Former police chief: Another Biden nominee is an unhinged radical activist who called conservatives “nut jobs”


The following contains editorial content which is the opinion of the writer. 

WASHINGTON, DC- According to The National Pulse, Joe Biden’s obsession with nominating the most radical people he can find to various positions throughout the federal government continues, this time nominating a former Pfizer official to serve as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower and Reserve Affairs.

Brenda “Sue” Fulton’s nomination to serve in the Pentagon brings one of the leading proponents of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender representation within the United States military.

Because when our country is on the brink of World War III and while Putin, Xi, and the Islamic nutjobs in Iran are flexing their muscles, it’s important to continue utilizing the military as some sort of a grand social experiment.

Moreover, the nomination of a former leading Pfizer official at the same time that company is attempting to secure continued Emergency Use Authorization from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its COVID-19 vaccine and boosters.

Oh, and Fulton apparently doesn’t think too much of Republicans, whose vote she will be seeking to get approval for the position. She referred to Republicans as “anti-everyone nutjobs falling in love with a dictatorship.”

Dictatorship? Last I knew, Republicans haven’t been “falling in love with” Joe Biden, who is currently doing his best imitation of an actual dictator. In response, Republicans have slammed the nominee.

In her previous position at Pfizer, Fulton worked as a Global Project Lead at Pfizer Consumer Health between the years of 2012 and 2017. According to her LinkedIn profile, her duties included “expanding consumer access to Pfizer consumer brands in new channels, all regions,” a profile which has been since deleted for some odd reason.

In addition to her work for Pfizer, Fulton has a long history of pushing the United States military to “increase diversity.”

This comes at a time when Russia has invaded Ukraine, China is eyeing Taiwan, and the Biden administration is about to reimplement the Iran nuclear deal, which anyone with a modicum of common sense and a couple of brain cells to rub together knows will lead to that terrorist nation acquiring nuclear weapons.

There is already concern among many that the Pentagon is prioritizing woke ideology such as Critical Race Theory over military readiness.

For example, Fulton served as president of SPARTA, which is described as a transgender military advocacy organization, while advocating to lead the “battle to end the ban on transgender service in the US Armed Forces.”

Her since-deleted LinkedIn read:

“Developed messaging and trained active-duty transgender military members for media interviews,” “secured high-level meetings and brought transgender service members to DC to meet with senior civilians and flag officer sin Defense Department,” and “drove changed attitudes within the Pentagon resulting in significant policy change.”

In addition, she (assuming she identifies as a she, we’re not sure) was a board member at the OutServe-Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN) where she described her activities as being a “key leader in changing public opinion for repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Under that policy, the military banned so-called “out” gay and lesbian service members.

Fulton also served as the Executive Director of Knights Out,” an organization of United States Military Academy alumni who are members of the alphabet community.

The deleted LinkedIn explains:

“Built organization from the founding to include hundreds of LGBT [missing some letters there] West Point graduates,” she wrote, then adding that the group “built [a] network of dozens of LGBT cadets to provide support and counsel prior to repeal of ‘DADT;’ post-repeal helped gain approval for SPECTRUM, a cadet LGBT & allies resource group.”

Fulton was appointed by Barack Obama to the U.S. Military Academy Board of Visitors, where she was the first openly gay member of the board. She also had the first same-sex marriage performed at West Point’s Chapel.

Fulton’s nomination was originally sent to the Senate in April of last year, where GOP members have grilled her on old tweets in which she slammed Republicans and evangelicals. The nomination is currently languishing in the Senate Armed services Committee. Fulton has those tweets blocked to the public.

Her nomination also faces headwinds, with her prior employment at Pfizer possibly presenting a conflict of interest, since the Pentagon has mandated vaccines for all service members.

The military has also been extremely “frugal” in handing out religious exemptions to the vaccine. For example, The US Marine Corps has only granted religious exemptions to just six percent of all applicants who filed for one.

Pfizer continues to use people linked to the White House, having hired a number to work as lobbyists. Those included Sudafi Henry, Biden’s former legislative affairs director when he served as vice president, and Kwabena Nsiah, a former staffer for Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra.

For more on the demise of the United States military, we invite you to:


The following contains editorial content which is the opinion of the author, a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

“Peace through superior firepower.” Such was the philosophy of President Ronald Wilson Reagan. Over the years since then, primarily Republican presidents have ensured that the American military remain the preeminent military power in the world.

