While inflation decimates American budgets, Biden administration gives smartphones to illegal border crossers


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U.S.-MEXICO BORDER- While most Americans cannot afford to fill their gas tanks, buy chicken and other groceries or buy a used car, the Biden administration is providing $1,000 smartphones to illegal border crossers, allowed into the country by the administration’s virtual “open” sign, according to the Daily Wire.

This past week, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, a modern-day Baghdad Bob, defended the administration’s plan when questioned by the press about the decision to give the smartphones to illegals.

During a press briefing, Psaki made the absurd claim that it “is part of our effort, as individuals come into the United States and individuals who are entering who will proceed to immigration proceedings, to monitor and track where they are.”

Psaki was answering a question posed by Peter Doocy of Fox News, one of the only members of the Washington press corps to ask Psaki tough and worthwhile questions. Doocy referred to a Fox News report filed by Bill Melugin, who tweeted:

“Sources tell me w/parole releases, the migrants are asked to turn themselves into ICE in a city of their choice.”

“I’m told many of them are given these phones by the government to track them and allow them to communicate w/ICE, but there’s no way to stop them from being tossed,” Melugin added.

During the presser, Doocy pressed Psaki about the possibility that illegals would merely throw away the phones, thus allowing them to avoid being tracked. As Fox News reported:

Doocy asked Psaki whether there was concern by anyone in the administration that some migrants may decide to take the phones and “toss them.”

“Do you have a record of people throwing phones away?” Psaki asked in her typical condescending, snarky voice.

“I’m just asking if that’s a concern,” Doocy replied.

“Our concern is ensuring that individuals who irregularly migrate to the United States proceed through our process of, you know, of course, being monitored, but also participating in hearings to determine whether or not they will be able to stay,” Psaki replied [emphasis added]

According to Breitbart, Psaki claimed the phones given to illegals were part of the Biden administration’s “alternative to detention” program at the border. In other words, the administration’s “open border” program.

Reports indicate there were some 180,000 illegal aliens in the country being monitored with “traceable devices.”

Psaki claims the smartphones use “telephonic” technology which will allow ICE to monitor the movement of illegals, which uses a matching “voice print;” illegals will be “required” to call once a week to check in with ICE.

She also claimed that tablets and smartphones would be used to monitor illegal border crossers utilizing “facial matching” and GPS monitoring. The White House propaganda minister said the program was “all part” of the administration’s effort to track illegals coming into the country without having to detain them. In other words, allow them into the country at which point there isn’t a means to allow them to be tracked, unless they want to.

Psaki claims the monitoring systems allow border officials to “do that effectively” until their immigration court hearings are complete. By “do that,” it’s assumed Psaki meant travel throughout the country at their own whim.

While the purported goal of the program is to decrease the number of illegals being detained by the government, it has in fact had the opposite effect.

For example in March, KXAN NBC News reported that a researcher said the result of the program has been more illegals being released into the interior U.S.

“We saw a pretty significant drop in the latest data we got from U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement down to under 18,000,” Austin Kocher, a TRAC researcher told KXAN’s Border Report. That drop was attributed to:

  • Fewer migrants are being held in detention at the U.S./Mexico border;
  • A drop in interior enforcement arrests of migrants
  • More migrants are being paroled into the United States to await asylum proceedings under the Department of Homeland Security’s Alternatives to Detention (ATD) program.

KXAN reported:

“TRAC reports that nearly 190,000 migrants currently are in ATD. This includes migrants who report via telephone to their case workers, those with GPS ankle monitoring devices, and those who report via the app Smart LINK from their cellphones.”


For more on the border situation, we invite you to read our prior reporting on the situation:


WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Biden is looking to send more funding to support Ukrainian borders instead of helping secure the United States-Mexico border.

In Biden’s latest blunder, he revealed plans for his 2023 fiscal budget, which comes with a price tag of nearly $6 trillion.



Included in the budget, Biden wants to give more than $682 million in funding for Ukraine.

This is in addition to the nearly $14.4 billion already provided to safeguard Ukraine’s borders.

