Biden and his 32% approval rating poised to give illegals federal ID, government benefits


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WASHINGTON, DC- While Americans continue to pay double the price of a gallon of gas from January 2021, $10 a pound for hamburger, and with economic growth estimated to retract for a second consecutive quarter, the Brandon administration is looking at possibly providing temporary identification cards to illegal immigrants residing in the US which would allow them to access government benefits, the Post Millennial reports.

The scheme proposed by the regime would implement the program while illegals await decisions on their immigration statuses.

Under the “pilot” program, it would allow illegals to get easier access in order to obtain things such as healthcare, housing and transportation while at the same time giving an incentive to encourage communications with law enforcement officials through their immigration court proceedings, according to government sources who spoke to Axios.

Under current policy, illegals engaged in court proceedings are required to physically make contact with law enforcement authorities at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) field office.

“The ICE Secure Docket Card program is part of a pilot program to modernize various forms of documentation provided to provisionally released noncitizens through a consistent, verifiable, secure card,” the unidentified ICE spokesperson told Axios.

“The cards would feature a photo and biographic identifiers. It would also include so-called ‘cutting-edge’ security features.”

The current plans for an ID program include a QR code which would link to an application where illegals could gain access to their court information and documents.

Since FY 2021 started, some 900,000 illegal immigrants have managed to avoid detection while illegally crossing the border into the US, according to sources at the Department of Homeland Security speaking to Fox News.

Half-a-million of those, referred to as “gotaways” have occurred since October 1, 2022, with three months remaining in the fiscal year.

PM noted Congress has already directed $10 million in the FY2023 appropriations bill to the ID project, called the “ICE Secure Docket Card program,” however the plan cannot be implemented until the administration gets congressional approval.

Thus far in FY2022, CBP agents have come across 1,746,119 illegals crossing the US-Mexico border, surpassing FY2021’s total of 1,734,686, statistics show.

Biden and his 32% approval rating poised to give illegals federal ID, government benefits

For more on Customs and Border Protection, we invite you to read a previous piece we published about the infamous “horse whipping” case.


DEL RIO, TX – In September of 2021, photos were circulated that showed border patrol agents on horseback attempting to turn Haitian immigrants away after they tried to enter the US illegally.

An investigation was initiated after the left, the media, and every last gender studies majors living in their parent’s basement lost their minds about the “egregious violation of human rights”.

Even the well-spoken President of the United States (sarcasm) weighed in.

“To see people treated like they did, horses barely running over, people being strapped — it’s outrageous,” Biden said as he made a whipping motion with his hand. “I promise you; those people will pay. There will be an investigation underway now and there will be consequences. There will be consequences.”

The new CBP chief, Chris Magnus held a Friday press conference to announce the outcome of the Office of Professional Responsibility investigation.

“OPR found no evidence Border Patrol agents involved in this incident struck anyone with their reins intentionally or otherwise.”

In fact, none of those officers were even carrying whips. What was seen in the video footage was the reins they used to direct their horses.

There was nothing that could lead to criminal charges according to the Office of the Inspector General during their investigation.

But wait. Didn’t the President himself say that “those people will pay” and that “there will be consequences?”

So of course Magnus announced that they found administrative violations that would lead to official discipline for four of the agents involved that day for “failures to make good decisions at multiple levels.

While he would not disclose the punishments, sources told Fox News that it included unpaid suspension of up to 14 days.

“The moment he made that statement, the moment he said that those agents would pay, the moment he convicted those agents without any evidence, without any investigation, there could be no doubt in anybody’s mind that these investigators were going to come back with some sort of charge against the agents,” National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd said. “They had no choice. The president of the United States, the most powerful man in the world, said that they would pay, and now they’re paying.”

One of the issues they found the agents to be at fault for: insufficient training for the situation.

So, these CBP officers are being punished, in part, for not having been trained on how to handle a push by 10,000 immigrants camping at the border when hundreds tried to illegally cross into the US?

Yep. Because people have to pay. There will be consequences. Let’s not forget that.

Commissioner Magnus, can you point us to the chapter in either the CBP training manual or the agencies Standard Operating Procedure that covers training aspects of what to do when 10,000 Haitian immigrants show up, camp under an overpass at the border and try mass quantity illegal entries?