Unfortunately, all of that was undone by one Barack Hussein Obama.

According to Daniel Greenfield reporting in FrontPageMag, when Obama left office on January 20, 2017, every branch of the military had contracted to a smaller level than they had been at on September 11, 2001.

However the size of our military branches was the least of our problems, Greenfield notes. Much of the changes were concealed, with the impact of Obama’s policies in “undermining our national security and weakening the country” flew under the radar, so to speak.

As Greenfield notes, Obama had boasted that he had “a pen” and “a phone,” meaning he would unleash a bevy of executive orders to carry out what he bragged during the campaign would be “a fundamental” transformation of the United States of America.

Obama, as Biden did earlier this year, unleashed a number of executive orders and memos. While some were obvious at the time and drew outrage from some, many of them were not so obvious at the time.

One such order took place as Obama was ready to sail into the sunset in his final year. A memo entitled “Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the National Security Workforce” laid the groundwork for the woke military we have seen flourish with Biden in office.

That order, Greenfield says put “identity politics, diversity quotas, and political indoctrination” as the mission of the United States military, given more importance than national defense.

As much as Bill Clinton famously “loathe[d] the military,” Obama also had no love for it.

General Stanley McChrystal, fired despite being an Obama loyalist for engaging in diarrhea of the mouth about Obama in front of a Rolling Stone reporter nonetheless said Obama was “uncomfortable and intimidated” by generals.

However as Greenfield noted, Obama ended up getting his own back on the generals “by transforming them into community organizers.”

In his diversity memo, Obama called diversity the military’s “greatest asset,” and morphed national security as a means to maximize employment diversity along the lines of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and all manner of identity politics metrics, ignoring what truly matters in the military—”readiness, competence, and a willingness to wage war in defense of the homeland,” Greenfield said.

Basically Obama turned the military into one giant social experiment, focusing on checking of certain boxes instead of skill and capability in fulfilling the mission. It also mandated “implicit or unconscious bias” training be mandatory for “senior leadership and management positions.”

In other words, this was the beginning of the military’s focus on critical race theory. As punishment for not meeting certain IQ (Inclusion Quotient) metrics, divisions would be forced to undergo bias training.

Of course none of this is important when your mission is trying to defend the United States from Chinese, Russian or Iranian aggression. Nor does it build a sense of teamwork and esprit de corps, both vital components in military action.

Implicit bias training or critical race theory is nothing less than political indoctrination, insinuating that only white people are racist and therefore enjoy some type of built in “privilege” due to the color of their skin. Participants in implicit bias training are browbeaten into accepting the “radical racial worldview” or be ostracized.

What has implicit bias training accomplished? Well in the private sector, it has forced out talented executives from corporations, Greenfield says, while in the military, high-quality, highly capable military officers have been forced out, replaced “with political activists and bootlickers” who won’t stand up to the Marxist indoctrination all for the sake of keeping their careers.

Look no further than Joint Chief’s Chairman Gen. Mark Milley for an example. Someone with any sense of duty to country and credibility would have resigned in protest of Biden’s ill-fated, incompetent, and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan.

One result of Obama’s memo was the implementation of a 2017 directive by Army Secretary Eric Fanning, 2017-06 in which senior leadership and management employees and solders were forced to undergo mandatory implicit bias training.

That directive was protested by chaplains, who claimed it impeded and infringed upon their religious freedom.

When President Trump took office in 2017, such training was banned, however by that time Obama’s order had already poisoned the system and one of the first things Joe Biden did as president was to reimplement it. All a matter of priorities, don’t you know.

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As we have repeated numerous times on these pages, Biden not only rescinded Trump’s bans on such training, but in fact accelerated it. Biden’s order attributed “any failure to meet racial, gender, and other identity politics quotas” as indicative of “systemic racism.”

Meeting such quotas became priority one of senior leadership in the military. Not China…not Russia…not Iran.


We recently reported on China launching a hypersonic missile, a development which apparently caught the Pentagon “by surprise.” That development is hardly surprising, with the Pentagon and senior military officials being hyper-focused on woke ideology and trying to hunt down alleged “white supremacists” among the ranks of the military.

Meanwhile, China, Russia and Iran rattle their sabers.

