Biden team restores policy forcing homeless women to share sleeping quarters with transgender men


WASHINGTON, DC- We don’t even know where to start with this one.

Continuing their foray into the land of the woke, the latest hit to come out of the Biden administration is a requirement that will force homeless women, some them victims of domestic abuse, to share shelters, i.e. sleeping quarters with men who simply identify as a woman.

What could possibly go wrong?

According to a draft regulation obtained by Breitbart News, the policy is described as a “progressive effort to help men win their claimed legal right to female identity.”

The release says:

“Access to safe, stable, housing and shelter is a basic necessity,” Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Marcia Fudge said. “Unfortunately, transgender and gender non-conforming people report more instances of housing instability and homelessness than cis-gender people.

Today, we are taking a critical step in affirming [Housing and Urban Development] HUD’s commitment that no person be denied access to housing or other critical services because of their gender identity. HUD is open for business for all.”

The Biden administration’s new pro-transgender policy replaces regulations put in place under former President Trump.

Those regulations permitted managers at taxpayer-funded shelters to take into account and consider each person’s sex prior to allocating them to rooms with men, women, or to those who claim they are confused about their gender and think they are members of the opposite sex.

“It really just flies against the great common understanding that exists everywhere outside some ivory towers [for the government] to say that Americans really don’t know how to decide if someone is a man or a woman,” a then-senior HUD official told Breitbart in 2019.

They continued:

“The Hollywood version of people having an inspiration and determining their inner self is something other than their chromosomes are, is—at best—a very rare and infrequent event, and that is not something that should be forced onto the American public and particularly in a way that is broadly viewed as potentially harmful to some of the most victimized people in our society, who are abused women…

All we intend to do is to say [to shelter operators] that you need to have a policy about this and be consistent about it…but we are not going to force [the transgender] ideology on you…”

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Under the new regulations, the authority of shelter managers would be removed to make decisions whether to deny sex-switching claims made by those who just show up at the door and claim to be women. A press release from HUD read:

“The [prior Trump rule] allowed …owners, operators, managers and providers to overrule the gender identity proffered by a person seeking shelter and make their determination about that person’s gender.

It allowed [government] funding recipients to focus solely on a person’s sex assigned at birth and then assess that based on physical factors such as height and the presence of facial hair.

This intrusive and humiliating inquiry would be inflicted on the especially vulnerable people experiencing homelessness, many who have experienced sexual assault or other trauma.”

Not everyone is happy with the new mandate.

“The most vulnerable women in society—outside of the prison system—are going to be hurt by this rule,” said Natasha Chart, the president of the Women’s Liberation Front.

Continuing, she said:

Women fleeing domestic violence, women who are homeless, who face an increased risk of rape while homeless on the streets, women who have children with them, are going to be forced to stay in shelters where any man can just say, ‘I’m a woman.’

The women have nowhere to go for the most part, they’ve got nothing to fall back on. They’re stuck there…It is incredibly cruel, it’s unconscionably cruel to do this.”

The fact of the matter is the Biden administration doesn’t care. They are operating for the less than 1% minority, not for the 99% majority.

This is just another in a litany of radical policies outside of the mainstream implemented by Biden’s administration over the past three months.

Chart says her group objects to the so-called “gender ideology,” noting that it is attempting to erase legal, cultural, sexual and scientific distinctions between men and women, and also erases legal and cultural rights that women must have due to the fact their bodies differ from those of men.

In fact, Chart claims the new rule imposed by Biden subordinates biological women to men who choose to identify as transgender. She said:

“It should be obvious to anyone with sense that the [shelter managers and homeless women] can’t organize against this.

You have a situation set up so that a shelter manager, in order to keep their [government] funding, has to tell these [homeless] women who say, ‘I’m not comfortable with a man in the room,’ [that] ‘You can’t say that, that’s abusive, that’s discriminatory,’ or the shelter is at risk of losing their funding and not being able to help anyone.

“That’s specifically in the original guidelines the Obama administration issued, that any complaint by these politically powerless, desperate, often utterly friendless women have about having to share intimate spaces with men—including shared bunk areas and shared shower facilities—that any complaint has to be treated like discrimination.”

In other words, they are caught between a rock and a hard place.

Chart also noted that shelter managers are unable to “sympathize with” her.

“They can’t even extend that small courtesy—they have to act like she’s lying, like she’s committing a terrible act of bigotry, and that’s just a disgrace.”

She continued, “I can have no respect for the people who are cheering this on as a great advancement in civil rights.”

Of course the mainstream, Biden cheerleading media were thrilled with the decision, and downplayed the risks to some women.

One from the Washington Post (surprise) actually parroted the talking points contained in the HUD draft regulations, and noted that refusal to grant female status to someone who claimed it was “discrimination.”

The text of the article also parroted Democrat and LGBTQ talking points, saying that the regulation imposed under the Trump administrations permitted “federally funded homeless shelters to exclude transgender people by accommodating only people whose sex assigned at birth [emphasis added] matches those served by single-sex homeless shelters.”

Breitbart notes the term “sex assigned at birth” is basically a fantasy created by transgender activists in order to allow people to basically make the claim that whatever genitalia a person is born with has no bearing on what the government considers to be their recognized gender.

How long will it be before someone will say they identify as a dog? 

So, what are the possible consequences of such a regulation? A 2017 report from a Canadian TV crew showed the possible ramifications. Breitbart reported:

“Two women were kicked out of a homeless shelter to make room for a man because he said he is a transgender woman, according to a Canadian news report.

“The women objected when they were told they would have to share a bedroom and live in the shelter with the man, and so ‘both were asked to leave the shelter for good’ said the reporter.

“’I was uncomfortable with my roommate being transgender,’ one of the women told a reporter from Canada’s Global News Network. ‘He wants to become a woman, I mean this is his choice but when a man comes to a women’s shelter who still has a penis and genitals, he has more rights than we do,’ the woman said.”

Far-left Biden administration official Susan Rice applauded the HUD policy change, calling it a “civil rights” advance.

Color us shocked.

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