Biden will welcome former German Stasi asset who put Antifa supporter in charge of Germany’s homeland security


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WASHINGTON, DC- Why this doesn’t even shock the conscience says more about the state of the Democrat party and Joe Biden than it says about us. What we are referring to is a White House visit by the new German chancellor, Olaf Scholz.

As previously reported in Gateway Pundit, Scholz at one time worked closely with the Communist East German regime against NATO. Now it is also being reported that Scholz’s choice for Homeland Security secretary in Germany is seeking to weaponize the Feds in Germany against conservatives, and what’s more, supports violent Antifa extremists, DC Weekly reports.

Back in the 1990s, Scholz visited the failing East German regime an estimated nine times, for the purpose of dumping on NATO while supporting the violent Communist regime.

At that time, Scholz was welcomed by Communist security head Egon Krenz, later found guilty of the murders of people trying to escape East Germany over the Berlin Wall.

In 1984, Scholz was kept under close surveillance, however given strong support by the Stasi secret police, who praised the Young Socialists who “actively oppose the deployment of Pershing IIs and Cruise Missiles in Western Europe.”

During that visit, Scholz met at the “Institute for International Politics and Economics,” which was a front for the Stasi foreign espionage department HVA, which was revealed by noted Stasi historian Hubertus Knabe, DC Weekly said.

The outlet reports that the former head of German Secret Service, Hans Georg Maassen believed that Scholz’s career had all the marks of having been cultivated as an asset for either the Stasi or the KGB.

“The Stasi maintained a dense web on West German campuses to recruit prospective agents, who were supported and maneuvered into leadership positions,” Maassen noted.

New information has come forth, however that Scholz’s Interior Minister, Nancy Faeser, a Social Democrat, and who is in charge of the Federal Police and Homeland Security in fact supports violent Antifa radicals.

When Faeser took office in December, she promised to crack down on “right wing extremists,” whom she referred to as “the greatest danger” to Germany at the moment. She threatened to fire public servants and government officials she deemed to be “extremists,” which included support for the democratically elected AfD party.

Much like in the United States, most of the domestic violence occurring in Germany comes from the far-left, far exceeding far-right violence. For example, in 2020 there were 1092 incidents of far-right violence, an increase of 10.75%, compared to 1526 incidents of far-left violence, an increase of 45.06%. Worse still, Islamic terror far surpasses both.

In 2020, German authorities implemented five investigations of far-right terror, ten of far-left terror, and 372 investigations of Islamist terror, according to the New Zurich newspaper.

Shortly after Scholz nominated Faeser as Interior Minister in December, her pro-Antifa sympathies came to the surface. A 2016 photo raised where the Antifascist Education Initiative Main Taunus” posted a photo with her. In July 2021, she published an essay in “Antifa” magazine complaining about threatening letters she allegedly received signed “NSU 2.0” (Nationalist Socialist Underground)

The letters, apparently sent as a prank were used as a pretext by German police to raid the home of a news journalist, Hermann S., a retired cop in 2020, according to Gateway Pundit.

DC Weekly noted that Hermann is innocent, and no charges were ever filed, however German authorities are using the damage they inflicted to smear the outlet Hermann worked for, P1 News, which is pro-America, pro-Israel as a “threat to democracy.”

“Antifa” magazine is published by the “Nazi Victim Association/Antifascist League,” which has been called by the Bavarian Secret Service as “the largest left-wing organization in the area of antifascism, which works with openly far-left organizations, and propagates a Communist form of antifascism, which not only strives to combat the far-right, but portrays all non-Marxist systems, including parliamentary democracy, as potentially fascist.”

Scholz’s visit to the White House has its share of detractors, who can’t believe Biden is receiving a former member of the Stasi, the East German Secret Police to the White House.

AfD foreign policy spokesman Petr Bystron, whose home was attacked by 1000 violent Antifa thugs on the eve of the German elections last September (as reported in Gateway Pundit), commented:

“When Olaf Scholz comes to visit Joe Biden in the White House today, it will perhaps be the first time an American President knowingly receives a potential Stasi agent as Head of State. Since Joe Biden believes that ‘Antifa is only an idea,’ maybe Scholz and his Antifa Minister Faeser can clue him in. I had 1000 of those ‘ideas’ throwing smoke and paint bombs at my family’s house in September.”

DC Weekly notes that the AfD was regularly attacked by masked Antifa dirtbags during the 2020 campaign, with very few arrests ever made.

Biden will welcome former German Stasi asset who put Antifa supporter in charge of Germany's homeland security

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PORTLAND, OR – A man has been convicted of armed robbery of a convenience store in Beaverton, Oregon, seven miles outside of Portland.

The suspect in the case was free awaiting trial after being released after his arrest for alleged involvement in one of the many riots in Portland.

Jarrod Deferrari was free after he had been arrested by the Portland Police Bureau in 2020 for his alleged involvement in one of the riots.

Portland Police allege that Deferrari is seen on surveillance video smashing the windows of several businesses which amounted to over $7,000 worth of damage.

After Portland Police arrested him, they immediately released him with a court date, leaving him free to commit other crimes, like the armed robbery he committed in May.