Remember, President Biden fervently opposed former President Trump’s U.S. Mexico border wall project.

Trump’s wall was expected to cost $15 billion.


U.S. Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, said in a recent statement that,

The United States intends to provide an additional $100 million in civilian security assistance to enhance the capacity of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs to provide essential border security, sustain civil law enforcement functions, and safeguard critical governmental infrastructure in the face of President Putin’s premeditated, unprovoked, and unjustified attack.

The increased funding will continue a steady flow of personal protection equipment, field gear, tactical equipment, medical supplies, armored vehicles, and communication equipment for the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service and the National Police of Ukraine.

With the U.S. government’s vital assistance, Ukrainian law enforcement officers are playing a key role in rescuing victims of the Russian government’s brutal assault, leading and protecting convoys of those displaced by attacks, and providing security to civilian areas torn apart by ruthless and devastating bombing.

The United States continues to stand with the community of nations backing the people and government of Ukraine as they defend their democracy and country.

We continue to urge Putin to end the violence, rein in his forces, including those who have committed war crimes, and choose the path of peace and diplomacy.

We are committed to pursuing accountability for war crimes and other atrocities using every tool available, including criminal prosecutions.”



In a White House Statement, President Biden remarked that,

“…my budget will make investments in securing our nation and building a better America.

We will secure our communities by putting more police on the street to engage in accountable community policing, hiring the agents needed to help fight gun crime, and investing in crime prevention and community violence intervention.

I’m calling for one of the largest investments in our national security in history, with the funds needed to ensure that our military remains the best-prepared, best-trained, best-equipped military in the world.  

In addition, I’m calling for continued investment to forcefully respond to Putin’s aggression against Ukraine with U.S. support for Ukraine’s economic, humanitarian, and security needs.”

Yet, when it comes to “crime prevention” and “one of the largest investments in our national security,” which should include the U.S.-Mexico border, Biden requested a mere $309 million in funding for “border security technology.” And $494 million to process border crossers and illegal aliens into the greater U.S.

The U.S. border crisis continues to expand, leaving border agents in a near-impossible situation.

Last year, the U.S. saw more than two million people crossing the border which, included illegal aliens arriving at the border. This unprecedented number set a record in illegal immigration for the U.S.

Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz remarked at a border security conference in Texas that:

“Probably in the next two or three days we’ll get over a million encounters or apprehensions along the southwest border.”

President Biden has stated that more than 530,000 who arrived at the border in 2021 were released into the U.S.

Most likely, this number is much higher than is being reported.

Officials have declined to disclose an accurate number.

In 2022, a new illegal immigration total will be set. More than 2.1 million people are expected to arrive at the border and be released into the U.S.



Texas judge issues huge blow to Biden: Stop releasing illegal migrant children at US-Mexico border

TEXAS- Late last week, a Texas federal judge ordered the Biden administration to cease the mass release of illegal migrant children crossing the southern border into the U.S, Breitbart reports.

Judge Mark Pittman directed Biden to stop exempting migrant children from the restrictions imposed by Title 42, an immigration policy implemented by former President Donald Trump which directs immigration officials to immediately remove illegals who cross the  border into the U.S. Title 42 was a response to the coronavirus pandemic.

After the policy was enacted in March 2020, the government removed over 1.6 million migrants from the country.

However, once Biden took over, he went about overturning everything Trump had enacted, including border policies which had a significant impact on the number of illegals entering or attempting to enter the U.S.

Biden’s refusal to enforce Trump’s border policies resulted in an influx of migrants, including young illegals, who would be placed under the auspices of the Department of Health and Human Services, then placed with sponsors inside the U.S., typically family members.

Judge Pittman wrote:

Here, the President has (arbitrarily) excepted COVID-19 positive unaccompanied alien children from Title 42 procedures—which were purposed with preventing the spread of COVID-19. As a result, border states such as Texas now uniquely bear the brunt of the ramifications. Yet, while policy decisions are beyond judicial review, those agency actions that are “arbitrary, capricious…or otherwise not in accordance with law” will be set aside.

