Report: In just a few months, Biden administration has resettle nearly 40,000 Afghans in our communities


WASHINGTON, DC – Democrat Joe Biden and other leaders of his party have been busy resettling almost 40 thousand Afghan refugees throughout the United States.

These refugees are receiving taxpayer funded assistance to the tune of $13.3 billion alone so far.

Since Biden completed the withdrawal of all United States forces from Afghanistan in August of this year, tens of thousands of refugees have been allowed into the country.

Approximately 38,000 of the refugees have been sent across the country while another 36,500 or so are living on United States military bases in New Mexico, Indiana, Texas, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Virginia.

Large numbers of refugees cannot be sustained on US military bases, which are leading to thousands of them being resettled in different parts of the country weekly.

According to Breitbart News, as many as 4,000 refugees are moved weekly into 46 different states in the US.

One of the states that is seemingly getting a large number of refugees is Virginia, which already has a large Afghan population. Those that do resettle in the state, either temporarily or permanently, are provided with good benefits as well as medical care on the taxpayer’s dime.

Kristyn Peck, the chief executive of Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area, said that the area had enough staffing to serve roughly 500 refugees a year, but with the massive influx of Afghan refugees, they are strained.

Peck noted that she and her staff have hired additional workers, but that will not be enough to keep up with the demand. She said:

“You can’t go to a staffing level to serve 500 people a month overnight…We just know that at this volume, frankly, our quality is suffering.”

Other refugee services in the state have worked to lower the number of Afghan’s that attempt to resettle in the area.

One way they are making this attempt is by requiring that those who attempt to settle in Virginia must have some type of family connection that is willing to put them up temporarily.

Seyoum Berhe, Virginia’s state refugee coordinator through the Department of Social Services, noted that although they have the rule in place, they have little to no intention of enforcing it.

Berhe said:

“We’re not stopping anybody at one point or another from coming to Virginia. But if we’re going to provide services, you must have a family connection. We want to do the best job we can but have to take numbers that we can at least attempt to manage.”

Refugees are entitled to government assistance once they are paired with some type of social agency which is designed to cover the cost of food and lodging for a temporary period of time.

Those who are eligible for the assistance are entitled to $2,275 in federal tax dollars that are supposed to cover all expenses, including job training, for a three-month period.

Afghans will be able to join the job market in whichever state they resettle in after they have completed job training. That means that the 4,000 a month that are being sent throughout the country will be fighting for jobs that Americans and other illegal aliens are trying to attain.

While this news may be concerning to some, others, like Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar, believe that refugees joining the labor market is a good thing and somehow will actually strengthen the economy.

Klobuchar told the Times:

“This is not only the right thing [resettle] to do – it will enrich our communities and strengthen our economy.”

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Report: Afghan refugees under Biden get free food, housing, $2275, but questionable vetting

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Under the Biden administration, thousands of Afghans transported to the United States are receiving free food, housing, and $2,275 in federal aid, along with questionable vetting.

According to the Washington Post, as Afghan refugee families are moved from temporary housing and care on military bases to cities throughout the United States, resettlement agencies are struggling to keep up with the volume of families waiting for permanent housing and additional aid.


KTRH NewsRadio reports that the White House has provided a “loose” estimate of 95,000 Afghans total coming into the United States.

The Washington Post notes:

“Federal officials say they are working to spread the evacuees to different parts of the country as they begin to shut down the temporary housing camps at seven military bases that are still home to 34,000 Afghans. 

“The process is expected to be completed by mid-February.”

In some areas of the country, Oklahoma for instance, resettled refugees are being offered “free housing” to relocate there.

The Post adds:

“The evacuees are each entitled to receive $2,275 in federal support that is meant to cover housing costs, job training and other expenses over a three-month period once they are matched with a resettlement agency.”

Funding for such expenses is covered nationally by massive dollar amounts earmarked for Afghan refugees.

As we previously reported, Congress has now authorized a total of $13.3 billion for the Biden administration to settle Afghans in the United States.

Other areas of the country are working on additional local funding for Afghan refugees.

For example, according to Breitbart, New York taxpayers will be covering at least $5 million in relocation expenses, after Governor Kathy Hochul (D) earmarked an additional $2 million for that purpose.


Also for example, in Oregon, Yahoo News reports that SB5561, passed on December 13, 2021, will “support Afghan individuals and families with housing, education, legal aid, job training and culturally-specific support as they settle in the state.”

The news outlet goes on to note:

“Of that $18 million, $5.25 million has been earmarked for short-term food and shelter, $2.9 million will support case management services, $5.9 million will be for rental assistance and $2.89 million is for immigration and legal services. 

“An additional $807,600 will be available for culturally specific assistance and interpretation classes.”

These costly efforts are not without criticism, especially given the question of vetting, or possible lack thereof, of these Afghan refugees.

According to Breitbart, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testified during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that “not all” of the thousands of Afghan refugees entering the country have been interviewed by federal law enforcement, even though that is “standard vetting protocol.”

Ira Mehlman, spokesperson for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, recently told KTRH NewsRadio:

“We need to be concerned about the fact we really don’t know who is has gotten out of Afghanistan. And at the same time, we need to be doubly concerned about the growing humanitarian crisis in that country.”

He added:

“We have no idea for the most part who those people are.”

Mehlman continued:

”Most of them no doubt are just decent people who understandably wanted to get out of there. But as we’ve learned at a very high cost, it only takes a few people to cause an awful lot of trouble.”

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton echoed these sentiments.

Noting that the “federal government has not shared its vetting procedures with Texas,” Paxton told Alex Marlow:

“We don’t have any confidence in the Biden administration [to vet Afghan migrants].”


He continued:

“When you look at the border and how they’re just inviting people to come across … obviously the cartels are involved in every transaction, because you have to pay them to get across the border….

“We’ve got the Biden administration helping the cartels, helping them import drugs, helping them import COVID into our state, helping them import sex trafficking and other human trafficking…. and yet here we are with the Afghan refugees.”

Paxton went on to say:

“I don’t know that we’ll vet [Afghan refugees] at all. I think it’ll just be whatever the federal government says they’ve done. We won’t really know if it’s true. 

“We won’t even know if they’ve done anything, and so, they’ll be dropped wherever the federal government wants to drop them, and they’ll disappear into our society. 

“We’ll never know, until something bad happens, if we have a terrorist.”


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