Oregon police department changes the name of its K9 after local activist complains that it ‘offends’ the community


BEND, OR- As crazy Allen said in the movie The Hangover, “When did everybody become so sensitive?”

The latest example? A police department in Oregon (where else?) just was forced to change the name of its police K9 because the name apparently offended some rap fans.


The dog’s name? “Lil’ Kim,” you know the same name as some rap “star”.

Now mind you, the Belgian Malinois Shepherd was not named in “honor” of Lil’ Kim the rapper, otherwise known as Kimberly Jones, the name she was given at birth, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB). The dog was instead given that name due to her smaller size.

That wasn’t enough for the grievance mob, however.


Naming the dog after the rather rotund rap star who somehow got the name “Lil’” Kim could not stand.

According to Chief Mike Krantz of  the Bend Police Department, he said that from this point forward, after meeting with a local activist who clearly has too much time on his hands—Riccardo Waites—the K9 will only be known as Kim. Period.

Last month according to OPB, media outlets in Central Oregon had reported the K9 bit a suspect who was running from Bend Police. A week later on February 28, the dog and her handler were called to apprehend a domestic violence suspect, according to a press release.

Waites, founder of the Central Oregon Black Leaders Assembly claimed the nickname was “hurting people in the community.”

The meeting came about after Waites had emailed Chief Krantz in early March and explained exactly why the dog’s nickname was unacceptable.

“While it may appear a small or inconsequential matter to some, it is not to those of us who remember how police dogs were used peacefully protesting civil rights workers and People of Color in the 1960s and are still used as a means of crowd control and intimidation today,” Waites said according to The Blaze, as reported by OPB.

Oh, it gets worse. In a video posted later on, Waites said:

“It’s a little tiny black dog, K9 dog, that the police call ‘Lil Kim.’ If you’re a person of color, or if you’re a fan of Lil’ Kim, you know her significance in Hip Hop. You also know that she’s a gangster rapper…Just to be honest, I don’t want to see Lil’ Kim out there biting people of color.”

Yes, he said that.

Chief Krantz denied the dog, which had been with the Bend Police Department for years was named after the rapper. And honestly, why would it be?

He called the decision to change the dog’s name a “good-faith” decision to avoid offending some members of the community.

How far does this go? A particular police department in my neck of the woods used to have a K9 named “Satan.” Did the department get complaints from the local clergy complaining that the K9 was glorifying the devil? Absurd right? Exactly.

“Although the dog is not named after a musician, it’s important to recognize that some people may assume that or believe that,” Krantz told the outlet.

“I think in the eyes of some community members there is a connection historically to the use of dogs, specifically on protestors and black community members, and that, that could bring fear of canines.”

That decision apparently settled down Mr. Waites, who on Friday wrote on Facebook that he is “appreciative of the department for stepping up and listening to the community.”

He also said that he wanted to improve communications between the community and the police department.

“We have to find a way to have that unity and communication between the community and Bend PD, because the Chauvin case is coming,” Waites said. 

This was referring to the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin related to the death of George Floyd while in police custody last May.

“This is our chief of police. We want him to empathize with us. We want him to care about us. And if he would have done that, I think this small change would have gone a long way.”

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Bend is an interesting city in an interesting state. Last year, we reported about a local teacher going on a rampage against anti-lockdown protesters. For more on that, we invite you to:


BEND, OR– Between the fires, the riots, and the pandemic, Oregon has seen its fair share in 2020 to say the least. 

While the fires were extinguished, and the rioting has somewhat subsided, one thing remains the same, and that is the current state of the pandemic, and all of the emotions and turmoil surrounding it. 

Many feel as though businesses should be allowed to open, giving people the option to live their normal lives fully aware of the risks, while others feel as though lockdowns and masks are absolutely necessary given how fast the Coronavirus is spreading. 

Tension runs high on both sides of the fence, and just like with anything else, once in a while you get those individuals who take things to the extreme when they see someone doing something they do not like or agree with. 

A video has gone viral out of Bend, Oregon, of a woman who completely lost her mind when she drove past a group of ant-lockdown protesters. 

In the video, the woman can be seen stopped in traffic screaming out her car window at the group standing on the sidewalk holding signs and chanting, while those behind her honked their horns in an effort to get her to move her vehicle out of the way. 

In the clip, which was recorded on Sunday, December 6th, the woman can be heard yelling:

“Bitch, kill yourself!” 

She then goes on to scream:

“I’m a f*****g teacher, I work in schools,” 

As if that is something to brag about when using that type of language…She then goes on to scream “f*** y**” several times while giving the middle finger and screaming:

“I teach students, my students’ families are dying!”

This profanity and obscene gestures then continue on until the woman eventually begins frantically waving at those recording her, while the crowd begins to chant “USA”. After a final shout and gesture, the woman drives off.  

The video clip has been viewed more than one million times on Twitter, which did not fare well for the teacher.

