Report: Biden using funds for health testing to disperse illegal immigrants across United States


PENNSYLVANIA- For months, we have heard Joe Biden and congressional Democrats along with the mainstream media bragging about the administration’s “American Rescue Plan” and how that funding was helping Americans recover from the Wuhan China virus.

Now, according to a former Republican House member, that funding is also being used to fly illegals across the United States, according to Breitbart News.

One state where illegal border crossers have been secretly transported to is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which has been reported recently by Breitbart, where charter flights commissioned by the Department of Homeland Security have been covertly flying in under cover of darkness people who should not even be in the United States.

Lou Barletta, who is now running for governor in Pennsylvania is accusing the Biden administration of flying border crossers and illegal aliens into cities in the eastern part of the Keystone State, stating:

“First, we had to discover for ourselves that illegal immigrants were being shipped into northeast Pennsylvania on at least four flights.

But then when people demanded information, the flights were shifted to the Lehigh Valley and they just hoped no one would notice.”

Current Gov. Tom Wolf (D) this week seemed to acknowledge in statements the notion that Biden’s DHS was in fact conducting the covert flights, however seemed to excuse them as a “stopping point” for what he said was the passengers’ final destination, destinations which are unknown.

In a statement to Fox News, a spokesperson for Wolf said:

“Had any of the elected officials sending letters/statements asked, they would have received the same information that we have from HHS; over recent weeks, unaccompanied children passed through the Wilkes-Barre airport en route to their final destination to be unified with their parents or vetted sponsor.”

Meanwhile, Rep. Dan Meuser (R-PA) sent a letter to the administration, seeking information on the stealth flights, and told Fox Business that Biden was using funds for coronavirus testing—which has turned into an utter disaster—and using that money to fly illegal aliens into and across the United States.

‘The idea that they would do this, attempt to do it secretly, clandestinely in the middle of the night. There were two flights that came in on Christmas night, in the evening, at nine o’clock at night,” Meuser said. Continuing, he said:

“I went down to the airport the next day to see what was going on and there were many eyewitnesses that divulged everything to me. And that’s the only way that we really found out—through leaks. And I’ll tell you something else: the American people need to know what HHS did:

They diverted billions of dollars of funding that was dedicated for tests, covid tests…to bring in unaccompanied minors, illegal minors into the U.S. [emphasis added by source]

This woke agenda of the president’s is at the expense of the American people and it’s happening every day. [emphasis added by source]

Because the border is so overwhelmed, they’re now being put on these planes, sent to different parts of the country—particularly Allentown and Wiles Barre Scranton in these cases, over 2,000 in the last few weeks—and buses are showing up and carting them off to locations that are unknown and HHS won’t tell us, won’t tell us where they’re going.

We understand they’re going into the New York metro area but that’s just anecdotal. [emphasis added by source]

Breitbart notes that the Biden administration has opened the floodgates to around two million illegal border crossers to overrun the southern border in 2021 alone.

Moreover, the administration estimates that another half million illegal aliens crossed into the U.S. undetected by Border Patrol agents.

As of late October of 2021, the Biden administration released over 530,000 illegal aliens into the interior United States, which includes tens of thousands of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) who have been scattered across the country into states such as Pennsylvania.

So, as the American people have been ramped up into a coronavirus testing frenzy by the administration over the harmless omicron variant, with tests hard to come by, it is now revealed that funds which should have been used to purchase adequate tests have been diverted to settling illegals across the country.

You can’t make it up.

Two men arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a Chicago cop after shooting him during a traffic stop

In case you missed it, below is a report we filed about the number of illegals killing or seriously injuring Americans. For more on that, we invite you to:


WASHINGTON, DC — As illegal immigration continues to skyrocket under the Biden administration, fallout includes Americans being injured or killed by foreign criminals crossing porous U.S. borders.

While most illegal migrants have likely not committed serious crimes, there are still many media reports of Americans being harmed by criminals who are entering the U.S.

While media reports are widely available about crimes committed by illegal immigrants, the criminal data is not readily available from either private groups or various government agencies.

What little data there is, tends to be very narrow in scope and does not paint a broad picture of the situation.

