Baltimore Police Department and Police Commissioner Kevin Davis announced emergency deployment measures.

1.) All patrol units are now mandated to work 12 hour shifts.
2.) We have received reports about serious concerns that the mandated 12 hour shifts might cause a depletion of manpower that was available for overtime to fill shortages in patrol. (We have numerous reports of district shifts going out with dangerously low levels, even with the volunteer overtime additions, which now maybe less.)
3.) Non patrol units, CID, traffic and other specialty units will have to detail officers, detectives, and sergeants to help fill the shortages.
4.) Record breaking numbers of violence in the city, on top of the already horrendous stats.

Many in the Baltimore Police Family wonder how much longer before the Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan will take control of the department due to emergency conditions.

In 1860 special elections were held in Maryland and the state took over the Baltimore Police Department.

WYPR reported, “Back then, the governor and state lawmakers chose the leadership of the city police – in various forms – for more than a century. It wasn’t until 1978 that the legislature gave Baltimore’s mayor the power to pick a police commissioner.”

“But the department, itself, remains a state agency to this day.”