None of this apparently matters to Biden and the military leadership. As long as the military has diversity…preferably in senior positions, no matter their qualifications…that is all that matters.

The conversion of the military into a grand woke laboratory came from the top on down, from the White House down through military branch leaders all the way down to our military academies such as West Point. It’s hardly surprising that Obama and the progressives would target the military for such indoctrination.

After all, the military has been historically among the most conservative areas of the federal government and transitioning it to the leftist political agenda desired by people from Obama to Biden to the unhinged left of the Democratic Party should come as a surprise to nobody.

Former President Trump was mocked when he announced the formation of a Space Force, however as we have seen more recently, China has already been planning to use space as part of a military strategy. Of course while China was focusing on a space-based military, Obama’s former NASA administrator admitted that he had been given three priorities by Obama, none of which involved space.

Charles Bolden, told Al Jazeera that one of Obama’s top priorities for NASA—the space agency—was Muslim self-esteem. Seriously.

What were Obama’s other priorities for the military? Well “climate change” was one of them, including what has been described as a “disastrous” biofuels programs within the United States Navy.

In fact, Obama not only broke the military in size, he also broke it in spirit. For example, in Obama’s second term, Greenfield says, Army ROTC cadets were forced to march in women’s high heels as part of some weird woke ritual, a humiliating exercise which did nothing to improve military readiness or morale. What an abject embarrassment.

Just as Obama divided the nation, so too did he divide the military. As Greenfield said, Obama changed the military “from a team based on individual worth into a broken system divided by the intractable gulfs of oppressors and the oppressed.” None of this provides for a viable military and without a viable military, it is hard for nations to survive.

As we have seen over the years, once a government program is in place, you never get rid of it. An example of that is in the State of Connecticut, where an income tax was put in place over twenty years ago on a “temporary” basis. Guess what—the income tax is still in place and at its highest level in history.

Obama knew that, as did his Democratic predecessor Bill Clinton. It’s easy to get a government program in place, including bad ones (such as Obamacare, for instance) than it is to get rid of it.

Clinton himself had tried to gain control of the military through small, incremental changes, however Obama was having none of that. He fundamentally changed the military by completely overhauling its mission.

Instead of having as its primary mission that of protecting the homeland from all enemies, now the mission of our military is diversity. After Obama, the new mandate was to “recruit diversity” and get rid of those evil white males, who primarily made up the leadership of the military.

That is not to say whatsoever that there are not capable minority leaders in the military—clearly there are. However to summarily dismiss members simply because they don’t check a particular box on a diversity form is a disservice to our national defense.

The military has historically been an apolitical organization, at least primarily. Gen. George S. Patton famously was excoriated for getting too involved in the politics of post-World War II Europe. That is no longer the case.

Now leftist, woke politics is the guiding principle for our military. The leadership of the military from Biden on down have doubled down on forcing the military to adopt identity politics and Marxist ideology such as critical race theory, along with anti-American attitudes that come along with it.

As Law Enforcement Today has previously reported, reading lists given to cadets at military academies includes How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi, a clear racist. That is all you need to know.

The abject embarrassment of our exit from Afghanistan, while it is easy to blame it solely on Joe Biden was planted during the Obama administration, which made one military blunder after another and which made national defense a subservient goal to diversity, inclusion and wokeness.

As we have previously mentioned innumerable times, the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan was predictable, with the Biden administration laser-focused on everything but what the Taliban was doing. Remember Milley announcing that he was trying to “understand white rage?” Yeah, that was about the same time we were making our ill-fated exit from Kabul. Facilitating a safe exit from that country was far-less important than diversity quotas, implicit bias training, and critical race theory.

Even during the Trump administration, the seeds of the military’s implosion, which were planted under Obama continued. Officers who protested were “punished, smeared, and forced out,” Greenfield wrote. Unfortunately, a change of administrations alone doesn’t break the cycle; it will take a total change in upper leadership of our military branches.

Unfortunately, as Biden occupies the oval office, hacks such as Milley, Chief of Naval Operations Mike Gilday and others are safe. Both of those men, as well as a number of other leaders in the Army and Navy, as well as other branches are quite safe while Biden remains president. Only when they and others are gone is there a chance the military might return to its core mission—defending the United States of America.

As Greenfield notes, if the United States military doesn’t return to its roots, the exit from Afghanistan may be an omen of far worse things to come. We agree.

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