Biden administration about to turn Americans’ sovereignty, health decisions over to globalists at WHO


The following includes editorial content from the author, a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

GENEVA- One of many smart decisions made by former President Donald Trump was to extricate the United States from the World Health Organization. As witnessed by the organization’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, it gives the appearance of being a rather useless organization. And that is being diplomatic.

An issue brief written by America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) should serve as a stark warning to the American people that the WHO, as well as the Biden administration, do not have our best interests at heart.

According to the brief, the World Health Assembly (WHA), the governing body of the WHO will be voting on an amendment to WHO’s International Health Regulations this coming week. Amazingly, the amendment was proposed by officials from the Biden administration, and will in effect “give away our country’s healthcare system, national sovereignty, and personal freedoms to the WHO on a silver platter,” AFLDS wrote.

“America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) strongly opposes the creation and implementation of any treaty or international instrument that governs world pandemic preparedness and response,” they wrote.

One of the first actions taken by Biden after his inauguration was to have the United States rejoin the WHO. Just short of one year later, the administration, along with Loyce Pace of the United States Department of Health and Human Services submitted amendments to WHO’s International Health Regulation (IHR). Those amendments will be considered by the WHA during their meetings May 22-28.

According to the brief, the proposed amendments were held in secret until April 10, 2022. AFLDS alleges that the “WHO acted stealthily with a virtually nonexistent public participation process.” Clearly, they knew that whatever was contained in those amendments would be controversial, therefore they waited until nearly the last minute.

Furthermore, the WHO only allowed video and written submissions for a three-day period, with any such testimony being due by 5:00 p.m. on April 13, 2022. AFLDS hoped that public pressure would stope the amendments from being enacted this coming week.

There is a six month grace period after the amendments are passed during which countries may withdraw approval. AFLDS, however believes that it is “highly unlikely that withdrawal of these amendments will occur during this grace period.” If passed, the amendment will take effect during the World Health Assembly in 2024.

For those unfamiliar, the WHO was founded in April, 1948 and is part of the feckless United Nations. The organization boasts that they are a “global organization” comprised of over 8,000 professionals, including the “worlds leading health experts.” Like the useless Doctor Anthony Fauci.

The man in charge of the WHO is named Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. And no, he’s not a medical doctor. He’s the same kind of doctor as DR. JILL BIDEN!! He has a Ph.D. in Philosophy. Seriously.

Tedros is the former Chief Minister of Health of Ethiopia while being connected with a leftist organization classified as a terrorist organization in that country. He is also closely tied to China, a country which promoted and supported him.

In 2003, the WHO made a mistake by exposing China’s role in the SARS pandemic, a mistake they would not make again. In 2020, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tedros praised the communist Chinese for its “new standard for outbreak control.” More information about Tedros may be found, AFLDS suggest, in an article called Dr. Cover-up: Tedros Adhanom’s controversial journey to the WHO, published by the Observer Research Foundation.

So WHO funds the WHO? Well the first way is through funds shaken down from member countries, which cost U.S. taxpayers $730 million in 2021, making our country one of the top donors. The second way they receive funds is through private donors, including self-appointed medical expert Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the second largest donor to the WHO, topping the U.S. government’s 2021 donation by $50 million.

So you might ask, what exactly will these proposed amendments do and why are America’s Front Line Doctors so concerned about it?

Well one major issue with the amendments is it gives Tedros enormous power, i.e. the ability to declare health emergencies at will and act on his own. It would vest in the WHO the power to declare what constitutes a pandemic and to decide quarantine measures on a global scale. The WHO would therefore “control the development and safety of new treatments and would decide vaccine mandates for each country.”

A major change made by the WHO which flew under the radar is how a pandemic is defined. They changed it from a disease which causes a lot of death worldwide to a disease that occurs in many countries worldwide.

