Biden administration to remove terrorist designation from Colombian FARC rebels, continues dismantling of US military progress


The editorial comments in this article are brought to you by a United States veteran and staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

WASHINGTON, DC – The Biden administration is continuing its assault on the efforts of our military.

The numerous ways it botched the Afghan withdrawal have been documented.

The number of active duty military and veterans that felt that their service and sacrifice was all for nothing is large. For our men and women to fight for 20 years, only to have politics destroy everything they did, is disheartening to say the least.

Following the slap to the face to our Afghan veterans, the Biden administration is at it again.

This time, they are reportedly planning to remove the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombian (FARC) from the United States’ list of designated foreign terrorist groups where they have resided for nearly 25 years (minus a short departure during the Obama years), in a move that signals yet again that Biden and Democrats are sympathetic to communist ideology. 

So, who are the FARC?

FARC was founded in 1964. They were born out of a desire by many in the country to overthrow a corrupt political establishment that allowed the two controlling parties to alternate power every 4 years, practically eliminating any other groups from seeking a role is the national leadership landscape.

The ideology behind FARC always has been and continues to be one based on installing communism as the governmental practice of the nation. 

FARC has been responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in the Central American country. The group’s resume includes mass killings, kidnappings, child rape, forced abortions, and enlistment of children for “military” service.

And let’s not forget they run one of the largest drug trafficking rings in the world. 

For years, the US Army has worked with the Colombian government and military to aid in combatting the effects that the rebel group was causing in the nation.

Members of special operations teams, known as Operational Detachment Alphas (ODA), have focused their efforts on stemming the impact of the FARC, especially their drug trade operations, which reportedly nets them close to $1B annually.

Nearly 80% of the cocaine smuggled into the US every year comes from Colombia, with FARC managing the vast majority of the operations that produce it. 

Beyond the drug trafficking, FARC is one of the top five wealthiest terror organizations in the world.  

That didn’t stop the then-president of Colombia from pushing through a peace deal with the guerrilla group to against the wishes of the Colombian people 5 years ago.

Juan Manuel Santos granted the organization uncontested seats in the Colombian Congress as well as allowing them to create a political party with no restrictions on using the profits from their international drug distribution rings. 

“These have been important days of political building and camaraderie. The New Party is built with many diverse voices and ideas.”

That “peace” deal ushered in record cocaine production, mob violence and unelected government officials calling for the death of the duly and democratically elected president of the nation.

And now, according to the sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Biden and team are poised to remove them from the list of terror organization on November 30th. That would be the 5th anniversary of the peace deal that ushered communist politicians into power.

The negotiations were supported by the US under the Obama administration.

“The Biden administration will remove a former Colombian rebel group from a list of foreign terrorist organizations, a measure intended to demonstrate American support for a fragile peace agreement with the guerrillas in Colombia, said U.S. and congressional officials with knowledge of the coming announcement,” the anonymous government source told the WSJ. 

Keep in mind, removing the group from the list of known terrorists allows the US to fund the organization. 

The paper pointed this fact out by saying: 

“Biden would simply rebrand the actual FARC leaders and label them, under the name ‘New Marquetalía group,’ a designated terrorist organization, but remove the FARC from the list by name. Márquez and now-dead FARC leader ‘Jesús Santrich,’ once offered a lawmaker position through the ‘peace deal,’ resurfaced after disappearing in 2019 in propaganda videos calling for a ‘new Marquetalía,’ or guerrilla struggle, against the government of current Colombian President Iván Duque.

Duque, of the conservative Democratic Center party, won the presidency in part as a result of popular disgust with Santos’ FARC policies.”

Allowing the FARC to become legitimate and mainstream in Colombia has been a priority of Democrats since the Obama administration. In 2015, they removed FARC from the list, but that removal was short-lived when the Trump administration put them back on. 

Despite a history of terror and ties to other terror groups (such as Hezbollah), FARC traveled to Cuba to meet with then Secretary of State John Kerry.

Cuba was also removed from the US State Sponsors of Terrorism list by Obama. Trump promptly put them back on that list as well. 

In case we need to be reminded of the just how little Kerry worries about the victims of communism and human rights violations, Breitbart reports he has been “downplaying and trying to derail legislation against China’s use of Uyghur forced labor, from which Kerry and his wife seem to benefit financially.”

