Retired law enforcement expert: Is Biden pushing Putin to possibly use thermobaric weapons against US troops?


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UKRAINE- If anyone actually thinks the demented Joe Biden is actually running the show, we’ve got some oceanfront property for you in Kansas.

At some point in time, you have to stop excusing every blunder made by this administration as mere incompetence or even dementia. You have to realize that this level of failure has to be deliberate. The scary part is this may lead us into a war that may lead to the destruction of our country as we know it.

As reported in YourNews, many on the political right questioned the bizarre decision of the Biden administration to leave tens of billions of dollars in military hardware behind during the bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan last August.

Law Enforcement Today has previously reported on the military assets acquired by the Taliban, including aircraft, helicopters, night vision equipment, armored personnel carriers, munitions, firearms and much, much more.

Some think that this was done deliberately to serve two purposes—one was to arm America’s enemies while the other was to help deplete our own military capabilities.

Why on Earth would Biden and his handlers do this? Could it be that they’re actually trying to crash the American system? Ever heard of the Great Reset?

Depleting America’s military would be the first step in crashing our way of life. Out of control inflation? Punishing energy costs? Empty store shelves? Destruction of the family? Disparage law enforcement while holding up criminals? Going after our guns? Make sense yet?

So, who is running the show? Look no further than Barack Hussein Obama. All presidents, once they leave office, get out of Washington, DC as fast as they can. Not Obama. He famously has said a number of times that he wished he could have a “third term.” Well, here it is.

Obama’s plans of dismantling the US was disrupted in 2016 when Donald Trump beat all odds (and Hillary Clinton) despite a scheme hatched inside the Obama White House to derail him.

Do not dismiss the possibility that everything that has happened in the past 27 months was designed to destroy the American way of life and enrich and empower the elite of which Obama is one of them, while leaving the rest of the American people dependent on a centralized government apparatus.

Rewind back to 2009, when Obama took office. Look at what has happened to our country in the thirteen years since he was sworn in. Obama has gotten America involved in culture wars, stoked racial division, engaged in extreme censorship via tech oligarchs, destroyed public education by turning it into a woke laboratory, and turning our military into a politically correct social experiment.

In 2020, with the economy roaring and President Trump headed towards reelection in November, China, which is behind much of what has been occurring, unleashed a deadly virus on the world. The globalists, using fear as an intimidation tactic, tested the waters by seeing how far they were able to push people in order to guarantee their safety and security. The answer was, very far.

For those who didn’t buy into the fear and loathing hammered into their brains everyday by bureaucrats such as Fauci, the Democratic political class, a lapdog media, and tech tyrants who were in on the globalist scam, they were demonized and excoriated, painted as selfish outcasts who wanted to “murder” people by not wearing masks or subjecting themselves to an experimental vaccine.

If not for a crackhead related to the so-called president, much of what we now know about the depth of corruption of the Biden family would be unknown, as would the fact that much of the family’s financial well-being is the result of deals with the devil, aka China.

It was only through the efforts of some truly heroic journalists, such as Miranda Devine of the New York Post and Peter Schweizer of Breitbart News, that we were able to learn how deep in the Chinese pockets Joe Biden (and others in the Washington elite) are.

This brings us to Ukraine. Is there any curiosity at all why the United States did not send weapons to that country as Putin built up his forces along the border? Wouldn’t it have made sense for the United States to supply Zelenskyy with needed weapons during Putin’s buildup? Is there a possibility that had Putin known the U.S. and our NATO allies were arming up Ukraine he may have had second thoughts?

So now, the U.S. and NATO are sending weapons to Ukraine. The problem is, as YourNews points out, the weapons must find their way through what is referred to as the “Russia grinder,” where the weapons are destroyed on their way to the Ukrainians. Remember, Biden is beholden to the Chinese and it is likely Xi and his minions have something on him, such as his financial shenanigans.

Where China is concerned, the primary focus (if you want to call it that) has been on the fact it has its eyes on Taiwan. At least that is what the indication is. However there are some who believe China has their eyes on a much bigger prize…that being the United States of America.

Lest anyone think that China would never consider an attack on the U.S., consider this. Xi has been watching as the United States military has focused on becoming as woke as possible, with drag queen shows, focusing on trans rights, and in the words of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, “understanding white rage.” Clearly, Xi can see that the Pentagon is focused not on China or Russia, but on becoming as “diverse” and “equitable” as possible.

Xi can also see that unlike the 1940s when we were attacked by Japan, the 1950s where we sent troops to Korea, to the 1990s and 2000s when we took on Iraq and then Islamic terrorists, America is a country divided as never before, much of it driven by the culture war fomented by Obama and taken to an absurd level by current-day Democrats. There simply wouldn’t be the will (especially by those who identify as Democrats) to defend the homeland. And Xi knows it.

Yet still, thanks to some patriotic, God-fearing Americans in our military, we remain strong and still possess arguably the strongest military in the world. So with that in mind, it appears that efforts are underway to dismantle our military be destroying our military hardware initially and our personnel later.

There are currently some 8,750 U.S. troops deployed in Poland from the 1st Battalion, 185th Infantry. Those troops are there ostensibly to defend Poland, which is part of NATO, according to Stars & Stripes.

Putin has actually directed missile strikes within 15 miles of the Poland-Ukraine border. If one of those missiles were to go awry and enter Poland, the U.S. military would be required to intercede based on our agreement as a member of NATO. This is truly dangerous territory for the United States, yet most of the mainstream media is ignoring it.

YourNews believes placing our troops in Poland appears to be an effort to provoke Putin into striking them to allay a possible attack on Russia in the summer. Indeed there are some in the U.S. political hierarchy, namely Reps. Adam Kinzinger (R-MI) and Seth Moulton (D-MA) who have openly suggested America intervene militarily in the conflict.

Were Putin to retaliate for anticipated U.S. involvement, it is suggested he may utilize a weapon known as a Fuel Air Explosive weapon, or a “thermobaric” bomb. Here is a look at this devastating weapon:

Such a weapon is unable to penetrate concrete bunkers or armored vehicles, however it is described as “devastating” against the human body, basically disintegrating it. Such weapons can cover a wide area when deployed. YourNews says such a weapon has been in Russia’s possession since the Soviet Union days of the 1960s and since then has mastered their deployment.

The war of words between the Biden administration and Russia has been increasing lately with the Pentagon recently confirming U.S. involvement in the sinking of the Russian flagship Moskva. One might almost think Biden is trying to goad Russia into retaliating against the United States and NATO. For example, Yahoo News reported last week that the United States provided intelligence to Ukraine that helped it kill a number of top Russian generals citing a New York Times report.

Should Russia decide to retaliate against the U.S. and NATO, it has a number of choices at its disposal, including the thermobaric bombs.

  • Hypersonic cruise missiles- completely indefensible against, typically carry kinetic explosives
  • EMP (electromagnetic pulse) weapons – completely takes out anything electrically powered or anything with electronics, basically cutting power to everything, grounding air traffic, shutting down water and sewer plants, disabling cell service, etc.; absolutely devastating and our electric grid has been identified as extremely vulnerable
  • Nuclear weapons- enough said, more powerful than the atomic bombs which took out Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end World War II

It is believed however that were Putin to target U.S. and NATO troops in Poland, the thermobaric bomb would be his weapon of choice.

Biden—a bumbling fool who is a cognitive mess bordering on dementia? Or a ventriloquist dummy with his strings being pulled by Obama and other globalists seeking the destruction of America? Either way, the United States is screwed.

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