Alert: Biden considers ending ICE detention of criminal illegal aliens under his ‘racial equity’ agenda


WASHINGTON, DC – President Biden is considering an end to most Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention of criminal illegal immigrants under his “racial equity” agenda announced Tuesday.

As part of the agenda, President Biden is reinstating an Obama administration policy by instructing the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to phase out contracts with 11 privately-managed prisons, nearly all of which hold foreign nationals convicted of federal crimes rather than American citizens.

More than 25,000 foreign nationals are presently incarcerated in federal prisons, with nearly 14,000 of those being held in privately managed prisons under contract by the BOP.

Of the 11 privately managed prisons, nine are operated by the GEO Group, including three facilities that are scheduled to close in the coming months. The eight remaining prison contracts expire later this year. The “racial equity” agenda orders that those contracts not be renewed.

GEO Group issued a strong statement against President Biden’s action, telling Breitbart News that the President’s order “is a solution in search of a problem”:

“For more than three decades, our company has provided high-quality services under a private-public partnership with the BOP. During this timeframe, our facilities, which are newer and more modern than the generally older government-run prisons, have helped the BOP meet the significant overcrowding challenges facing the federal prison system.

“Our facilities have almost exclusively housed non-citizen criminal aliens convicted of federal crimes, thus allowing government-run facilities to care for U.S. citizens without significant overcrowding challenges.”

The President is reportedly also weighing an executive order to end government contracts with private immigration detention facilities, according to a report by Politico. The White House has said that no immediate plans to issue the order have been set, saying only that the administration “will take additional action in the future relating to the detention of undocumented immigrants.”

More than 80 percent of illegal aliens in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody are presently held in privately managed detention centers. Nearly 17 percent of the federal prison population throughout the United States is made up of foreign nationals.

During the presidential campaign, President Biden promised to end the federal government’s use of private prisons. The Biden-Harris campaign website policy statement said:

“Biden will end the federal government’s use of private prisons, building off an Obama-Biden Administration’s policy rescinded by the Trump Administration. And he will make clear that the federal government should not use private facilities for any detention, including detention of undocumented immigrants.

“Biden will also make eliminating private prisons and all other methods of profiteering off of incarceration – including diversion programs, commercial bail, and electronic monitoring – a requirement for his new state and local prevention grant program.”

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The policy statement did not describe an alternative to holding foreign criminals in custody.

The announcement on Tuesday addressed only ending private prisons contracted with the federal Bureau of Prisons. President Biden has been under pressure from the immigration advocacy community, as well as from radical-left members of his own party.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) pressed President Biden to expand the order to include private detention facilities:

“This is great development & important step. There’s more to be done to end the for-profit caging of people in the US. We must include ending for-profit immigrant detention & examine the use of for-profit services that squeeze families of the incarcerated in public prisons, too.

“This Obama-era rule was reversed under Trump. It’s great that it’s being restored so quickly. We can and should organize for more. It’s time to push so we can also end for-profit immigrant detention, abolish the death penalty, reduce overall incarceration, and more.”

Heidi Altman, policy director for the National Immigration Justice Center, said that the President must include private detention centers in his ban:

“They’ve now directed DOJ to phase out the use of private prisons, meaning there is a recognition that no one should be profiting off the caging of human beings. It’s a vision that’s incomplete if it does not tackle ICE detention.”

The reduction in private facilities would result in ICE having to reduce apprehensions and detentions of illegal immigrants. This may not be a concern for the President after he ordered a 100-day freeze on most deportations.

That order has been delayed, however, after Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued the administration over the policy, calling the order unconstitutional.

Judge Drew Tipton of the Southern District of Texas issued a 14-day restraining order delaying the deportation freeze. The court wrote that the restraining order to “maintain the status quo” was appropriate.

Attorney General Paxton called the ruling a “victory” against a “left-wing insurrection”:

“Victory. Texas is the first state in the nation to bring a lawsuit against the Biden Admin. And we won. Within 6 days of Biden’s inauguration, Texas has halted his illegal deportation freeze. This was a seditious left-wing insurrection. And my team and I stopped it.”

President Biden has signed dozens of immigration-related executive orders in the first weeks of his administration. His orders include stopping all deportations and limiting all enforcement actions unless the illegal immigrant meets three specific categories, including those who are a threat to national security, those not present inside the United States before November 1, and those convicted of an “aggravated felony.”

Biden has also promised to create a path to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants who are presently living inside the United States. His plan calls for an eight-year program path for illegal immigrants who pass background checks and pay their taxes. He also wants to replace the word “alien” with “noncitizen.”

Republican Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) said he thinks the President’s immigration policies are going too far:

“There are many issues I think we can work cooperatively with President-elect Biden, but a blanket amnesty for people who are here unlawfully isn’t going to be one of them.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said he thinks a deal on the 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) is possible to get passed, but that President Biden’s comprehensive immigration plan will encounter resistance in the Senate:

“I think probably the space in a 50-50 Senate would be some kind of DACA deal. Comprehensive immigration is going to be a tough sell given this environment, but doing DACA, I think, is possible.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) blasted the President’s immigration plan last week:

“(The plan is) a massive proposal for blanket amnesty that would gut enforcement of American laws while creating huge new incentives for people to rush here illegally at the same time.”

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