What every American needs to know before Tuesday: Biden and Harris pledge to get rid Trump tax cuts


WASHINGTON, DC – Current democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris have promised to get rid of the tax cuts that President Trump and the Republicans passed early in his term. 

Harris made the pledge that Biden would repeal the tax laws if elected while at a campaign event in McAllen, Texas.

At the event, Harris said:

“I promise you this — as a first order of business, Joe Biden and I are about to work to get rid of that tax cut.”

Sadly, the people in attendance responded with cheers at the announcement for the end of the tax cuts, officially known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  The act almost doubled the standard deduction for single people, going from $6,350 in 2017 to $12,000 after the bill passed. 

Married couples went from $12,700 to $24,400 and the child tax credit went from $1,000 to $2,000.  Why people are cheering that is because the democrats, with some truth to it, argue that it has caused an increase in the deficit. 

Of course, the reason why proponents of the bill celebrate it is not only the extra money that it puts into the pockets of Americans, but the incentive for businesses to spend more money and hire more employees. 

It is the 2020 version of trickledown economics, the theory is the more money that corporations and businesses get into their pocket, the more they spend as well as adding jobs.

The Trump tax cuts of 2017 showed drastic cuts to the middle class and caused the economy to grow significantly.  The bill is also credited by Republicans in cutting unemployment rates to “half-century lows before the pandemic.”

According to Bloomberg Business Week, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas said the tax cuts likely:

“Boosted GDP growth by 0.8 percentage point and job growth by roughly 0.24 percentage point in 2018.”

Getting rid of those tax cuts, as Biden and Harris promise, would reduce tax deductions for Americans by almost half, thus, essentially raising their taxes, without raising them.  In other words, just looking at a married couple in one example, their taxes would essentially increase by $11,700 that they did not have to pay before.

In addition, in contrary to Biden and Harris, the TCJA bill increased taxes by putting a cap on the deductions that the top 1% could claim. 

Prior to the tax act, the wealthy were able to take deductions on every penny that their state and local taxes from their federal income.  Underneath the previous tax rules, the wealthy paid no federal income tax on that amount based on the deductions they were able to claim.

In Forbes Magazine, in December of 2019, just before the pandemic hit, pointed out that the tax cuts, combined with billions in federal regulatory relief “reinvigorated the economic expansion which is now in its 126th month, making it the longest recovery in U.S. history.”

In addition, Forbes noted:

“While the tax reform law cut taxes for most individual taxpayers and corporations, one provision, capping state and local tax (SALT) deductions to $10,000 per filing household, benefits taxpayers living in low tax states more than in high tax states.

Capping SALT deductions to $10,000 for filers who itemize their deductions has led to bitter criticism from elected officials in high tax states such as New York and California.”

By doing this, job growth was spurred quicker in states that had low state tax rates as opposed to states with the higher income tax rates, like New York.  According the jobs report, low tax states actually increased jobs at a rate of 93.8% greater than high income states.

Looking at what the facts are, as stated above, as opposed to what democratic leaders, like Biden and Harris claim, it is amazing that anyone would think repealing the law would be something to be cheered. 

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Here are thirteen reasons why the corruption allegations against Joe Biden have credibility

October 30, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC- The allegations against Joe Biden and his corruption have continued to pile up as weeks go on. If not for a complicit media and censorship by the tech giants, Biden would have been finished weeks ago.

How he remains in the presidential race is a mystery.

As more evidence mounts that Biden has spent over 40 years enriching members of his family, and apparently himself at an amount likely in the tens of millions of dollars, Biden has not even been asked about it. The mainstream media has ignored it.

However, the evidence, as it mounts becomes even more damning, and one after another the allegations add up. There has been nothing offered publicly that contradicts the information that has come out.

Breitbart News offered 13 reasons why the allegations against Biden should be seen as credible, and we will offer them here.

  1. Whistleblowers—not the Ukraine phone call off-the-record wussbag but the on-the-record kind. Tony Bobulinski has gone on the record with allegations that Joe Biden was well aware of what Hunter Biden and his partners were up to. Bobulinski is not hiding behind anonymity.
    He did a one-hour interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight this week in which he provided details, including texts and emails that prove Joe Biden is corrupt.
  2. Bobulinski was there. He’s not a sub-source, nor is he the infamous “a source tells *** news…” Bobulinski was a witness. As a business partner with Hunter Biden, he was up close and personal, and even spoke directly to Joe Biden on several occasions.
    As Breitbart notes, this “is not gossip. This is not hearsay. This is what’s known as witness testimony.”

When Hunter Biden introduced him to his father, Bobulinski said, “Hunter introduced me as, ‘this is Tony, dad, the individual I told you about that’s helping us with the business that we’re working on and the Chinese.’” And that it was “crystal clear” that Hunter Biden had told his father about the dealings he was involved in.

Bobulinski also said:

“I didn’t request to meet with Joe. They requested that I meet with Joe.”

“I’ve seen Vice President Biden saying he never talked to Hunter about his business. I’ve seen firsthand that that’s not true, because it wasn’t just Hunter’s business, they said they were putting the Biden family name and its legacy on the line,” Bobulinski said.

  1. By talking to the FBI, if Bobulinski was lying, he would be facing jail time, in this case being charged with a felony.
  2. Democrats can take their partisan hit-job act someplace else. Bobulinski is a Democrat, and according to Fox News, he has made political candidates for office between 2013 to 2015, including contributions to Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) and Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ).
  3. Bobulinski has emails, texts, documents, and recordings to substantiate his claims. He has confirmed that Joe Biden is indeed the “big guy” who has been named in numerous documents, and he also has documents in his possession that show “The Big Guy” getting in on the foreign money bonanza.