For example, the Migration Policy Institute provided very detailed sociodemographic profiles on an estimated 11 million illegal migrants living in the U.S. as of 2019.

It showed Texas as having a population of 1,739,000 illegal immigrants and California with 2,739,000. Other states are listed as well.

However, the report’s scope was selective and did not provide information on criminal histories of illegal immigrants.

While the Migration Policy Institute states its mission is to “improve immigration and integration policies through authoritative research and analysis, opportunities for learning and dialogue, and the development of new ideas to address complex policy questions,” crime data does not appear to serve its underlying purpose.

During Fiscal Year 2021, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encountered 1.74 million illegal immigrants in a law enforcement manner at the southwest land border alone.

According to Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which evaluates policies and seeks ways to reduce the negative impact of uncontrolled immigration, that figure represented an increase of roughly 380 percent from the 458,088 encountered in Fiscal Year 2020.

In FAIR’s 2021 Year in Review report, it noted:

“During Donald Trump’s final three months as president, apprehensions stayed relatively stable at around 75,000 per month before skyrocketing immediately after Biden took office.

“However, during the first two months of the Biden presidency, apprehensions increased by more than 120 percent.

“They continued to rise through July when 213,593 individuals were apprehended. These totals only dropped slightly to 192,001 by the end of the fiscal year in September.”

There is no central government database to link state and federal information on illegal immigrants who are entering the U.S. and committing crimes.

Therefore, it is difficult to piece together an accurate number of Americans who are injured or killed by illegal immigrants each year due to an inconvenient lack of official data and reports.

Two men arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a Chicago cop after shooting him during a traffic stop acknowledged:

“We should start by noting that we don’t know the total number of people who illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border at any time, which would include individuals who avoid detection by border officers.

“The federal government only reports statistics for the people actually encountered while trying to enter the country.

Yahoo News reported:

“Illegal immigration to the U.S., the extent of which cannot be fully known because of how many evade federal police and get away, has risen at a faster rate in the first nine months of President Joe Biden’s tenure than any time in the Border Patrol’s 97-year history.”

Last November, Law Enforcement Today reported on a 24-year-old Honduran who entered the U.S. at the Texas border.

Yery Medina-Ulloa was allegedly flown into Florida by the Biden administration. He is accused of murdering a father of four who took him in and gave him a job.

In January of 2019, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) claimed that Democrats “aided and abetted” the deaths of about 2,000 Americans each year at the hands of illegal immigrants due to their support for open borders and mass illegal immigration.

For 2021, Breitbart reported that at least 25 Americans had been allegedly killed by illegal immigrants via vehicle crashes, beatings and shootings.

FAIR also provided numerous examples of alleged cases of serious crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

FAIR noted:

“The following cases may not represent the general illegal alien population, but they demonstrate the value of strong borders and underscore why illegal immigration remains a public safety concern.

“The information is gathered from various credible news sources and publicly-accessible official sources.

“The crimes do not include terrorist actions, but deal with crimes of a serious nature, such as homicide or manslaughter, rape or sexual crimes, assault on law enforcement, or sexual crimes related to minors.

“It is important to note the following involve charges or convictions for crimes committed by foreign nationals illegally in the country.”

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For 2021, FAIR presented 45 cases of serious crimes committed by alleged illegal immigrants.

For 2020, 84 examples were noted.

The CBP released statistics on Dec. 17 pertaining to its arrests of “criminal noncitizens” since 2016 and the breakdown of crimes committed by this particular group.

According to the CBP’s report, the term “criminal noncitizens” refers to individuals who have been convicted of one or more crimes, whether in the United States or in another country, prior to interdiction by the U.S. Border Patrol.

The CBP’s statistics do not include convictions for conduct that is not deemed criminal by the United States.

Arrests of criminal noncitizens are also just a subset of total apprehensions by U.S. Border Patrol.

The CBP noted:

“Records checks of available law enforcement databases following the apprehension of an individual may reveal a history of criminal conviction(s).

“That conviction information is recorded in a U.S. Customs and Border Protection database, from which the data below is derived.”

Fiscal Year 2022 actually began Oct. 1, 2021 and runs through Sept. 30, 2022. Since last October, there have been 1,682 arrests of individuals with criminal convictions.

