Biden votes in person – despite months of touting how we need more voting by mail (op-ed)


WILMINGTON, DE – Joe Biden was over in Wilmington, Delaware on September 14th and decided to cast his vote a little early this election season – and he also just happened to have cast his vote in person.

I wonder whatever happened to that whole Biden’s campaign saying that mail in voting was “the most secure form of voting”?

Just about everyone keeping up with the news has been well exposed to the fear mongering of how we must protect the post office at all costs and people will be in danger if they cast a vote in person.

Yet, there was Biden standing outside of the New Castle County Board of Elections building in Wilmington after having cast a cool, crisp, in-person vote.

When Biden was approached outside of the building, he explained that he decided to vote nearly 50 days early because he had some travel plans for Florida coming up on the 15th.

Of course, if he was traveling and worried about not being back in time for polling – why didn’t he do one of those trusty mail-in ballots?

I mean, throughout the past couple of months when Democrats were trying to avoid calling the riots a “riot”, they were handing out talking points left and right about saving the post office and how mail-in ballots are the way to go during the pandemic.

Back in August, Biden’s Rapid Response Director Andrew Bates accused President Donald Trump of trying to destroy a “critical lifeline” – that being the USPS – when the president had concerns over voting fraud via gratuitously increased mail-in ballots:

“[President Trump] wants to deprive Americans of their fundamental right to vote safely during the most catastrophic public health crisis in over 100 years.”

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During that same timeframe, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also hopped on the same mail-in ballots train ‘because it’s safer’ message:

“It is essential from a health reason because we want to keep people at home to vote without having them all collect on Election Day.”

The entire summer has been played out like one giant “Pepsi Challenge” put on by Democrats where they have been saying that mail in voting is so much better than the old in-person ballots.

And yet, Biden just so happens to vote early in person when he could have just had a ballot mailed to his little bunker where he records his video interviews.

Which can only lead this author to a few reasonable conclusions as to why Biden voted in person:

Scenario 1: Perhaps Biden thinks that voting in person is more secure since he’s punching the proverbial ticket, despite his campaign touting the efficiency of mail in ballots.

Scenario 2: Someone persuasive told him to cast his ballot in person.

Scenario 3: Maybe Biden isn’t that confident in the USPS.

Scenario 4: Perhaps Biden was worried that he’d forget to vote in time and/or forget his own address (obviously, this is a joke – or is it?)

This would be like some ecological activist clamoring about saving the rainforest for months on end and when presented with an opportunity to actually visit a real rainforest, they’re like “nah, I’m good” and then proceeds to purchase Mead paper products.

Or if someone was going on about how Taco Bell isn’t “real Mexican food” and starts listing all the authentic Mexican eateries – but then goes and grabs a Chalupa from the Taco Bell drive-thru after having passed several of those very authentic joints.

At this point, between Biden’s gaffes, bizarre statements and now demonstrated hypocrisy of adoring mail-in ballots – I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he accidentally voted for Trump on that very ballot he cast.

Because every time Biden is on camera talking these days, he has a look on his face like he’s trying to read the fine-print of listed ingredients on a box of Special-K cereal.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Back in April of 2020, Joe Biden made an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Presidential candidates making efforts to reach certain demographics via appearing on a variety of shows is nothing new during campaign season.

But months after Biden’s appearance on the show, a clip from the interview has gained newfound attention as it appears as though Biden is reading from a teleprompter.

Mind you, Biden was speaking about his own family while allegedly facing an on-screen teleprompter.

The newest of the “gates” styled controversies has been coined as “#TeleprompterGate”, and while there’s been jokes and speculation about Biden having to read from a script when speaking with interviewers, Biden may have very well proven that he does use them.

During his April appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Biden was obviously making a virtual appearance from his home. During the segment, which is available on YouTube, Biden is sharing photos of his family with Corden and speaking about his children, grandchildren and so forth.

But what has the online community clamoring about a teleprompter in front of Biden during the interview is a reflection of one of the photos Biden is holding up to the camera during the interview.

Biden votes in person - despite months of touting how we need more voting by mail (op-ed)
Biden holding up family photo that hosts reflection of what appears to be a teleprompter

When pressed about questions regarding whether or not Biden needs to use a teleprompter in order to field questions, Biden’s press secretary wouldn’t offer a definitive answer on the matter. When press secretary TJ Ducklo was appearing on Fox News, Brett Baier asked the following question:

“Has Joe Biden ever used a teleprompter during local interviews or to answer a Q&A with supporters?”

