Report: Foreign nationals seeking US citizenship may not be subject to standard FBI name vetting process


The following contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

WASHINGTON, DC- The same senile man occupying the White House who wants to force mandatory background checks on American citizens to purchase a firearm is now planning to allow immigrants with green cards to get American citizenship without benefit of a standard name check by the FBI, according to Breitbart News.

According to Robert Law, Director of Regulatory Affairs and Policy from the Center for Immigration Studies, sources within the USCIS, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services have given indications that the Biden administration may seek to drop the standard FBI name vetting process for legal immigrants attempting to gain American citizenship.

Under current policy, all legal immigrants who apply for citizenship are mandated to undergo that process, whereby a search is run against the FBI’s Universal Index in order to determine a foreign national is not included in the agency’s criminal database.

Law tells us that Biden is planning on eliminating that procedure:

“According to multiple U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) sources, the agency is close to finalizing a policy that will drop FBI name checks as a form of vetting for naturalization applicants. This is not a simple case of swapping out one form of vetting for another.

As a reminder, the Biden administration already killed a finalized USCIS biometrics rule that would have replaced the current outdated and incomplete screening and vetting techniques that expose the country to fraud and exploitation, plus public safety and national security concerns.

All the Biden team had to do was submit this rule to the Federal Register for publication, but instead they went it to the regulatory graveyard by formally withdrawing the rule [emphasis added].

Predictably, the cited authority for this dangerous policy shift is President Biden’s Executive Order (E.O.) 14012, “Restoring Faith in Our Legal Immigration Systems and Strengthening Integration and Inclusion Efforts for New Americans”, which, in part, directed relevant federal agencies to “identify barriers that impede access to immigration benefits and fair, efficient adjudications of these benefits.”

As I have repeatedly pointed out…this E.O. does not define “barriers”, but Biden administration actions make clear that any aspect of immigration law they dislike is considered a “barrier.” [emphasis added].

Make no mistake about it. Biden and his leftist administration are doing everything they can in order to get more Democratic voters, since most polls show that immigrants tend to vote Democrat, in particular those from south of the border. This is all this is about.

Biden has requested federal agencies do everything they can in order to boost American citizenship naturalization rates for legal Americans.

One might think that given national security concerns the administration might be interested in making sure those attempting to gain U.S. citizenship are not criminals.

But one thing we have learned about Biden and the Democrats is they tend to side with criminals over law-abiding citizens and especially over the police.

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Proposed bill in New Jersey would allow illegal immigrants to obtain professional and occupational licenses

Before this emasculating the background check policy even occurred, the U.S. naturalizes hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants every year. For example, in 2019, some 843,500 legal immigrants were naturalized, which was an 11 percent increase from 2018 when almost 462,000 legal immigrants became naturalized citizens.

Currently, the naturalization process is dominated by legal immigrants from Mexico, followed by India, the Philippines, China and Cuba. California leads the pack so to speak having gained nearly 150,000 newly naturalized citizens in 2019, followed by Texas and Florida with 97,675 and 96,000 naturalizations, respectively.

The Biden administration continues to drive up legal immigration in the U.S. despite the fact that the American people are overwhelmingly opposed to such an increase in overall annual naturalization levels.

Currently, the U.S. awards about 1.2 million legal immigrants’ green cards every year, while another 1.4 million foreign nationals receive work visas that take jobs away from American citizens.

In yet another move that shows the administration is down with the criminal element, last month it was revealed by Law that they are planning to hide the gang history of foreign nationals seeking green cards to permanently reside in the U.S. After five years, green card holders are allowed to apply for U.S. citizenship.

That scheme would reverse yet another Trump-era provision designed to protect the American people. The Trump proposal would have asked foreign nationals the following questions:

Are you now or have you EVER been a member of, or associated with, a group of three or more persons who acted together in the United States or elsewhere with the aim of committing any crime?

Are you now, or have you EVER been a member of, or associated with, a group of three or more persons who acted together to commit and/or attempt to commit a crime involving more than one country?

Seems like pretty fair, straight-forward questions designed to help protect the American people. Unfortunately, the Trump administration never finalized the application change to add these two questions, so now Biden is launching them.

Why are the questions being scuttled? Because the leftists in the Biden administration call them “politically motivated questions by previous leadership.” Law notes that in fact career staff were involved in the revision project and that the Department of Justice had specifically requested the information be included.

This glaring omission of previous gang information means that adjudicators making such decisions will not have important information available to them and so-called “bad actors” will be able “to obtain green cards.”

All you need to know is that former bartender and current Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is among a group of House Democrats pushing Biden to emasculate interior immigration enforcement to protect illegal aliens found to be gang members from being arrested and deported by ICE. Meanwhile this ignorant bimbo continues to demand defunding of police.

Following is what the ignorant House members wrote:

“It is well documented that law enforcement’s practices of labeling people as ‘gang-involved’ is often faulty, based on arbitrary and racist factors and not subject to due process.”

They added:

“ICE’s use of gang allegations to justify detention and deny people status is notoriously error-prone and prejudicial. Giving ICE the discretion to determine what qualifies as ‘gang activity’ doubles down on an arbitrary and discriminatory framework used by law enforcement.”

Defund the police, take away guns from law-abiding citizens, don’t vet immigrants wanting to become American citizens, and remove gang affiliation questions from vetting forms. Whose side exactly is it that Biden and the Democrats are on again?

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