We will accept the manual itself. You don’t even need the chapter or page number. Just point us in the right direction, we will take it from there.

So, is the Biden appointee, who marched in uniform in BLM rallies in Tucson, doling out punishment for made up transgressions just to satisfy his boss’s attempt to keep our border open? Is he simply allowing Biden to save face after he declared guilt on agents for something that never even happened?

By the way, the White House has of yet to apologize for those completely false declarations.

Another one of the “egregious” administrative violations enacted by the agents…unsafe maneuvering around a child.

Tell us Commissioner, would it have been better had he not maneuvered around the child, and just run them over?

There were many who were opposed to Magnus being nominated to the role, just as there were many who felt he was not an effective leader in his role as Tucson’s top cop.

As a matter of fact, countless officers who served under Magnus wrote to Law Enforcement Today before his appointment – making it clear that although they were “desperate to get him the hell out of our department”, they claimed he was “totally unfit for the role and completely inept”.

Keep in mind…this is the same guy that created a list in 2021 that Tucson police would no longer respond to, being implemented in phases, due to what he referred to as a “staffing shortage.”.

They included:

  • Contraband at schools, hospitals and courts (with the exception of firearms);
  • Deaths at medical care facilities;
  • Non-criminal homeless calls on public property;
  • Loud music/loud noise calls (with the exception of large parties, which they will still respond to;
  • Medical check welfare;
  • Uncooperative victims at hospitals;
  • Non-criminal transports (medical, detox, shelter, etc.);
  • Code enforcement calls;
  • Trespassers inside certain abandoned properties;
  • Civil matters (landlord-tenant disputes, child custody issues);
  • Runaways;
  • Mental health check welfares;
  • Suicidal subjects;
  • Panhandling, UIP, DIP (urination/defecation in public);
  • Financial crimes.

“It’s a gradual transition and many of these are things we shouldn’t have been responding to in the first place,” he said at that time.

This announcement did not sit well with the officers of the Tucson Police Department.

So nothing that Magnus does should come as a surprise.

He told us about his thoughts on the CBP he was tapped to lead when he penned an op-ed for the New York Times in 2017.

Magnus also showed his disdain of the Trump administration and the policies he enacted to strengthen our borders.

“The harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric and Mr. Sessions’s reckless policies ignore a basic reality known by most good cops and prosecutors.

If people are afraid of the police, if they fear they may become separated from their families or harshly interrogated based on their immigration status, they won’t report crimes or come forward as witnesses.

As the police chief here, I’m deeply troubled by the Trump administration’s campaign against ‘sanctuary cities,’ which refuse to turn over undocumented immigrants to federal authorities.

Washington is trying to retaliate against them by withholding funding for things like crime prevention, drug treatment and mental health programs.

Almost all local law enforcement agencies, regardless of the ‘sanctuary’ or ‘immigrant-welcoming’ policies adopted by their jurisdictions, cooperate with federal authorities to go after drug cartels, human traffickers and transnational gangs.

Justice Department grants and other federal support funded through our taxes should not be tied to immigration policies.”

Biden’s nomination of the career police officer, who believes in open borders and unchecked immigration, coincided with the nomination of Harris County (Texas) Sheriff Ed Gonzalez to run ICE.

Picture that. Gonzalez and Magnus, two cops who were hellbent on flipping immigrations enforcement upside down to accommodate and shelter individuals here illegally, running the two agencies who both exist for the purpose of protecting our nation through the enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws.

What a disaster that would have been. Fortunately, we won’t have to see that. Gonzalez removed his name from the process after a nearly one-year delay in the confirmation progress.

Now, we will be forced to deal with a commissioner who is doling out punishment for agents who are found not to have committed horrible acts against other humans, as so many accused them of having done.

Border Patrol agents will be “administratively” disciplined for horseback “whipping” incident (that didn’t happen)

According to a report from Fox News, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is preparing to discipline “multiple agents who have been accused of “whipping” Haitian migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border back in September of 2021.

Two agency officials confirmed that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the federal agency that investigated the incident, will accuse the horse patrol agents of “administrative violations.” One of the sources said that it is unlikely the individuals will be fired.

