Biden declared that he is the Democratic party. Ok – fair enough: here’s their plan to ban a variety of guns.


Originally written by Larry Keane for our partners at the NSSF.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is the captain now.

“The party is me,” Biden said during the presidential debate. “Right now, I am the Democratic Party. I am the Democratic Party right now.”

The debate didn’t touch on gun control. Amidst the arguing and speaking over one another, the candidates touched on Supreme Court nominees, law enforcement, riots and looting. The topic of gun rights or gun control wasn’t addressed.

The former vice president, though, told the American public exactly where he is on gun control when he uttered that phrase. He wants more of it. Lots more.

The Democratic Party adopted the Biden-Harris platform at their convention earlier this year that laid out their plans to enact unprecedented gun control. It’s a ban plan, an elimination plan and watchlist plan that will strip law-abiding Americans of their God-given rights and do nothing to address crime reduction.

Ban Plan

“Democrats will ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines,” their plan reads. The party maligns the modern sporting rifle by attempting to equate it with an automatic firearm used by the military.

What they want to ban are semiautomatic firearms simply over cosmetic features and make technology that is more than 100 years old illegal. They would ban the manufacture and sale the most popular-selling centerfire rifle on the market today.

Elimination Plan

The Biden-Harris plan would eliminate “online sales of guns and ammunition” denying Americans the ability to shop online and purchase firearms, which can only be transferred by the retailer to the customer in a face-to-face transaction after a mandatory FBI background check.

That background check, too, would be required for every transfer of a firearm. Biden’s plan would criminalize private firearm transfers, whether that be a sale, a father handing a shotgun down to his child, sisters lending their handgun to one another or lifelong friends swapping guns as collectibles. That right would be eliminated, and worse, criminalized.

Watchlist Plan

That’s not all Biden wants. His plan to enact universal background checks would create registries that would put innocent Americans on government watchlists. That’s regulation that is barred by federal law, but they’ve got a plan for that.

He would force states to create a licensing scheme for firearm ownership and Americans would be forced to pay a fee to exercise a right. Illinois gives insight to the calamity that awaits. Illinois has among the strictest gun control laws, but the Firearms Owner Identification (FOID) Card system is a train wreck.

The state has a backlog of more than three months and more than 135,000 applications to process a card to allow citizens to exercise their rights.

Biden proposes to go further and mandate how a firearm is stored in the home. Biden disregards the U.S. Supreme Court struck such a requirement in the landmark 2008 Heller decision. 

The opinion written by the late Justice Antonin Scalia did more than affirm the Second Amendment is an individual right. That decision also struck down the District of Columbia’s law that a firearm must be kept in the home with a trigger lock as unconstitutional.

This is the ship that Biden is piloting. The ship has no rudder. U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) said the party would drift further left if Biden is elected. Biden is putting his party on a collision course with the Constitution, the Supreme Court and voters.

Biden is the captain now.

FBI report: In 2019, more people were killed by hands, fists, and feet than rifles

It is hard to know the facts when mainstream media only tells the American people what they believe to be true. However, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (UCR) for 2019, nearly twice as many people were killed with “personal weapons” such as hands and firsts than with rifles of any kind.

The UCR shows 364 people were killed with rifles in 2019, while another 600 were beaten to death with hands, fists, feet, and the like. Knives or cutting instruments accounted for 1,476 deaths in 2019 and 397 people were killed with blunt objects such as clubs and hammers.

In a recent report from Breitbart news, UCR figures show over four times as many people were stabbed to death in 2019 than were killed with rifles of any kind. Ironically, rifles that the left refers to as “assault weapons” only account for a small portion of rifles in general.

It is important to understand that the category of “rifles” includes bolt action rifles and lever action rifles as well as rifles with breech action, pump action, and semi-automatics designed specifically for big game hunting.

In addition, there are the AR-15 platform rifles, which are now common in hunting as well as sport shooting.

There are rifles on AK-47 platforms as well as the always popular Ruger mini-14 and numerous other semi-automatics, which the left wants to ban. Even if all those various rifle types together are combined under the one category of “rifles,” the FBI data still shows that over four time as many people were stabbed to death in 2019 than were killed with any of the rifles mentioned.

Going back to 2018, the UCR data shows that there were 672 deaths from “personal weapons,” which again was more than with rifles. In 2017, there were 692 people killed in the same way, a number larger than the total number of homicides by rifles and handguns combined.

In a December 2019 Democrat debate, Robert “Beto” O’Rouke who was running for president, campaigned on the confiscation of AR-15’s. He said:

“Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15.”

The UCR data for 2019 also shows that handguns accounted for 6,368 deaths; that number has continued to drop since 2017 when handguns killed 7,052 people. A 2012 study done by a New Jersey intelligence center, which works in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) shows interesting data. The report noted:

“Semi-automatic handguns are the weapon of choice for mass shootings.”

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) who is Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s running mate is also pushing for strict gun laws and gun control. Before she ended her presidential campaign, she said if she is elected President she will give Congress 100 days:

“To get their act together and have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws and if they fail to do it, then I will take executive action.”

There is much overlap between Biden’s platform and Harris’ previous presidential campaign proposals. For example, they both emphasize holding gun manufactures accountable, enacting universal background checks, banning the manufacture and sale of semiautomatic rifles and higher-capacity magazines, prohibiting those convicted of domestic violence from buying guns, and reversing Trump’s “fugitive from justice” loophole.