Of the Colombian-FARC peace agreement, Kerry said in 2016: 

“I am pleased that, after more than four years of intensive talks, the Colombian government and the FARC have achieved breakthroughs on some of the most challenging issues before them. President Santos deserves credit for his courage, leadership, and unwavering commitment to peace.

I also want to recognize the hard work of the negotiating teams and the constructive role played by the governments of Norway and Cuba.”

Meanwhile, drug manufacturing in Colombia is soaring, and government officials are profiting from it.

Terror is still commonplace, especially in rural and impoverished areas where the citizens are buying into the idea of FARC and communism creating an equality across the country that would allow them to be elevated from the economic plight they are in. 

And every last bit of this has an impact on both the American people and our national security.

The current administration’s support of the group is again telling American forces that their efforts and sacrifices to help safeguard Americans are not really worth caring about.

While this writer never deployed to Colombia in the ODA efforts to combat FARC, I was assigned to one of the elements that was actively engaged there. For more than 2 years, I supported that mission and effort. I lost fellow soldiers and friends. I know the scars many of them carry from their time in the region. 

And now, for the second time in less than a year in office, Biden is handing control of a nation over to the very people we fought so hard to wrestle out of power.  

So Biden and the Democrats have no problem supporting and even endorsing the rise of communism under the guise of peace, even though Biden is on the record as calling communism “a universally failed system” and saying that he doesn’t “see socialism as a very useful substitute.”

How long will it be before they are actively endorsing its inclusion in the US for the same reasons? 

But should it surprise anyone given that this is all coming from a man, an administration and a party that believe that white supremacy is the most lethal threat facing our country? 

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Ignoring ISIS and terrorism, Biden claims white supremacy is ‘the most lethal threat’ facing the U.S. homeland

WASHINGTON, DC – President Joe Biden falsely made the claim Tuesday that white supremacy is “the most lethal threat” facing the U.S. homeland, beating out international terrorism and ISIS.

The incorrect claim was made during a speech to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1921 Race Massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Comparing the racism of the 1920s to today, President Biden said in the speech that the single greatest threat to the United States is white supremacy, incorrectly referencing a claim made by the Department of Justice in the latter half of 2020 that said it was the most lethal group inside the U.S:

“According to the intelligence community, terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal to the homeland today. Not ISIS. Not Al Qaeda. White supremacists.”

In October, DHS issued a report showing that white supremacist extremism accounted for more fatal attacks than any other domestic violent extremist group since 2018.

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf explained at the time that the white supremacist groups posed “the most persistent and lethal threat” of violent extremism in the United States in recent years.

DHS did not state that white supremacy is the most lethal threat facing the homeland. The agency said that white supremacist groups were the most lethal extremist threat inside the United States, and did not address foreign threats to the U.S. mainland.

The President also said that white Americans participating in the Klu Klux Klan ‘embedded” systemic racism in American culture:

“Millions of white Americans belonged to the Klan, and they weren’t even embarrassed by it. They were proud of it.

“And that hate became embedded systematically and systemically in our laws and in our culture.”

On May 30, 1921 in Tulsa, a young black man named Dick Rowland was riding in the elevator in the Drexel Building at Third and Main with a white woman named Sarah Page. Rowland was arrested for the act, and placed into custody at the courthouse.

The following morning, an exaggerated news report of the incident appeared in the Tulsa Tribune which created a confrontation between black and white armed mobs in front of the courthouse. The Sheriff and his deputies barricade themselves with Rowland.

Shots were fired into the crowd, and the black mob, being outnumbered, fled to the Greenwood District. White riots reportedly looted and burned Greenwood, and Governor Robertson declare martial law and called in the National Guard.

The Guard members helped extinguish the fires, and collected over 6,000 black men and women at the Convention Hall and fairgrounds.

Twenty-four hours after it erupted, the violence was ended. In the wake of the violence, 35 city blocks lay in charred ruins, more than 800 people were treated for injuries and contemporary reports of deaths began at 36. Historians now believe as many as 300 people may have died.

President Biden, who said in June 2020 that Confederate monuments belong in museums and “Don’t be surprised if someone pulls down the statue of Jefferson Davis,” told the crowd that Tulsa needed to remembered so American can remember its mistakes:

“We do ourselves no favors by pretending none of this ever happened, or that it doesn’t impact us today, because it does impact today. We can’t just chose to learn what we want to know, and not what we should know.

“We should know the good, the bad, everything. That’s what great nations do. They come to terms with their dark sides. As painful as it is, only in remembrance do wounds heal. We just have to choose to remember.”



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