Ducklo responded with the following:

“Brett, we’re not going to eng…this is straight from the Trump campaign talking points. And what it does…and what it does Brett, is it’s trying to distract the American people from…from the pandemic. They talk about it everyday Brett because they don’t have a coherent strategy.”

During the entirety of the response delivered by Ducklo, he refused to answer the question as to whether Biden requires the use of a teleprompter during simple interviews.

Teleprompter speculation on Biden isn’t anything new, as earlier videos have surfaced from Biden when he appears to either be reading from a teleprompter (such as when he uttered “topline message” during an interview) or getting flustered when a teleprompter seemingly fails to signal a follow-up response.

In August, Biden seemed to have also had some teleprompter-related snafu or just exhibited one of his infamous gaffes that he’s become known for:

“COVID has taken this year, just since the outbreak, has taken more than 100 year—look, here’s, the lives, it’s just, it’s, er, I mean, y’think about it. More lives this year than any other year for the past hundred years.”

The portion of that speech is frankly hard to follow – as to what Biden was specifically trying to say. Maybe he was trying to reference to death toll of the pandemic, or maybe he was trying to compare the mortality rate to that of previous flu seasons.

Biden has displayed quite an array of these gaffes, like when he seemingly called for the arrest of Breonna Taylor. Here’s our previous report on that bizarre statement. 


WASHINGTON, DC –The amount of gaffes that current Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden makes is astounding.  His latest one happened during a televised interview with CBS News in which he called for the arrest of Breonna Taylor, a woman who was shot and killed by police who were returning fire after her boyfriend shot a police officer.

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When asked the question as to whether or not he believed that the officer who fired on Jacob Blake in Kenosha (who admitted he was armed with a knife) and the officers involved in the Taylor shooting should be charged, he responded:

“I think we should let the judicial system work its way.  I do think there’s a minimum need to be charged for the officers, and as well as Breonna Taylor.  And I might add by the way, I think what happened in uh, in uh, Portland.

 “Where one of the Trump guys riding along in vans inciting response is shooting rubber bullets I guess, or paint balls, apparently there was someone shot by someone in the crowd.” 

Biden continued:

With a bullet.  Killed.  I think that person should meet the legal requirements of whatever that calls for.  It should be investigated and it should follow through on what needs to be done.  Let the judicial system work.  Let’s make sure justice is done.”

Now, while it is entirely unclear, just by listening to Biden, what exactly he was trying to communicate, but we can probably figure it out.

What Biden probably meant to say is that he believes that Louisville Metropolitan Police Officers involved in the shooting death of Taylor need to be charged criminally.  That incident stemmed from a no knock search warrant, which was authorized by a judge, and was executed on March 13th

The search warrant was connected to alleged drug shipments that Taylor had been receiving at her residence for her ex-boyfriend.  Officers allege that they knocked and identified themselves several times prior to entry, even though they were not required to.

After there was no answer at the door, officers breached the doorway and were fired upon by Taylor’s boyfriend.  During the initial gunfire, one of the officers was shot and fell to the ground.  The other officers returned fire tragically striking Taylor who was standing next to her boyfriend.

Regarding the shooting of Jacob Blake, that incident occurred in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Officers were attempting to take Blake into custody either from the reported domestic situation they were called to deal with by his girlfriend, or the open warrants he had for his arrest.

The warrants for Blake stemmed from a rape report in which a friend of his alleged that he had illegally entered into her home, raped her, and then stole her credit card and other items.

When Kenosha Police contacted Blake, they attempted to take him into custody and he physically fought with officers.  One of the officers on scene deployed a Taser which had no effect on him and he got up and walked to his vehicle.

Witnesses advise they heard the officers, who had him at gun point, yell several times for him to stop and drop a knife.  Blake refused and walked and opened the driver’s door of an SUV as an officer tries to stop him by grabbing his shirt.

Blake then enters into the vehicle and reaches toward his floorboard when an officer opens fire, striking Blake in the back several times.  According to the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Blake admitted to investigators that he was armed with a knife.

Now, if Blake was armed with a knife, the initial shooting itself may well be deemed justified.  However, the seven shots that were fired will be closely looked at to see if they were necessary or not.

Regardless of whether or not the law enforcement officers will be arrested in either incident, the important question is why any political candidate would weigh in on something like that until investigations are complete?  Now, there is good video of the Blake shooting, and as President Trump put it, it certainly does not look good.  But a prudent person would wait on facts instead of just jumping to conclusions.


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