Video: Biden supporters seen dancing around effigy of President Trump’s severed head


MADISON, WI – On November 7th, video was captured of a group of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris supporters dancing around to the song “FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)”, while a man waving a Black Lives Matter flag simultaneously hoisted a mock severed head of President Trump.

While the behavior/display coming from this group of what appear to be college-aged individuals that the Biden/Harris campaign pandered to during the election cycle isn’t astonishing, it serves as a reminder of the personality types that played a role in the outcome of the 2020 election.

Cinematographer Rebecca Brannon had captured the video of the display, captioning the video with the following:

“A BLM protester holds effigy of a beheaded Donald Trump while Biden supporters sing “Fu*k Donald Trump” here in Madison, Wisconsin.”

While the first video shared online by Brannon simply denoted what was transpiring, her follow up tweets that hosted additional footage showcased that she was not a fan of the antics on display:

“Demonic. Biden supporters & BLM celebrate effigy of President Trump beheaded while singing ‘F*ck Donald Trump’.”

Brannon also seemed to take a swipe how the amassed group was predominantly young, white women – joking referring to the gathering as a possible infringement against “cultural appropriation”:

“A large group of white college girls are dancing and gathered for BLM in Madison, Wisconsin. Isn’t this cultural appropriation or…?”

Now, obviously this group of young adults can hold their little celebration and depict their mangled effigies thanks to the First Amendment – but whatever happened to being scared of the pandemic? Or better yet, whatever happened to ‘Trump is a fascist’?

One online user commented on one of the shared videos, pointing out how imbecilic the notion is/was that President Trump was ever thought to be a fascist – considering that President Trump is still the active president and these people are able to hold this sort of display:

“You know what’s interesting…I always hear people call Trump a fascist/dictator & yet… they have the freedom to do this. If he was truly a fascist/dictator I GUARANTEE some pretty bad things would happen to these people. They don’t know what a fascist/dictator is.”

But what ever happened to the term “super spreader”, in reference to large gatherings. While there were some people with masks on in the crowd, there were also numerous people who were not.

It’s almost as if the fear of the pandemic magically washed away once they heard that President Trump did not get reelected.

On the same day in Philadelphia, another group of anti-Trump individuals decided to start attacking an effigy of President Trump.

Once news networks started to call the election in Biden’s favor, an estimated crow of 1,000 people had gathered to start watching and participating in attacking this cone-shaped object the bore President Trump’s face.

In the form of peak irony, Joe Biden delivered a speech on November 6th talking about the country needs to “get the vitriol out of politics,” and how people within the country can “agree to be civil”:

“Americans who voted, they want to get the vitriol out of our politics. We’re certainly not going to agree on a lot of issues but at least we can agree to be civil with one another. We have to put the anger and the demonization behind us.”

Obviously, those remarks delivered by Biden didn’t resonate with his respective base – as we’ve seen for literally months now that the fringe-left is anything but “civil” or capable of setting aside “anger”.

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Here’s our report from back in August where the antics of the far-left were on display when it pertained to an effigy of a police officer’s wife being destroyed right outside her home. 


MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Earlier in August, Law Enforcement Today brought you a report about a disgusting display by the likes of Democratic candidate John Thompson at a residential area in Minneapolis, who is running for the 67A District seat in the Minnesota State House.

Well, it turns out that the ire directed by Thompson and his Black Lives Matter cohorts on August 15 did more than target the police union chief who resided in the neighborhood where Thompson went on a profanity-laced tirade and suggested that the proverbial mob could burn down the residential area.

These “protesters” also erected and destroyed an effigy of Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis President Bob Kroll’s wife, Liz Collin.

The rationale for such a disgusting display against Collin is that she’s married to Kroll – the violent mob doesn’t care for police – and she’s a news anchor at the local CBS affiliate station, WCCO.

Collin hasn’t even done anything to earn the typical scourge of the angry leftists, aside from just being a police officer’s wife and a news anchor – which to the mob means that she sheds a positive light on police.

The real kicker, though, is that Collin hasn’t even reported on anything Minneapolis Police Department-related since 2017, because of her marriage.

Furthermore, WCCO confirmed that reality as well.

The statement from the station, released in June after protesters arrived at WCCO demanding that Collin be fired for being married to Kroll, made reference to a November 2019 statement that Collin shared when she was getting heat back then for being married to Kroll:

“I’d like to speak to the question some are posing: Is it a conflict of interest for me to be a journalist married to the Minneapolis police union boss? My answer: No. I haven’t reported on stories about the Minneapolis Police or the police union during the last two years.”

This further demonstrates that the protesters wanted to harass Collin simply because she’s married to a police officer.

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