The judge further explained that the ramifications dealt with by states such as Texas includes placing strains on the public school system in the state, as well as medical resources, along with increased incarceration.

During FY2021, more than 122,000 unaccompanied minors, a record, arrived at the southern border. In response to Pittman’s order, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton called it a “win for Texas & children—loss for Biden & cartels!”


Meanwhile, America First Legal, headed up by former Trump adviser Stephen Miller, served as outside counsel for Texas in connection with the lawsuit, called Pittman’s decision “a truly historic victory.”

In a statement, Miller said:

We are honored beyond words to have partnered with Attorney General Ken Paxton and the State of Texas in our landmark lawsuit against the Biden Administration’s egregious decision to except ALL illegal alien minors traveling without adults (UAC) from Title 42—and to have just obtained a preliminary injunction.

Biden’s decision to except UAC from Title 42, and instead mass resettle them in the United States, has led to the largest wave of criminal child smuggling in human history—and the flood of illegal alien teens and minors has drained the resources of our schools, hospitals, and communities while creating a new unimpeded recruitment pipeline for MS-13.

This preliminary injunction orders the Biden Administration to halt their order categorically excepting unaccompanied alien minors from Title 42 repatriation. This is a truly historic victory, but we have a long, long, long way to go to end the Administration’s crusade to eradicate our sovereignty.

Last week’s decision is another in a line of successful Texas pushbacks against the Biden administration’s efforts to implement his radical immigration agenda.

Previously, the Lone Star State was able to successfully fight a 100-day deportation moratorium last February.

In addition, the state was able to persuade a federal judge to order Biden to continue enforcement of President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, where those seeking asylum in the U.S. must wait in Mexico while their hearings are pending.


For more on issues at the border, we invite you to:


YUMA, AZ- According to reports, U.S. Border Patrol agents apprehended a man in western Arizona, described as a “potential terrorist” from Saudi Arabia after he attempted to enter the United States illegally from Mexico.

On Monday, December 20th, Yuma Sector Chief Border Patrol Agent Chris Clem tweeted that the unidentified 21-year-old was apprehended near Yuma, Arizona on the evening of December 16th.

He was wearing a jacket for the Volunteer Ambulance Corps in Central Oneida County, located in upstate New York.


According to Clem, the 21-year-old migrant from Saudi Arabia is linked to several Yemeni subjects of interest. Clem, however, did not elaborate on the “Yemeni subjects of interest.”

Fox News reported that Thomas Meyers, the Central Oneida County Volunteer Ambulance Corps chief, stated that the Saudi Arabia man is not affiliated with the organization. Meyers added that the jacket appears to be an older version of what the ambulance corps wears now.

According to Brandon Judd, the national president of the National Border Patrol Council, known or suspected terrorists encountered at land, air, and sea borders are reportedly turned over to other federal authorities for investigation. He said in a statement:

Texas judge issues huge blow to Biden: Stop releasing illegal migrant children at US-Mexico border

“When we apprehend somebody from a special-interest country, in all cases we immediately notify [Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations] and [Federal Bureau of Investigations]. HSI and FBI then determine what is done with that individual.”

He added:

“We have no contact with that individual unless the FBI and HSI determine they are not going to take him. If they don’t take him, then we’ll process them as normal.”


The apprehension of the “potential terrorist” from Saudi Arabia comes amid a new surge of immigrants illegally crossing into the U.S. interior.

According to reports, Customs and Border Protection agents stopped more than 173,000 illegal immigrants in November, which was an increase of more than five percent over October’s numbers.

The number of arrests hit 213,593 in July, the most for a single month in at least 21 years, but then began to trend downward.

November’s 173,620 stops were twice as many as the 72,113 apprehensions reported in November 2020 and more than four times higher than the 42,643 arrests reported in the same month back in 2019.

In August, the now former-national Border Patrol chief, Rodney Scott, said that they were catching people from the Terrorist Screening Database “at a level we have never seen before.”