“Just so we are clear, the proposed amendments empower the corrupt Director-General to unilaterally declare a health emergency in any nation, even against the opinion of that nation, for any illness that is widespread.”

The major problem comes where within the WHO preamble, they define their area of concern so it can easily cover “war, child development, education, racial justice, etc.”

Remember when the esteemed Barack Hussein Obama famously claimed that “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor?” The theory was that the best medical advice a patient can receive is personalized, that between a medical professional and their patient. As AFLDS notes, healthcare is much too complicated to be handled at such a global level.

“It most certainly should not be governed on a global scale by a private organization of industry leaders in big pharma, public health experts, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. No single organization should be granted this kind of power, ever.”

We agree.

Earlier this month, Dr. Peter Breggin, MD, and Ginger Ross Breggin published a comprehensive report, entitled Biden Handing Over U.S. Sovereignty to WHO. In his conclusion, Dr. Breggin stated what steps need to be taken to stop the WHA from approving the proposed amendments:

We must immediately mount an international campaign, especially focused within America, to force the U.S. to withdraw these amendments before they come to a vote. Otherwise, America and the nations of the world will take a giant stride toward forfeiting national sovereignty to WHO and the U.N. In reality, they will be forfeiting their sovereign powers to the global predators who rule the U.N. and WHO, including the Chinese Communist Party and supporters of the Great Reset, like Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and giant foundations and corporations—all of whom benefit from weakening or destroying the sovereignty of the Western nations. Western civilization, and mainly the United States, is all that stands in strong opposition to the globalist takeover of the world, called the New World Order of the Great Reset.

Remember the power trip leftists went on in 2020/21 over coronavirus? This is just a ramp up for the next “global crisis.” The globalists saw just how much crap people were willing to put up with in the name of “safety and security.” Sadly, it was quite a bit.

As AFLDS notes, there has not been a single disease or pathogen in the history of mankind that has wiped out the human race, even before we had the technology and medicines we have today.

The fear mongering being driven by the WHO and people such as Fauci and Gates is clearly designed to instill power in the global elite. And the Biden administration is playing right into it, as expected.

As the Front Line Doctors noted, the WHO has not given specific reasons WHY the proposed amendments are needed, rather just went to what was included.

Below is a report on the WHO’s power grab from Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson:

In case you missed it, below is a piece about the United Nations that we recently published.


The following includes editorial content which is the opinion of the writer.

The United Nations has proven to be one of the most useless organizations in the world. The mere fact that a country such as Russia is on the UN Security Council and such luminaries in the world of human rights such as China, Iraq, Uganda, Venezuela, and yes, the Russian Federation all make up the UN Human Rights Council is proof positive that It’s a joke.

To shine light on how out of touch the UN is, this week Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the UN and a Portuguese Socialist came out in favor of eliminating fossil fuels in exchange for renewable energy sources as a form of a “global climate Marshall Plan,” Breitbart reports. What could possibly go wrong?

Guterres was speaking in the lead up to the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting of globalist scum in Davos, Switzerland, a group which has already called for net-zero carbon emissions to be pushed driven by wider acceptance and use of solar and wind power. We would be interested in seeing those solar and wind powered aircraft and cargo ships.

Guterres claims that in order to avoid so-called “catastrophic” climate change, the world must “end fossil fuel pollution and accelerate the renewable energy transition, before we incinerate our only home,” he claimed, in true leftist panic mode. “Incinerate our only home?” A bit of overkill there, don’t you think?

Guterres released pre-recorded remarks which were timed to coincide with the release of a major UN climate report, according to AFP.

Guterres continued, adding that renewable technologies should be considered as freely available “global public goods,” not constrained by intellectual property rights, Breitbart said.

Not content with merely advocating for the end of the technological age as we know it, Guterres also called for an end to what he claimed was about half-a-trillion dollars in fossil fuel subsidies worldwide, where two-thirds of that go to consumers and the rest goes directly to the fossil fuel industry.

