FLORIDA – As Hurricane Irma pummels southern Florida with 130 mph winds, battered police officers and first responders are still working hard to keep people safe, reported WCVB.

In Fort Lauderdale, the police department posted a picture of an officer and his K-9 partner. The fatigued duo had been working nonstop helping with evacuations. The picture was captioned “#WeAreInThisTogether.”

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office posted an image of a cruiser trunk packed full of bedding and supplies. The caption reads:

“When you leave for work and you don’t have any idea when you will be back home. You are prepared that your police car is now your bed. You have enough food and clothes to be self sustained for 72 hours. JSO is ready for Hurricane Irma. We are here for you!”

The Sarasota Police Department continues to get people to safety. They rescued a stranded woman and transported her to a shelter.

Officers with Gainesville Police Aviation have taken on another role. Obviously they are unable to fly in these conditions, so they wrote that they had switched to “playing the role of tree and chainsaw crew through the storm.”

The Gainesville Police Department posted a picture showing hundreds of officers prepared to respond to the storm.

“Hundreds of officers have left their families at home to serve and protect you! We are here if you need us and will be out until the sustained winds keep us inside for safety.

We are ALL on the same team.”

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office posted an image showing deputies helping at area shelters—washing dishes and serving coffee to evacuees.

Miami-Dade police officers are sheltering for their safety and have temporarily suspended responding to calls for service, the Miami-Dade Police Department tweeted Sunday. Police are urging residents to remain sheltered as best as possible.

(Photo: Fort Lauderdale Police Department Twitter)