Shortly after President Joe Biden took office in January, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) told members of Congress that federal law enforcement had stopped four people on the terror watch list.

A CBP news release about these specific encounters was then reportedly taken down from the government agency’s website just hours after going up.

The four terror watchlist matches represented a greater number than the average total seen in recent years.

Although several thousand people are denied entry to the U.S. at airports each year as a result of being on the list, it is unusual for such people to be encountered trying to get into the U.S. between land border crossings.

The four matches were citizens of Serbia and Yemen. At the time, a CBP spokesperson said in a statement:

“While encounters of known and suspected terrorists at our borders are very uncommon, they underscore the important of the critical work our agents carry out on a daily basis to vet all individuals encountered at our borders.”

The official added:

“DHS works with our international partners to share intelligence and other information, including to prevent individuals on the terrorist watchlist from entering the United States.

CBP adjudicates individuals encountered at and between our ports of entry against several classified and unclassified databases to determine if they pose a threat to national security, consistent with the law.”

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After severe backlash from the American public, Biden “drops” proposed $450K payouts to illegal border crossers

December 17th, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C.- According to reports, after severe backlash from the American public, President Joe Biden is dropping his original plans to provide $450,000 payouts to nearly 1,000 illegal immigrant families.

For several months, Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) were in settlement talks with border crossers represented by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), who claim they have suffered trauma as a result of former President Donald Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” policy.


Shortly after the news of the payouts the Biden administration was looking to give, ACLU attorneys involved with those talks told the Wall Street Journal that the settlements previously considered have been dropped by the administration.

The settlements previously considered were upwards of $450,000 per border crosser, nearly costing about $1 billion in American taxpayer money and more than was given to the American victims of the September 11, 2002 terrorist attacks.

Instead, the DOJ will litigate the border crossers’ claims individually. ACLU attorney Lee Gelernt told the Wall Street Journal:

“We are hardly naive that politics sometimes plays a role in Justice Department decisions, but it is shameful that it happened when the lives if little children are at stake. History will not look kindly on the Biden administration’s decision not to stand up for these small children.”

Texas judge issues huge blow to Biden: Stop releasing illegal migrant children at US-Mexico border


In the settlement talks, about 940 illegal immigrant families had filed claims against the federal government and each was asking for an average of $3.4 million as a result of their being subjected to the Zero Tolerance policy.


According to recent reports, those talks had stalled as a result of massive public outcry with polls showing overwhelming opposition to the payouts.

Nearly 63 percent of Americans told CBS News/YouGov pollsters that they are opposed to the payouts, including 64 percent of swing voters and even 4-in-10 voters who supported Biden against Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Polls from Rasmussen Reports and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) showed similar results where a majority of Americans, including likely swing voters, oppose the payouts.

Angel Families, those who have lost loved ones from illegal immigration, slammed the payouts as a “plan to create millionaires out of over 5,000 illegal alien families” in a statement to Breitbart News.


Don Rosenburg whose son Drew Rosenburg was killed by an illegal immigrant in 2010 and Maureen Maloney whose sone Matthew Denice was killed in 2011 by an illegal immigrant, wrote in an open letter how Biden plans to reward border crossers while American victims of open borders are ignored. They wrote:

“On its face, none of these illegal aliens deserve anything more than a removal back to their country of origin. Paying these families anything compared to the amount paid to our fallen soldiers and victims of 9/11 shows how completely devoid of reality this administration is, but we already knew that.”

Not only are Angel Families left to deal with the loss of their loved ones, without any financial help from the federal government, but they often struggle to sue the sanctuary jurisdictions that sometimes aid the illegal immigrant suspects in a case.

Former President Trump endorsed a plan, initially authored by Sen, Thom Tillis (R-NC), that called for the Justice for Victims of Sanctuary Cities Act that would give Angel Families the right to sue a sanctuary jurisdiction if it had helped shield an illegal immigrant suspect.

In his last State of the Union address in 2020, Trump said:

“The United States of American should be a sanctuary for law-abiding Americans, not criminal aliens.”

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