According to the The Bulletin, the woman has been identified as a teacher in the Jefferson County School District, and she was placed on administrative leave Monday, December 7th, due to the video and her antics. 

The Superintendent of the district, Ken Parshall has said that the first-year teacher will remain on leave until an investigation into the situation is completed. Parshall declined to name the teacher, or which school she worked in.  

With tensions being high enough due to the pandemic, it is shocking to see our leaders fueling the fire. 

In late November, Law Enforcement Today reported that Oregon’s very own Governor, Kate Brown, mentioned during an interview with a local news outlet that she believes people should call the police on their neighbors if they witness them violating pandemic restrictions. 

Governor Brown likened people calling the police on their neighbors for pandemic restriction  violations on exceeding home-occupancy mandates as something akin to calling the authorities on a late-night house party that gets too loud: 

“This is no different than what happens if there’s a party down the street and it’s keeping everyone awake. What do neighbors do? They call law enforcement because it’s too noisy. This is just like that. It’s like a violation of a noise ordinance.”

The very worst part about all of this, is that the very leaders that are putting these restrictions in place, and calling for neighbor to turn on neighbor, are not following the protocols themselves. We recently brought you a story on Oregon officials that were lecturing state residents to stay home as they vacation in Hawaii.

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Just remember. The rules are for you…not for them. The latest example of abject hypocrisy and tone-deafness of the political class comes to us out of Portland, Oregon.

The governor of that state, Kate Brown, has implemented some of the harshest restrictions on civil liberties in the country with her two-week “freeze.” That, however, has not stopped the political class from giving the peons a giant middle finger.

On November 10, Washington County Commissioner Dick Schouten was attending a Zoom meeting of the board of commissioners. He was seen wearing a blue Hawaiian print shirt, sitting on a sunny balcony.

Wait, in Oregon? In November?

Ah, but no…Schouten was enjoying a warm and sunny day in Hawaii.


“This is the beginning of day three and we’re having a great time!” Schouten beamed during the meeting. “The weather has been great. The sun has been warm.”

Hey, nobody is saying people do not deserve a little R&R. After all, implementing overreaching and punitive mandates on your subjects is hard work. Poor Dick needed a little break. Just ask him:

“I was taking a vacation and I was doing everything that the law says you can and can’t do.”

This as coronavirus cases surged in his state and nationwide, and government tyrants have implemented travel bans, Thanksgiving mandates, and other restrictions designed to oppress the subjects.

Schouten told KGW that he had returned from Hawaii last week and would be self-quarantining for two weeks:

“We’ve all had to make sacrifices, myself included, but if you have some time to take time off—I think people should take advantage of that.”

Ironically, at that November 10 meeting, county officials told the public they needed to take precautions, advising them that some county services would only be offered by appointment.

Chairperson Kathryn Harrington said:

“We don’t want to overwhelm our health care system and we are close to that. So now is the time for urgent action.”

Schouten’s excursion took place as cases were significantly increasing in Oregon, and just before power-hungry Gov. Kate Brown told state residents they should cease “non-essential” out of state travel.

Oregon police department changes the name of its K9 after local activist complains that it 'offends' the community
Sharon Meieran tweet photo screenclip Twitter @SMeieran

Despite the “urgent action” warning issued by Harrington, another Washington County commissioner also announced he would be traveling.

“As you all know, I am departing for Mexico on Monday morning—very, very early,” said Commissioner Jerry Wiley.

Just days later, Brown issued her mandate warning residents of the state not to travel over state lines. Wiley could not be reached, but a county spokesperson said he would be gracing Oregonians with his presence on December 1.

In Multnomah County, home of riot-central Portland, another county commissioner was facing heat from county employees and the public after spending two weeks in a condo in Hawaii. She also joined a November 10 Multnomah County Commission meeting via Zoom remotely from Hawaii.

“I am working remotely, and I am also having a vacation,” said County Commissioner Sharon Meieran in an interview with KGW last Monday. She said that she had also arrived prior to Brown’s dictate.

Meieran is an emergency room physician and had previously called for restrictions on public gatherings and business operations to “slow the spread” of the coronavirus.

In a true sign of leadership, Meieran also justified her trip to the Big Island, saying:

“Nothing that I’ve done actually contradicts anything I’ve been saying or doing,”


Just three days after leaving for Hawaii, she tweeted: “At this point, we need to go back to staying home.”

Where was the tweet sent from? According to the geolocation of the social media post, it was sent from Keauhou, Hawaii. Talk about sheer hypocrisy. “You little people stay home. For me, I am going to do what I want,” the intonation was.

The question becomes-when are people going to have enough of the sheer hypocrisy of these tyrants? Time and again, we have seen them implement rules, calling people’s patriotism or compassion into account, while they themselves do whatever the hell they want.

There was a movie that came out in 1976 called “Network.” In that movie, a character played by Peter Finch named Howard Beale screams out, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”


It is time for Americans to channel their inner Howard Beale and tell these government tyrants the same thing.  

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