asylum in the first safe country they reach.”

More from the CBS Report:

“The incoming administration will also look at reinstating an Obama administration initiative that allowed certain at-risk children in Central America to request refugee or parole status and reunite with their families in the U.S. if their parents were authorized to be in the country, the source said.

The Obama administration created the Central American Minors program in 2014 in response to a rise in border crossings by unaccompanied migrant children but Mr. Trump ended it in 2017.”

Outside of President Trump’s diplomatic agreement with the Central American countries and this “legal wall,” many illegals have left their children behind, crossed the border into the U.S., and then sent for their children, escorted by coyotes. 

Former President Obama, in his first term, adopted the “Unaccompanied Alien Children” (UAC) program. This program, operating by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), helped relay those unaccompanied children to “sponsors” in our country.

While that may seem humane and considerate, it fully encourages the use of coyotes to bring children to border checkpoints for capture, actually making the coyote’s job easier.

Since 2009, about 145,000 Guatemalan children have been brought into the U.S. through the UAC program.  Subsequently, around 550,000 Guatemalan adults came across the border.

“In 2014, the flood of UAC migrants overwhelmed Obama’s border agencies, generate a media storm, and wrecked his poll ratings. His deputies quickly created the Central American Minors (CAM) refugee program to help deliver the migrant children while minimizing media coverage.”

Published in a Breitbart report in 2015:

“According to officials at the State Department and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, as of Monday the Obama administration has received 4,253 applications for the CAM program. So far only 90 applicants have been interviewed.

“Out of the 90 interviews, the last step in the application adjudication process, 12 percent have been approved for refugee status and 84 percent have been recommended for parole.

That means at least 96 percent of the adjudicated applicants will be coming to the U.S., as less than one percent have been affirmatively denied.”

Other standouts from Biden’s plan:

  • Overall, Biden’s 220 migration plan would reverse many of Trump’s pro-American policies.
  • He promised to “reassert America’s commitment to asylum-seekers and refugees” to wipe out Trump’s asylum reforms, bar any deportations for 100 days, and end migration enforcement against illegal aliens unless they commit a felony.
  • Biden also wants to accelerate the inflow of chain migration migrants and dramatically accelerate the inflow of poor refugees to at least 125,000 per year.

Finally, a summary about illegal immigration, referred to as simply “migration” by people who don’t like the “illegal” part of the phrase:

“Migration also allows investors and CEOs to skimp on labor-saving technology, sideline U.S. minorities, ignore disabled people, exploit stoop labor in the fields, short-change labor in the cities, impose tight control and pay cuts on American professionals, corral technological innovation by minimizing the employment of American grads, undermine labor rights, and even get many progressive journalists to cheerlead for Wall Street’s priorities.”


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