So, it seems the far left Democrats and mainstream media want the American people to believe that rifles or “assault weapons” as they say, need to be “banned” because too many people are being killed, yet the FBI’s UCR data shows a much different picture.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – When Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) isn’t involved with federal corruption charges or allegations of having dalliances with underage prostitutes, he’s trying to gut the Second Amendment.

On Thursday, Menendez, along with Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Ed Markey and Congressman Hank Johnson (who thought Guam would tip over from overpopulation) introduced a gun control bill that would require ALL gun owners to be federally licensed. reported:

“Under the legislation, Americans would be required to obtain a federal or state license to buy or own a gun, federal background checks would be required for all gun purchases, military-style assault weapons would be banned, and minimum age to buy a weapon or ammunition would be set at 21.”

The bill also would add confiscatory high taxes to both weapons and ammunition.

It probably would have been helpful if these people had actually checked existing law. Background checks are already required for all gun purchases.

In fact, many of the mass shooters actually had passed their background checks, and others should never have had guns in the first place. The only purpose of licensing is to know who has the guns, so it makes it easier to confiscate them later on. See Germany, Venezuela and Cuba for reference.

There’s a lot of ambiguous language in the bill that could easily be misinterpreted by a judge or judges. For example, one area of the bill says:

“(i) reliable, articulable, and credible information that the individual has exhibited or engaged in behavior to suggest the individual could potentially create a risk to public safety; or

“(ii) other existing factors that suggest that the individual could potentially create a risk to public safety”

See what we mean? Ambiguous. Lot of “potentially” in there.

But that is how politicians roll. Leave enough up to interpretation and ambiguous vague language and some left-wing court can do as they wish.

In addition, the gun control nuts believe that anyone who owns a firearm is a risk to public safety. I believe it was Barack Obama who made the reference to, when people “get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them…” This is what liberal Democrats think of gun owners and patriots.

Let’s see what is in this proposed gun grab:

-Create a federal gun licensing system- require a federal or state-issued firearms license to purchase or own a gun.

-Require universal background checks

-Keep guns out of the wrong hands- by banning individuals who present safety risks from buying guns, establishing Extreme Risk Protection Order systems, and cracking down on gun theft (like fast and furious maybe?)

-Ensure that guns are used and stored responsibly- raising minimum age for all gun or ammunition purchases to 21, establishing a 7-day waiting period for the purchase of all guns, strengthening gun storage laws, and banning guns on all school campuses

-Keep weapons of war off our streets- by banning military-style (otherwise known as scary looking) weapons, lethal gun accessories and untraceable and undetectable firearms.

-Crack down on gun trafficking by banning bulk gun purchases and establishing a new law to specifically ban gun trafficking (like Fast and Furious?)

-Improve oversight of gun dealers- by strengthening ATF’s authority to inspect gun shops, enhancing record-keeping requirements for gun dealers and repealing harmful appropriations riders that limit law enforcement’s ability to trace guns used in crimes, and hold gun dealers accountable when they break the law

-Hold the gun industry accountable- by clarifying that gun manufacturers can be held liable for civil penalties for the harms their guns cause, authorizing the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to address safety defects in firearms and firearm accessories and raising the excise tax on gun sales to 30% and ammunition sales to 50%

-Invest in research and community-based gun violence prevention by providing $100 million in annual funding for federal research into gun violence and creating a new grant program to provide $100 million per year for gun violence intervention programs.

There is a ton of stuff in there that should scare anyone who wants to protect their Second Amendment rights. They’re coming for us…big time.

For fun, let us compare gun deaths to motor vehicle accidents.

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Biden declared that he is the Democratic party.  Ok - fair enough: here's their plan to ban a variety of guns.

According to ASIRT nearly 1.25 million people die in motor vehicle crashes each year, an average of 3,287 deaths a day. An additional 20-50 million are injured or disabled.

More than half of all motor vehicle crash deaths occur among young adults ages 15-44. Where is the hue and cry to raise the driving age to 21 or ban motor vehicles?

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, firearms deaths dropped from 11,006 in 2017 to 10,265 in 2018. The weapon of choice in most firearms deaths is not the eeeevil AR-15 or any other rifle but rather handguns. In 2017 there were 390 murders with rifles while it fell to 297 in 2018.

The bill proposed by the aforementioned clown show is called the Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act. They claim in their press release that 36,000 people in the United States are killed with a gun each year. That is nearly three times what the FBI UCR report shows, proving once again that anti-gun nuts are intellectually dishonest.

We have been closely following Virginia and if you have been paying attention, so far most of the gun-grabbing legislation that was proposed has been passed by their legislature. This is what happens when you get one-party rule. They run roughshod over the will of the people, and worse yet, they run roughshod over the Constitution.

While this particular law has zero chance of passing the Senate, were it to squeak by thank God it would be vetoed by President Trump. Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety was heavily involved in the Virginia legislative races and when you have deep pockets like Doomberg, you can dump money left, right and center.

This proposed legislation makes it clear why we need to maintain a Republican majority in the senate and re-elect President Trump. They’re taking a run at the 2nd Amendment and they won’t be happy until they’ve accomplished that.

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