Biden has wasted $2B in border wall funds and DHS just announced the canceling of 31-miles of border wall construction


WASHINGTON, D.C.- According to a new report by Sen. James Lankford (R-OK), President Joe Biden’s pro-migration deputies have already wasted nearly $2 billion of Pentagon funds rather than extend the border wall that was started by former President Donald Trump.

The report, titled, “President Biden is Wasting Billions by Not Building the Border Wall,” says, in part:

“DOD [Department of Defense] will spend, at a minimum, $1.837 to $2.087 billion to suspend and terminate border wall contracts. During the Trump Administration, DOD had obligated roughly $10 billion toward border wall construction projects.”

The report added:

“This means that the Biden Administration will have likely wasted 20 percent of the DOD funding that had been allocated toward border wall construction.”

Lankford, said in a statement:

“It is absolutely absurd that Americans are paying contractors to guard [purchased] metal gates that President Biden refuses to install because he wants to ‘study’ the wall.”

The report noted that anti-wall, pro-migration deputies are also burning the $1.9 billion of unspent construction funds that were formally appropriated to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Contractors are being paid to sit idle instead of completing the installation of already purchased steel and concrete. The report said:

“On January 20, 2021, President Biden ordered his Administration to ‘study’ the border wall construction for 60 days and report back to him with recommendations.

It has been 180 days since the 60-day study commenced. As of the drafting of this report, no study findings have been released by DHS or the Biden Administration.”

GOP Senators argue that Biden is also breaking federal law by refusing to spend the money that Congress appropriated for wall building.

As of this writing, GOP legislators have not made any public moves to penalize Biden or congressional Democrats for violating the federal law.

The deliberate waste of taxpayer funds by DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas comes after years of Democrats complaining that Trump’s border was would be a waste of taxpayer money. On his first day in office, Biden said:

“Building a massive wall is a waste of money.”

In September 2019, Democratic leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said:

“Constructing a wall at the Southern border is an ineffective waste of taxpayer money and will do nothing to advance our national security.”

Yet, since Biden’s inauguration, Mayorkas and other deputies have allowed nearly 500,000 migrants to enter the United States by means of the southern border. Some have sneaked through gaps in the half-built wall, but nearly two-thirds have actually just walked in through various legal loopholes.

By itself, the wall cannot stop all determine, desperate, and tough immigrants looking to illegally cross the border, especially when they are aided by employer-funded U.S. lawyers and lax government policies.

However, under Trump the wall helped border agents effectively enforce the nation’s pro-American immigration laws and regulations. In turn, the reduced flow of illegal immigrants saved billions on welfare spending and helped shift more company revenues back to wages for hard working Americans.

On Friday, July 23rd, DHS officials announced that they were terminating two border wall construction projects concentrated in the Laredo, Texas region. Their reasoning, outlined by Biden’s executive order that halted wall construction altogether, stated:

“It is not necessary to address any life, safety, environmental, or other remediation requirements.”

According to DHS officials, the 31-mile project had not yet started and they are reportedly looking at canceling more border wall construction projects that were previously approved and funded by Trump. In a news release, DHS officials wrote:

“DHS continues to review all other paused border barrier projects and is in the process of determining which projects may be necessary to address life, safety, environmental, or other remediation requirements and where to conduct environmental planning.”

They added:

“The Administration also continues to call on Congress to cancel remaining border wall funding and instead fund smarter border security measures, like border technology and modernization of land ports of entry, that are proved to be more effective at improving safety and security at the border.”

Aa Biden cancels border wall construction, the state of Texas is breaking ground on their own border wall construction in Eagle Pass thanks to an initiative by Governor Greg Abbott. A spokesperson for Abbott said:

“The Texas Department of Transportation has begun clearing vegetation and constructing a concrete barrier on the state land after a competitive bidding process.”

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Report: Southern border could see as many as 1.2M illegal immigrants in 2021

April 13th, 2021

A recent analysis conducted by a Princeton Policy Advisor suggests that the southern border could see over 1 million illegal immigrants by the end of 2021, so long as current immigration trends continue as is.

