‘This is devastating’: Ignoring lawmakers’ pleas, Biden orders massive expansion of Utah monuments


UTAH – President Joe Biden is said to have directed the Department of Interior to substantially enlarge two Utah monuments that were decreased in size by the Trump administration. The reported move flies in the face of elected officials out of the state who find the expansions by executive action to be “a devastating blow.”

According to the White House, the president will reinstate protections for the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante monuments in Utah. The monuments will be re-expanded from their current size of little more than 1 million acres to 3.2 million acres under Biden’s directive.

Former President Barack Obama established Bears Ears, which is renowned for its archaeological sites and strong connections to the Native American tribes that formerly occupied the area. Because of its ecological and historical importance, former President Bill Clinton designated Grand Staircase-Escalante as a national monument in 1996.

Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland on October 7th noted the following in a statement regarding the endeavor:

“This living landscape must be protected so that all Americans have the profound opportunity to learn and cherish our history.”

Brenda Mallory, the chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, said Biden was “acting to right a wrong.” The president’s decision was also praised by environmental organizations, according to The New York Times.

Former President Donald Trump asked the Interior Department to examine national monuments larger than 100,000 acres that had been created since 1996 shortly after taking office in 2017. Months later, former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke proposed downsizing the two monuments, which were preventing industry and local usage of the lands.

In December of 2017, former President Trump boasted about the effort and the impact it would have for locals around the area:

“Families will hike and hunt on land they have known for generations, and they will preserve it for generations to come…The Antiquities Act does not give the Federal Government unlimited power to lock up millions of acres of land and water, and it’s time we ended this abusive practice. Public lands will once again be for public use.”

Senator Mitt Romney of Utah, along with the rest of the state’s legislative delegation, blasted Biden’s move to re-expand the two monuments earlier this month. Senator Mike Lee joined Romney in condemning the decision, as did Reps. Chris Stewart, John Curtis, Burgess Owens, and Blake Moore.

In a joint statement from the six Republicans, the following was noted regarding President Biden’s decision:

“President Biden is delivering a devastating blow to the ongoing efforts by our delegation, along with state, local, and tribal leaders, to find a permanent, legislative solution to resolve the longstanding dispute over the boundaries and management of the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments.

Rather than take the opportunity to build unity in a divided region and bring resources and lasting protections to sacred antiquities by seeking a mutually beneficial and permanent legislative solution, President Biden fanned the flames of controversy and ignored input from the communities closest to these monuments.

We will continue to support efforts to ensure that our monuments’ boundaries and management reflect the unique stakeholder interest and uses in the area, but today’s ‘winner take all’ mentality moved us further away from that goal.”

Utah Governor Spencer Cox, Attorney General Sean Reyes, and other elected Utah officials reiterated the state legislators’ remarks, stating they begged the Biden administration for ten months to seek a legislative solution instead of an executive measure. The president’s move was described as a “tragic missed opportunity” by them:

“We expected and hoped for closer collaboration between our state and national leaders, especially on matters that directly impact Utah and our citizens. The president’s decision to enlarge the monuments again is a tragic missed opportunity — it fails to provide certainty as well as the funding for law enforcement, research, and other protections which the monuments need and which only Congressional action can offer.”

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Report: Biden administration canceling remaining border wall contracts in two overwhelmed border sectors in Texas

(Originally published October 9th, 2021)

WASHINGTON, D.C.- According to reports, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that the Biden administration will be canceling any remaining border wall contracts in two of the most overwhelmed sectors in Texas, the Laredo sector and the Rio Grande Valley sector.

The Biden administration will allegedly be allocating the remaining funds to conduct “environmental planning” in the area. The DHS will also ask Congress to approve more funding for what they are call “smarter” border security measures. According to the release, DHS stated, in part:

“The administration continues to call on Congress to cancel remaining border wall funding and instead fund smarter border security measures, like border technology and modernization of land ports of entry, that are proven to be more effective at improving safety and security at the border.”

Biden and his administration do not seem to care at all about stopping illegal immigrants from flooding the U.S. or protecting Americans. Reportedly, they were even willing to spend a whopping $5 million PER DAY to NOT build the wall.