Fiscal Year 2021, which ended Sept. 30, noted 10,763 arrests of criminal noncitizens.

In contrast, Fiscal Year 2020 only showed 2,438 arrests.

The CBP also organized nationwide convictions of criminal noncitizens by type of criminal conduct.

The agency also noted that because some criminal noncitizens may have been convicted of multiple criminal offenses, the total convictions listed by crime type exceed the total arrests noted in the Fiscal Year reports noted above.

For Fiscal Year 2022, which began Oct. 1, there were 2,336 types of criminal convictions listed so far by the CBP.

The breakdown of crimes includes the following:

  1. Assault, battery, domestic violence (174)
  2. Burglary, robbery, larceny, theft, fraud (134)
  3. Driving under the influence (194)
  4. Homicide, manslaughter (12)
  5. Illegal drug possession, trafficking (323)
  6. Illegal entry, re-entry (944)
  7. Illegal weapons possession, transport, trafficking (52)
  8. Sexual offenses (64)
  9. Other (439).

The report noted that “other” includes any conviction not included in the other eight categories listed above.

Rep. Tom Tiffany (R-Wis.) blamed the Biden administration for the unprecedented surge in illegal immigration into the United States.

Tiffany told EpochTV’s Crossroads program:

“You look at what’s happened since January 20, when President Biden … one of the first things he did was get rid of ‘Remain in Mexico,’ started ‘catch and release,’ and stopped border construction.”

Biden stopped construction of the wall at the U.S./Mexico border; ended Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols, which made most asylum seekers wait in Mexico until their claims were heard; and implemented a “catch-and-release” immigration program.

Tiffany noted:

“What’s happened—we’re going to have over 2 million people that come into our country illegally this year.

“It’s very clear that the United States government, at the behest of the Biden administration, is facilitating [human trafficking] as a result of that signal they sent to the rest of the world.

“Illegal Immigration is on steroids here in America.”

Tiffany said that the Biden administration’s “catch-and-release” immigration policy is adding to the number of illegal border crossings at the U.S. southern border:

“Under ‘catch and release,’ people are just able to come into the country, and then they can go wherever they want to.

“And they’re being told, ‘Just be sure to show up for your asylum hearing.’

“Who’s showing up for their asylum hearing, especially when the United States government is not enforcing that?

“So, there are no protections in place. Going through the process of getting a visa, of getting legal citizenship, none of them are having to do that.”

Tiffany suggested the Biden administration was being complicit in making human trafficking easier:

“They [the federal government] know that people die in these mass migrations, they know people, especially women are sexually assaulted, they know the misery that goes with this—and it’s completely unnecessary, yet they let it go on.

“That’s why I say that our United States government is complicit. The Biden administration turned the key on January 20. 

“This would not be happening if ‘Remain in Mexico’ stayed in place, the border wall continued to be built, there was no catch and release—these things would not have happened.”

“It’s a terribly unfortunate thing.”

Americans are not the only victims of rape, assault and murder. Many times, illegal immigrants become victims as well while they travel to the border and cross it.

In 2018, Princeton Policy Advisors had estimated that based on its data, there would be 1.1 million cases of migrant victimization.

The startling numbers included an estimated 2,200 deaths; 180,000 rapes or coerced sex; 138,000 assaults; 81,000 cases of drug smuggling; and 27,000 cases of human smuggling.

At the time, Princeton Policy Advisors also blamed U.S. immigration policy for most of the predation of illegal migrants:

“In all, we estimate economic migrants will suffer 1.1 million traumatic or adverse event trying to reach the US in 2018.  This represents a predation rate of 144%.

“That is, those 711,000 migrants attempting to cross illegally into the US this year will suffer on average 1.4 adverse events during the journey.

“In a typical case, they are likely to be detained by US Border Patrol and commonly suffer another adverse event like rape or robbery.

“These statistics speak to a global scale humanitarian crisis on our borders, second only to the chaos engulfing Venezuela in our hemisphere. 

“US immigration policy is directly responsible for 95% of the predation listed above.

“Modifying US immigration policy — in a way which our research indicates will be supported by conservatives — would all but end migrant predation completely.”

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