When Deferrari faced a judge for the armed robbery he committed in May, he pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery with a firearm, unlawful use of a weapon with a firearm, and attempted first-degree burglary for robbing a 7-11 in Beaverton in May of this year.

Washington County Circuit Court Judge Andrew Erwin accepted the guilty plea and promptly sentenced him to seven and a half years in prison.

The robbery happened on May 19th when Deferrari entered into a 7-11 near the Jesuit High School in Beaverton wearing all black with a black ski mask.

Deferrari can be seen on store surveillance video holding a gun to the face of the store clerk while he demanded money from the register.

Deferrari was able to successfully allude identification for several weeks until detectives could put the pieces together.

Stephen Mayer, the Public Information Officer for Washington County, wrote:

“Meanwhile, the defendant’s squatting in a nearby vacant home came to the attention of WCSO patrol deputies. On May 21, 2021, fire crews responded to a report of smoke from the home only to withdraw after encountering the defendant armed with a gun.”

It appears at that point, deputies did not engage Deferrari and he was able to escape the scene without being arrested.

That is until May 29th when officers with the Portland Police Bureau arrested him while he was allegedly riding a TriMet bus from Beaverton to Portland while armed with a 12 gauge shotgun and a handgun.

At some point after his arrest, Deferrari was again released into the public and yet again was arrested on June 3rd.

This time, Washington County Deputies found Deferrari attempting to sneak into the same abandoned house and was arrested.

Again, Deferrari was released and free to commit more crimes.

On June 8th, Washington County Deputies were checking on the abandoned house to verify that it was vacant and located Deferrari who knew he was not allowed to be there.

Deputies again arrested Deferrari, this time charging him with burglary.

Deputies noted that Deferrari had spray-painted Antifa graffiti inside of the home and told deputies he had the right to stay in the house, despite being told otherwise. Mayer then wrote:

“WCSO Detectives then connected the defendant to the 7-11 robbery. By then the defendant was well known to WCSO patrol staff and a sergeant recognized the defendant in surveillance images circulated in a bulletin about the robbery.

Investigators were then able to match various items to the robbery, including items found in the vacant house and the pistol seized by PPB on May 29.”

Perhaps the fact that Deferrari continued to get released with a court date for his many criminal violations led him to believe that he could get away with whatever he wanted, especially since he was clearly a member of Antifa.

Report: 10 firefighters quit immediately after board appoints new acting fire chief - a convicted arsonist

Prison reform? Former federal prosecutor why suspects in the ambush shooting of a cop weren’t already in prison

BALTIMORE, MD – The two suspects in the ambush-style shooting of a Baltimore Police Officer have violent histories – so much so that a former city and federal prosecutor is questioning why they were not in prison.


Baltimore Police Officer Keona Holley lays in the Shock Trauma Center fighting for her life after allegedly being shot by 31-year-old Elliott Knox and 32-year-old Travon Shaw. Both suspects have violent histories as noted by Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison:

“I don’t know that they [Knox and Shaw] were actually on supervised probation at the moment. They both, one more than the other, have a pretty extensive criminal history and in more than one jurisdiction.”

Shaw, who is scheduled to go to court for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon in March, had previously been convicted for armed robbery and assault when he was 17 years old in 2006.

Former city and federal prosecutor Thiru Vignarajah expressed his concern that Shaw was allowed to go free, given his violent history and a gun charge.

Vignarajah said:

“With respect to this individual being out, I think we should be concerned about that. When I was a federal prosecutor there were certain categories of crimes for which there was a presumption that the person was potentially dangerous and therefore couldn’t be released on bail.

Carrying a gun after having a prior felony conviction, by the way, a prior felony conviction for a violent crime, ought to fall into the category. In those circumstances, judges ought to be incredibly reticent to let a person out on their own recognizance.

That does seem strange and it requires a change not only in the legislation but also in the judicial attitude toward these kinds of crimes.”


While Vignarajah specifically is talking about Shaw here, it is important to note that Knox also has a violent history. Knox’s first interaction with the criminal justice system, at least according to news reports, was when he was 16 years old.

Knox was arrested and convicted of using a gun to rob three different convenience stores. Upon his conviction, a judge ordered that Knox serve 15 years in prison, however, up until now, he was free. It is unknown if he is on any type of probation or parole at the time of the shooting.

Vignarajah noted how the case in this incident was solved, by good old-fashioned police work and hitting the ground while searching for leads. Vignarajah points to that aspect of the investigation being crucial and wants all homicide cases treated in the same manner.

Vignarajah said:

“We want all cases to be treated at this high-level where dozens of officers are canvassing the neighborhood, looking for camera footage. That’s what gave ultimately the lead to the car. They followed that car. They were able to do a search.

They interrogated the first suspect. All of those critical steps are possible when you devote resources, and yes there’s a lot of murders, but if we’re going to devote resources to anything at all it should be to these homicides.

“We have one of the lowest clearance rates in the country. That’s nothing to celebrate that we’re a couple percentage points up from last year. Violent crime is now up in every category, from homicides to shooting to carjacking to rapes. It’s higher than it’s ever been. That’s a problem and we ought to realize if we devote the resources to these serious crimes, we actually can bring a measure of justice and comfort to these families.”


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