Report: Biden travels home to Delaware for fifth time, sixth weekend away from White House since taking office


WILMINGTON, DE – On Friday afternoon, March 26, President Joe Biden departed the White House for his fifth trip home to Delaware, and his sixth weekend away from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue since taking office nine weeks ago.

There are no public events on the schedule for the weekend.

According to Breitbart, Biden also returned to his Delaware residence on February 6, February 27, March 13, and mid-week on March 16.

Furthermore, Biden has spent two additional weekends at Camp David since taking office, on February 13 and March 20.

Including this weekend, Biden will have spent six weekends and at least 24 “resting days” away from the White House since taking office January 20.

Given the latest CDC recommendations to avoid travel “even if you are vaccinated” for COVID-19, Biden’s frequent leisure trips home have naturally fallen under scrutiny for setting an unadvisable example.

Biden press secretary Jen Psaki has previously responded to such criticism by explaining:

“The President lives in Wilmington; it’s his home. That’s where he’s lived for many, many years.”

She added:

“As any President of the United States does, he takes a private airplane called Air Force One to travel there.” 

Psaki continued:

“That is, of course, unique from most Americans, but I think most Americans would also see that as a unique circumstance.”

According to CNN, Biden has referred to the experience of living in the White House as living in a “gilded cage.”

Biden also explained that being taken care of by White House staff was not something he was comfortable with, saying:

“I was raised in a way that you didn’t look for anybody to wait on you.”

He added:

“And it’s where I find myself extremely self-conscious.”

Biden also joked:

“I get up in the morning [in the White House] and look at Jill and say, ‘Where the hell are we?’”

University of Chicago political scientist William Howell noted to the North State Journal that leaving the White House “for a less confining, more relaxing weekend hangout” is helpful in allowing the president to “unwind.”

He said further:

“What he wanted to be was president.”

Howell continued:

 “It is not the White House per se that is the draw.”

NBC News cites sources “close to [Joe and Jill Biden]” as saying the pair are “still adjusting to their new life in Washington and missing Delaware more than they imagined.”

Returning home to Delaware is nothing new for Biden.  During his eight year tenure as vice president, he traveled home to Wilmington as often as three times a week, according to Delaware Online.

Also, during his time as Senator, Biden traveled from D.C. to Wilmington when the Senate was in session on a “near-daily” basis.

Even though Biden has returned home on “more weekends than his predecessors at this point in their presidencies,” his supporters argue that his trips are “less expensive” than former President Donald Trump’s visits to Mar-a-Lago, since those visits required Coast Guard protection.

According to NBC News, the cost of Biden’s weekend jaunts to Wilmington is “unknown,”  but the “security footprint” is “massive.”  Furthermore, there are of necessity costly additions to the traveling party, in the form of White House staff, family, and press.

Another cost, with no calculable price tag, is to the residents of Delaware, who have been required to adjust their daily lives regularly in the presence of Biden and his entourage.

A “lengthy motorcade” is necessary on these weekends home, which especially causes problems when that line of vehicles departs during the Monday morning commute.

According to Delaware Business Now, blockage of busy Route 141 tends to be met with “social media criticism.”

Apparently displeased with the effects of Biden’s frequent weekend presence, one disgruntled Delaware resident wrote in a comment:

“Stay in DC!!!! You wanted it. 

“Traffic is backed up for hours. Work sites are closed near the travel route and closed down. Workers losing pay.” 

The commenter continued:

“Venues for normal Delawareans are closed for the weekend because of you. THANKS!! 

“Go to DC or go to the border…another one of your debacles!!”

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Below is our recent report on additional Biden-approved travel that flies in the face of CDC recommendations to avoid travel at this time.

Report: Biden has excess illegal immigrants flown to Canadian border to speed up their processing

WASHINGTON, DC – With as inundated as the southern border has been of late, the Biden administration is reportedly working to have excess illegal immigrants flown to the Canadian border so as to expedite processing, according to reports.

It’s really without question at this point that the U.S.-Mexico border is experiencing a surge of foot traffic and unlawful migrant crossings into the United States.

While there may be different takes on how to approach the issue, both Democrats and Republicans are at least on the same page that there is an issue with respect to the southern border.

But according to recent reports coming from the Washington Post, the Biden administration is intent on taking the approach of flying some of the migrants to the Canadian border to as to utilize those rarely hampered facilities to expedite processing of these individuals and families coming in.

In the WaPo’s report on the matter, the news outlet described the activity at the southern border as a “widening emergency” which the Biden administration is in a “scramble to contend with” while citing how backed up the southern border facilities have become:

“The extraordinary volume of unauthorized border crossings in recent days has left the families and minors waiting hours outdoors, many under a bridge next to the river where CBP is operating a large outdoor processing station.

“The backups have been exacerbated by the more than 4,500 unaccompanied teenagers and children held in detention cells and border tent sites, a record number.”

Within the report from the Washington Post, there were concerns cited regarding whether the U.S. government would be able to provide “winter clothing” for illegal immigrants flown into northern border states’ Border Patrol facilities for processing:

“CBP officials did not immediately respond to questions about whether the government would be able to furnish winter clothing to parents with children if they are sent to states such as Montana, South Dakota and Michigan, where the Border Patrol has far fewer staff members and generally smaller facilities.”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has also been using ICE aircrafts to transfer some migrants from the Rio Grande Sector over to El Paso, Texas, as the Rio Grande facilities are reportedly “overcapacity”:

“CBP has used ICE aircraft in recent days to transport migrant families from the Rio Grande Valley, where facilities are far overcapacity, to the El Paso area. Many of those families are then being returned to Mexico under a Trump-era emergency public health order.”

On top of the aforementioned practices, FEMA confirmed on March 18th that $110 million will be sourced from the supplemental funding within the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 in order to help fund nonprofits and government agencies that aim to assist illegal immigrants coming into the United States.

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