If current illegal immigration levels persist as a result of President Joe Biden’s approach to immigration, Princeton Policy Advisor Steven Kopits estimates that federal immigration officials could encounter as many as 1.2 million illegal immigrants by the end of 2021.

The report comes after nearly 170,000 people were apprehended crossing the border, including over 18,600 unaccompanied minors, roughly 53,000 family units, and approximately 97,000 single adults.

Kopits noted in the analysis:

“At the current pace, apprehensions for calendar year 2021 could be forecast at 1.2 million, following the precedents of 2005 and 2006.

“As a result, barring a major modification of Biden administration policy, we might expect a level of illegal immigration this year not seen since the Great Recession. The situation is fairly described as a border crisis and a rolling policy disaster.”

With respect to immigration, the Biden administration has received a reasonable amount of criticism, with some claiming that the administration has built de facto channels for illegal immigrants and border crossers.

Tens of thousands of individuals who’ve illegally crossed into the county are being released into the country’s interior, with illegal migrants currently in the country having a slim chance of being deported because the current administration has redirected agencies to essentially focus only on illegal immigrants found guilty of certain aggravated felonies.

With a seemingly apathetic approach to immigration enforcement, it’s no surprise that most Americans are dissatisfied with President Biden’s handling of the border crisis, according to recent polling data.

According to an AP-NORC poll released back in March, roughly 55% of adults in the United States disapprove of President Biden’s handling of the border, whereas 56% said they don’t approve of his approach to immigration.

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Earlier in April, Law Enforcement Today shared a report highlighting one of the concerning aspects related to the surge in illegal immigration ongoing along the southern border: the issue of “criminal aliens”. 

Here’s that previous report. 


TEXAS – According to a recent report from Breitbart News, Border Patrol agents have arrested over 4,500 illegal immigrants classified as “criminal aliens” since the onset of the 2021 Fiscal Year for the agency.

While technically everyone who enters the country without inspection can be found guilty of said offense, illegal immigrants classified as “criminal aliens” bear said classification due to hosting serious prior criminal convictions.

With the Border Patrol continuing to meet the increasing demands of migrants traffic this fiscal year, one law enforcement source reportedly told Breitbart Texas that more than 4,500 illegal immigrants with serious criminal backgrounds have been arrested since October 1st, 2020.

For those unaware, the Border Patrol’s fiscal year begins in October.

The Border Patrol does not use the terms “illegal alien” or “illegal immigrant” to identify migrants who have committed separate immigration offenses.

Instead, the term “criminal alien” is only applicable to migrants who have been convicted of state or federal offenses such as murder, rape, sexual assault, burglary, robbery, and various other criminal offenses.

Border Patrol agents were said to have arrested eight people near Mission, Texas on March 19th, 2021. The agents who ran a records check among the group found that one of the Hondurans in the party had already been arrested in 2007 by the Suffolk County Police Department in New York.

The Honduran was reportedly accused of rape, forcible compulsion, and a history of sexual activity with a child. He was given a nine-year prison sentence.

Border Patrol agents working near Falfurrias, Texas, had detained a Mexican national two days earlier, on March 17th, who was reportedly arrested for rape back in 2015 by the Sandy Springs Police Department in Georgia.

In that case, the man was found guilty and sentenced to 20 years in prison, but he only served five years behind bars before getting released.

According to CBP estimates, the number of sex offenders apprehended in southern California is expected to double in Fiscal Year 2021 compared to the previous year. In 2019, the San Diego Sector started keeping records of the number of sex offenders apprehended by the agency each year.

Despite the fact that only a small percentage of those illegally crossing the border have lengthy criminal histories, the source that spoke to Breitbart is reportedly worried that more criminal aliens are avoiding capture.

Reportedly fewer Border Patrol agents are being assigned to regular duty as the agency collectively struggles to process and provide humanitarian aid for the new influx of migrants at the southern border.


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