BOTHELL, Wash. – The Bellevue police chief is back at work after a three-month investigation cleared him of sexual assault allegations, finding no evidence he even knew his accuser, officials announced Monday.

The city of Bothell said in a news release an investigation of allegations made against Bellevue Police Chief Steve Mylett found “no probable cause to show that Mr. Mylett committed any crime.”

“In addition, there was no substantiated evidence to prove there was ever any contact between the complainant and Mr. Mylett,” city officials said in a statement.

Bellevue police chief

Chief Steve Mylett has been cleared of false allegations. (City of Bellevue)

Mylett, chief of the fifth largest city in Washington, had been on paid administrative leave since Aug. 2, after a woman claimed the he had sexually assaulted her, reported Fox News.

The woman, a 44-year-old resident of Issaquah, claimed Mylett assaulted her two years ago in the neighboring city of Bothell. Moreover, she alleged the pair met on a fetish website for people seeking “very aggressive sex,” according to police records released Monday.

According to the police report, the woman claimed the two agreed to meet in October or November of 2016 for an encounter involving bondage, but she did not agree to intercourse. The woman claimed Mylett then sexually assaulted her, giving the address of a home Mylett and his wife had rented in 2016 for where she said the assault took place and providing the underwear she said she wore that day.

But in the report released Monday, police said a DNA test showed the woman’s DNA was on the underwear, in addition to the DNA of three other individuals, but not that of Mylett. Furthermore, investigators discovered that Mylett and his wife were not living in the home at the time of the alleged assault.

“Fortunately, he had moved out of the rental house by then,” said his attorney David Allen.

Allen said he was heartened to learn the investigation was over and his client’s name has been cleared, “but it’s a real shame he had to go through all this and that somebody would make this up, besmirch his name and level these false accusations. She’s very, very dangerous.”

Mylett had fiercely denied the allegation against him at the time, telling the Seattle Times he hadn’t committed any crimes or offenses, except for minor traffic allegations.

On Monday, Mylett said he was looking forward to moving forward.

“This has been a hard time for both me and my family, and we’re eager to have the investigation behind us,” the chief said in a statement. “I’m eager to get back to work, serving residents and leading the outstanding women and men of the Bellevue Police Department.”

Furthermore, Bellevue City Manager Brad Miyake said that he was reinstating Mylett after receiving the Bothell Police report. He called the period an “unusual time.”

“This was a difficult situation for everyone involved,” Miyake said. “We take allegations of any type of misconduct very seriously and we are grateful the Bothell Police investigated this matter thoroughly.”

Of significant importance, the Bothell Police Department said in their report that investigators determined there was probable cause to believe the woman committed perjury, tampered with evidence, and made a false statement to a public servant.

As a result, the case has been forwarded to the King County Prosecutor’s Office for a review of possible charges.

The woman and her attorney could not be reached on Monday, according to the Times.

According to an investigation by the King County Sheriff’s Office, the woman has a history of seeking out men on Craigslist and then falsely reporting those consensual encounters as a crime to police. According to sheriff’s detectives, she had made false rape accusations twice previously.

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The accuser has a history of seeking out men on Craigslist and then falsely reporting those consensual encounters as a crime to police. (Geralt)

King County sheriff’s Sgt. Ryan Abbott said in early October that due to concerns about the 44-year-old woman’s mental heath, investigators did not recommend that she be charged with any crime in connection with the allegations against the two officers.

Mylett joined the city in 2015. He previously served as police chief for Southlake, Texas. During his time with the Bellevue Police, city officials said the chief initiated a “major organizational restructuring,” in addition to reintroducing bike patrol officers and undertaking community outreach efforts.