CBP initiated the investigation after images of the altercation were seized on by Democrats and provoked national outrage. The migrants were attempting to cross the border illegally.

Many Democrats and media outlets falsely described the agents’ long reins, which they use to control their horse, as “whips.”

Fox News reported that media outlets like ABC, CBS, and NBC pushed the debunked claim that Border Patrol agents were whipping Haitian migrants, but didn’t bother to inform viewers that it was discredited.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of the Inspector General declined to investigate, indicating that it had not found any criminal actions were taken by the agents, kicking it back down to CBP investigators.

Nearly nine months later, CBP has yet to release the results of its in-house investigation and the employees involved remain on desk duty.

At the time of the incident, President Joe Biden weighed in on the controversy saying, “those people will pay.” He added:

“There will be an investigation underway now and there will be consequences. There will be consequences.”


The source said that DHS will be putting forth proposals to discipline the agents who will have a chance to respond to the charges. The charges are “administrative violations” and do not amount to criminal conduct, of which the agents were previously cleared.

Back in January, the Washington Examiner reported that the Biden administration promised a “quick” review of the incident, but the lack of a conclusion vindicating the agents has prompted suspicion among DHS officials. A DHS official said in a phone interview:

“I doubt that the current administration will release this report on the horse patrol incident because it makes the administration look terrible. They essentially convicted the mounted agents based upon a lie, which the investigation after 120 days would surely have revealed.”

The official added:

“My experience would be that this would have been done within a period of weeks.”

A second DHS official said that the agents fulfilled their job responsibilities and that if what they did on horseback was wrong, then the Biden administration ought to look at the conduct of mounted agents at police departments across major cities. The second official said:

“If what they were doing was against policy, then by logic, all mounted horse patrol units in law enforcement in the United States should be disbanded because a show of force along with physically apprehending people is the purpose of mounted units. The New York Police Department should not have horse units then because they’re too intimidating.”

Both DHS officials pointed to comments made by the photographer who said the pictures were taken out of context.

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“History will remember this as an invasion of America”: In just ten weeks, more than a half-million immigrants crossed the border

May 22nd, 2022

SOUTHWEST BORDER – During a ten-week period, more than a half-million migrants crossed the border illegally.

Border patrol is overwhelmed by the massive number of migrants crossing the southwest border.


From April 1 to May 15, around 513,000 migrants crossed the border illegally. This information is from the Southwest Border Migration Report and an unofficial report from law enforcement.

The El Paso sector is now the site of a major surge in migrant crossings.

According to Breitbart, agents in the El Paso Sector detained approximately 5,000 illegal migrants in their processing center just on Monday. Fifty percent of this number is made up of Haitian migrants.

An anonymous source who spoke to Breitbart commented that at the expense of local government and charitable resources, hundreds of migrants are being released into El Paso.

Migrant apprehension in the El Paso Sector has surpassed 1,500 and is at more than double its capacity. The Del Rio Sector is reporting that they are nearly 40 percent beyond their capacity.


April set a record for apprehensions. Agents put more than 201,000 illegal migrants in custody. These numbers exceed records set during the Clinton administration.

Even though U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials stated the borders of the United States “are not open,” the April report shows otherwise.

In 2020, there was a record-level low number of apprehensions. 16,182 migrants were apprehended during that period of time. April 2022 revealed 201,800 migrant apprehensions. This is a steep increase of almost 1,150 percent in just two years.


An additional 364,000 illegal migrants fled and successfully crossed into the United States. Add that to the already 1.2 million who were apprehended just in 2022.

Chris Magnus, CBP Commissioner, remarked in a written statement during the release of the April Southwest Land Border Encounters report

“The fact is that our borders are not open, and we will continue to remove those who enter our country unlawfully and have no legal basis to stay.

After many months of planning, we are executing a comprehensive strategy to safely, orderly, and humanely manage our borders.”

The southwest border with Mexico is a dangerous location. It is disorderly and tragic. Almost two dozen illegal migrants have drowned in April in the Del Rio Border Patrol.

Reports show the hazardous and life-threatening conditions that are occurring in human smuggling operations at the border.

Videos from Eagle Pass and the Rio Grande Valley continue to reveal illegal migrants crossing.




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