Response to Baltimore Post Examiner about problems in the Baltimore Police Department

Baltimore Police Departent moraleI was contacted by Anthony C. Hayes, a reporter from the Baltimore Post Examiner. He was asking for an interview about the Baltimore Police Department, in regards to news articles I’ve posted on Law Enforcement Today, to wit; MORALE TANKED AT BALTIMORE POLICE DEPARTMENT and BALTIMORE POLICE DEPARTMENT ANNOUNCES EMERGENCY DEPLOYMENT CHANGES. 

For purposes of accuracy, and believe it or not, I trust the Baltimore News Media as much as I trust Baltimore Politicians, etc. Please bear with me for posting my reply here, in the event they try to twist my words.

Response to Baltimore Post Examiner

Thanks for asking for an interview. I have been retired from the Baltimore Police Department for 25 years. The retirement was a result of a permanent line of duty injury, sustained in an attempt on my life. I am proud to say that I’m a retired Baltimore Police sergeant. I served with some of the best police in the country. I have great memories of the people of Baltimore and the officers I served with. There were many great events during my career and also a great deal of trauma. I endured four different attempts on my life, when suspects shot at me. I’m grateful that I am retired and pray daily for my Baltimore police family and the good citizens of the city. They all deserve much better than what they are getting.

My role at Law Enforcement Today includes co-hosting the radio show and contributing to the website and social media. Therefore I report on news from the point of view of law enforcement officers. Since I’m retired from BPD, I have continued relationships with many different people, of all ranks in the department in addition to recent retirees.

There is an old saying, “The proof is in the pudding.” That applies to both negative and the positive. It has been clear for a long time that there is a problem in the leadership of the Baltimore Police Department and city hall. The people of Baltimore, including it’s police officers, both active and retired continue to suffer as a result of these leadership problems.

If you want to know the current situation in the Baltimore Police Department, for both active and retired members, I suggest you contact and listen to what these people tell you:

Lt. Gene Ryan President F.O.P. Lodge 3

Kenneth Butler Vice President F.O.P. Lodge 3

You should also speak with the following members of the Vanguard Justice Society:

President Kenneth Butler,

Chairperson Louis S. Hopson

If you would like to speak with another representative of Law Enforcement Today for the interview with the Baltimore Post Examiner I will be happy to arrange it.

– John “Jay” Wiley, radio host, Law Enforcement Today, Baltimore police sergeant (ret.)