In an email dated May 13, 2017, which included so-called “remuneration packages” for six people involved in business dealings with CEFC China Energy Co., a now-bankrupt Chinese firm, it talks about how “Hunter has some office expectations he will elaborate.” This remuneration included an equity arrangement where “the big guy” got ten percent. Hunter Biden has referred to his father as “big guy” in the past.

That email isn’t something that Bobulinski has just talked about; he has actually produced the email and it was also found on the mysterious laptop which purportedly belongs to Hunter and which he left at a computer repair shop in Delaware.

  1. For all the caterwauling about the laptop and the emails, none of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, nor the Biden campaign have disputed the emails, and Bobulinski has not been accused of lying by anyone. Instead, the story is just getting buried by the mainstream media, along with social media.

Biden has refused to answer questions about the information Bobulinski has provided, and instead calls a lid on his campaign most days, maybe having one sparsely attended event a day, while President Trump is having three or more large events daily across the country. He has not answered, explained, or disputed the allegations.

  1. Bevan Cooney, a second Hunter Biden business partner has emails of his own. In legal circles, Breitbart notes, this is called “corroboration.” Cooney, who is in prison (and recently moved into protective custody—wonder why?) released emails to Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute and senior contributor-at-large at Breitbart News. These aren’t the same as the emails obtained by the New York Post from the laptop.

Once again, these emails seem to point out corruption on the part of Joe Biden:

Newly obtained emails from a Hunter Biden business partner lay out in detail how the Vice President’s son and his colleagues used their access to the Obama-Biden administration to arrange private meetings for potential foreign clients and investors at the highest levels in the White House.

These never before-revealed emails outline how a delegation of Chinese investors and Communist Party officials managed to secure a private, off-the-books meeting with then-Vice President Joe Biden.

In a 2011 email, Hunter Biden’s business associates also discussed developing relations with what one called “China Inc.” as part of a “new push on soft diplomacy for the Chinese.” These emails are completely unconnected to the Hunter Biden emails being released by the New York Post.

The information is found here…as well as here…and here….and finally here

  1. Probably one of the biggest giveaways is that the media is staying silent. If there was a way to shoot down these allegations, the legacy media would be all over it. They have ignored the entire story and those who have even mentioned it call it “Russian disinformation.” In fact, one of the things that spurred Bobulinski to come forward was Biden and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) insinuating he was some kind of Russian operative.
  2. Voice mails—Bobulinski, in addition to releasing documents and emails to prove his claims about Biden’s corrupt streak, he also had audiotapes of a phone conversation allegedly with Rob Walker, who says he represents the Biden family. Here is a transcript of Bobulinski on Tucker Carlson Tonight from this past week:

CARLSON: The Biden family knew that you were going public with this. And you spoke to Rob Walker about it—again, the self-described Biden family representative—and Biden family, meaning Joe Biden as well—what was his response when you let him know that you were going public with this?

BOBULINSKI: Trying to coach me.

BOBULINKSI: Trying to sort of say, hey, we don’t want to do that, we don’t want press trucks out in front of our house. I’m going to have to move, I could lose my job, and all of that—you know, I’m not trying to cause harm to anyone in this situation.


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BOBULINSKI: Let alone Rob Walker and his family, James Gilliar and his family. But basically, Rob’s position was, if you go on record with all these facts, you’ll bury all of us.


Tony Bobulinski: “If he doesn’t come out on record, I am providing the facts.”

Rob Walker: “Tony. You’re just gonna bury all of us man.”


CARLSON: What was your response to that?

BOBULINSKI: I was focused on pushing these guys to do the right thing, to demonstrate an ounce of integrity in front of the American people. They all know the facts; I lived the facts. And luckily for the American people, all the facts are extremely well documented.

The video:


  1. Walker has made no denials. He hasn’t denied that his voice was the one on the recording played on Tucker Carlson Tonight, nor did he claim that Fox News, Tucker Carlson, or Tony Bobulinski had taken him out of context.

Walker also has a more intimate relationship with the Biden’s than just being a “family representative.” Walker’s wife, Massey Walker, is the long-time White House personal assistant to Jill Biden, Joe Biden’s wife.

According to the emails which have been provided, Walker was involved in all manner of business dealings involving the Biden family.

  1. Then, there are…the photographs. While Joe Biden has denied having any involvement with Hunter’s businesses, there are photographs of Biden meeting with Hunter’s less than stellar business associates. 
    Here are thirteen reasons why the corruption allegations against Joe Biden have credibility
    Hunter Biden shady business partners- photo courtesy: KIAD
  2. No evidence…zero…zilch…nada…has come forward that undermines the credibility of the information Bobulinski provided, not the emails, voice mails, or his testimony and statements.
  3. Biden admitted…it’s on video…that he withheld taxpayer money from Ukraine. That’s a fact. Remember, President Trump was impeached for doing exactly what Biden is bragging about doing on the video. He threatened to hold back U.S. aid from Ukraine unless that country agreed to fire Viktor Shokin, a prosecutor who happened to be investigating Burisma Holdings, the crooked energy company where his son Hunter sat on the board.


Burisma paid Hunter Biden, who had zero energy experience, between $50,000 to $93,000 a month to sit on its board. Just two years before Joe Biden threatened Ukraine into firing Shokin, there was a photo published of Joe Biden golfing with Hunter, and his partner Devon Archer, also a member of Burisma’s board.

Here are thirteen reasons why the corruption allegations against Joe Biden have credibility
Joe, Hunter Biden, Devon Archer 2014- Photo:YouTube screenclip

John Nolte of Breitbart has laid out a compelling case, giving thirteen reasons—documents, texts, and emails which are not under dispute—first-hand accounts from Tony Bobulinski, emails, multiple sources, corroboration, risk of imprisonment, audio recordings, photographs, videos…and finally…where’s Joe?

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