Biden campaign staffers donate to fund paying bail for rioters who have been arrested


MINNEAPOLIS, MN – On one hand, you’ve got President Trump who says he’ll designate Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization.

Then you’ve got his likely November opponent, Joe Biden, who has campaign staff advertising the fact that they are making donations to a group which is paying bail fees for those arrested in Minneapolis.

It is safe to say that some of those arrested are members of this domestic terror group.

According to Reuters, at least 13 members of Biden’s campaign staff posted on Twitter over the weekend that they had made donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a group that opposes the imposition of cash bail, or requiring people to pay to avoid pre-trial imprisonment.

This particular group pays bail fees in Minneapolis.

In a statement to Reuters, Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates noted that Biden opposes cash bail and says it is the “modern day debtors prison.”

However Biden’s camp refused to answer questions about whether or not the donations were coordinated with Biden’s campaign.

This would seem to indicate that his camp is trying to distance itself from what have been extremely violent protests, which have resulted in hundreds of millions of property damage, as well as leaving hundreds of police officers injured nationwide.

Bates did state that the former vice-president had commented that while the “protesters” have the right to be angry, more violence will not solve the problems of alleged unequal justice.

On Saturday, President Trump’s campaign called it “disturbing” that members of Biden’s team “would financially support the mayhem that is hurting innocent people and destroying what good people spent their lives building,” in an email about a story in Reuters that called on Biden to condemn the riots.

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Fox News noted that in a statement on Saturday, Biden referred to the riots taking place throughout the country as an “utterly American response,” saying that such actions were “right and necessary” due to how Floyd died while in police custody.

Biden did hedge a bit on the violence and looting saying:

“Protesting such brutality is right and necessary. It is an utterly American response. Violence that endangers lives is not. Violence that guts and shutters businesses that serve the community is not.”

President Trump, meanwhile, has called the protesters “thugs,” and on Saturday noted that states and cities needed to get “much tougher” on anti-police protests, or the federal government would step in and use the military to make arrests.

The president also expressed sympathy over the Floyd incident, who died last Monday after being pinned to the ground by a police officer after he was arrested by kneeling on his neck.

During the incident, which was captured on video, the police officer maintained this position for over eight minutes while Floyd complained, “I can’t breathe.” Three other officers on scene did nothing to interfere.

The video went viral, and served as the catalyst for increasingly violent protests, which began in Minneapolis, but which have spread nationwide to virtually every major American city.

In Minneapolis, Gov. Tim Walz said on Saturday that a majority of those arrested in Minnesota were not residents of the state but were out-of-state agitators. It is unknown how many arrests have been made since the onset of the protests.

Aside from Walz, the mayor of Minneapolis and other state officials have agreed with Walz’s assessment. However, citing jail logs, a local Fox affiliate disputed that, saying most have Minnesota addresses.

One of Biden’s campaign staffers, Colleen May, who identified herself as a campaign organizer for Biden in South Carolina, Wisconsin and Florida said in a Twitter post,” It is up to everyone to fight injustice.” She included an image of her receipt for donating $50 to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

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