BATON ROUGE, La. – A Baton Rouge officer files a lawsuit against leaders of Black Lives Matter on Friday. The police officer was wounded in the shooting rampage last year that left three officers dead and severely wound three others. The officer is accusing BLM leadership of inciting violence that spurred the attack.

The lawsuit filed in a U.S. district court in Louisiana named DeRay McKesson and four other Black Lives Matter leaders as defendants and sought at least $75,000 in damages, reported Reuters.

The legal recourse came on the one-year anniversary of one of the darkest days in modern U.S. history for law enforcement. On July 7, 2016, a black man angered by what he saw as deadly racial bias in U.S. policing launched a downtown Dallas sniper attack, killing five officers deployed at a protest decrying police shootings of black men.

McKesson has not commented. Black Lives Matter leaders have denied accusations that their movement promotes violence against police.

Naturally, there is an entire industry that will differ.

About 10 days after the Dallas shooting, a disturbed man opened fire on police in Baton Rouge, killing three officers and severely wounding three others.

Baton Rouge had been hit by waves of protests after two police officers earlier that month became involved in deadly force with a non-compliant black man, Alton Sterling.

The incident was caught on video and sparked national debate, most of which included ignorant commentary from people that have no idea what it takes to perform the function of a police officer.

The officer wounded in Baton Rouge, who was not named in the lawsuit, was shot by “a person violently protesting against police, and which violence was caused or contributed to by the leaders of and by ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’,” the filing said.

Gavin Long, the black gunman who killed the Baton Rouge officers and was later killed, identified himself as a member of an African-American offshoot of the anti-government, mostly white Sovereign Citizen Movement, documents showed.

Last year, McKesson and two other activists sued the Baton Rouge police department and other officials over the arrests of nearly 200 demonstrators during protests over officer involved shootings.

(File photo Baton Rouge protests)