The severely understaffed U.S. authorities who are struggling with the record-shattering influx of illegal immigrants at the southern border could use all the help they can get right now as they prepare for another unprecedented month of illegal border crossings.

The DHS should be demanding that Biden send in the U.S. military to get a handle on the border crisis, not waste hundreds of millions of dollars that was already spent on contracts to finish the wall. Reportedly, the latest cancellations cover some 44 miles. Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar, a proponent of wasting tax-payer dollars, said in a statement:

“U.S. Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley and Laredo Sectors will now be able to utilize redirected funds for the development of innovative border security technology that helps DHS achieve operational control and provide situation awareness between the ports of entry. Nevertheless, we must continue fighting for Congress to cancel all remaining border wall contracts.”

Instead of helping secure the southern border and protect their fellow Americans, Biden’s open-borders has undermined those working at the border as well as U.S. immigration law at every turn, while also continuing to encourage unvetted foreign nationals to come in droves by offering up taxpayer-funded incentives and bogus amnesty that shields them from deportation.

According to reports, the Biden administration is preparing for up to a 400,000 illegal immigrant surge in October. The previous two months have each seen about 200,000 illegal immigrant encounters at the southern border.

The issue of uncontrolled mass migration under Biden came to national attention in September when about 25,000 Haitian migrants were allowed to freely cross back and forth between Del Rio, Texas and Mexico while being processed by Border Patrol at an open air detention camp.

NBC News reported that DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told officials that up to 400,000 illegal immigrants could come to the U.S. during the month of October if Title 42 was blocked by federal courts. Title 42 was recently upheld by a federal appeals court.

At the same time, Mayorkas issued a sweeping policy change that forbids targeting most illegal immigrants for deportation, giving them de factor amnesty. Meanwhile, the government of Panama said that 60,000 migrants are headed towards the U.S.

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TX Democrat judge invites Biden to see “challenges being created by current policy” at southern border

(Originally published August 3rd, 2021)

HIDALGO COUNTY, TX – In late July, a Democrat judge from Hidalgo County had reportedly invited President Joe Biden to “witness first-hand the challenges being created by current policy” with regard to the southern border.

The letter drafted by the judge cited that there needs to be “immediate and decisive action” taken in order to properly deal with the issues caused by the surge of illegal immigration impacting the state.

On July 30th, Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez sent a letter to President Biden requesting the likes of federal resources and manpower to help address the issues caused by the massive influx in illegal immigrants crossing into the country via the southern border.

Judge Cortez requested that there also be an “immediate cessation” of admitting illegal immigrants into the Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley Sector.

This letter followed another statement released by Judge Cortez on July 27th, where he called for federal authorities to cease releasing migrants into the community that are positive for COVID:

“We have been doing well as a community in slowing the spread of this deadly virus. But ill-conceived policies by both the federal and state governments are beginning to have serious consequences on Hidalgo County. I call on federal immigration officials to stop releasing infected migrants into our community.”

While Judge Cortez clearly feels that there are issues stemming from the southern border and illegal immigration, he was among those in Texas who opposed Governor Greg Abbott’s effort to declare the illegal immigration impacting the state as a “disaster”:

“I appreciate Governor Abbott’s concern for the safety of all Texans and I acknowledge that we are seeing a greater number of immigrants crossing into Texas to either seek asylum, to work or for other purposes.

Apparently, Governor Abbott has information that we don’t have and speaking to local law enforcement, they have not reported levels of criminal activity that would require a disaster proclamation.”

This flip-flopping of Judge Cortez’s take on the southern border has sparked criticism from some of his critics.

Monica De La Cruz-Hernandez, who is running for Texas’ 15th Congressional District, shared the following on Twitter after news of Judge Cortez’s July 30th letter made the rounds:

“Hidalgo County Judge REFUSED to sign the Abbot Border Disaster Declaration that would have helped our area.  Not once in the KRGV article does he ask Rep Gonzalez for help!  And this is because he PERSONALLY knows him. Why?  Democrats simply DO NOT care.  Vote them out!”

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