He claimed that “every minute of every day, coal, oil, and gas receive roughly $11 million in subsidies.

“While people suffer from high prices at the pump, the oil and gas industry is raking in billions from a distorted market,” he claimed. “This scandal must stop.”

The World Economic Forum, clearly intent on ending the world as we know it, has published a “10-point plan” provided by the International Energy Agency (IEA) as way to end dependence on fossil fuels as part of the so-called “Great Reset.”

This is called just another step in addressing what the WEF has referred to as an “existential threat to the planet.”

The ten-point plan is a doozy:

  1. Reduce speed limits on highways by at least 10 km/h– A number of countries already use temporary speed limit reductions on highways, mostly to reduce congestion and/or air pollution and to improve road safety.
  2. Work from home up to 3 days a week where possible– Around one-third of the jobs in advanced economies can be done from home, opening up the possibility of reducing oi9l demand while maintaining productivity.
  3. Car-Free Sundays in cities– Car-free Sundays were introduced in countries such as Switzerland, the Netherlands, and West Germany during the 1973 oil crisis. Cities in other countries have used them more recently to promote public health.
  4. Reduce public transport prices and incentivize walking and cycling– Investment in public transport and infrastructure to support walking and cycling has been boosted by sustainable economic recovery packages introduced in response to the COVID-19 crisis.
  5. Alternate private car access to roads in large cities– Restricting private cars’ use of roads in large cities on alternate weekdays is a measure with a long track record of successful implementation around the world.
  6. Increase car sharing and adopt practices to reduce fuel use– Governments can provide additional incentives by designating dedicated traffic lanes and parking spots next to transport hubs and by reducing road tolls on higher occupancy vehicles. Such measures are in force in suburban areas of cities like Madrid and Houston, among others.
  7. Promote efficient driving for freight trucks and goods deliveries– Governments can introduce so-called eco-driving techniques as part of the tuition and examination processes required to receive a driving license and advanced driving certificates, as has been done in France and other countries.
  8. Using trains instead of planes where possible- High-speed rail can substantially replace short-haul air travel on routes that offer affordable, reliable, and convenient train journeys.
  9. Avoid business air travel where alternative options exist- although not all business travel by plane can be avoided, in many cases the use of virtual meetings can be an effective substitute. A reduction of around two out of every five flights taken for business purposes is feasible in the short term, based on the changes witnessed during the COVID pandemic.
  10. Increase adoption of electric and other more fuel efficient vehicles– By the end of 2021, 8.4 million electric cars were on the roads in advanced economies, building on record sales in Europe in particular. Demand for electric cars continues to be strong, on the back of plummeting costs of batteries in recent years and government support.

Much of this is absurd and completely impractical in a country such as the United States, where suburban and rural areas of the country have no access to public transportation. Likewise, the cost to implement the infrastructure for programs such as high-speed rail is prohibitive. Look at California as an example.

That of course hasn’t stopped the Biden administration from looking to force Americans into using public transportation. Look no further than the energy policies implemented by Biden when he took office for evidence. That has resulted in the average cost of gas in the country today being just short of $5 a gallon, with some experts predicting $6 a gallon gas by the end of July.

Last week, the in-over-his-head Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, the failed mayor of South Bend, Indiana announced a plan to spend more money under the department’s Safe Streets & Roads for All program, sending money to cities in order to encourage citizens to ditch their cars and opt for alternative forms of transport.

The administration is sending $5 billion in in federal aid to cities and towns to be used for bike paths and wider sidewalks while browbeating commuters to use public transport and cycling as an alternative to driving.

Buttigieg will be trying to convince cities and towns to promote multiple uses of roadways, for pedestrians and bicyclists, in exchange for more of your, er taxpayer money.

The administration argues that too many people die in car accidents to continue justifying that mode of transportation; therefore communities need to rake in cash to try to convince people to walk or bike that 20 miles to work.

That’ll work.

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