Baltimore labeled a detective’s death as suicide – case closed. But it looks more like he was assassinated.


BALTIMORE, MD- Three years ago a Baltimore City Police Detective was murdered on duty.

After an investigation, the death was labeled a suicide by the Police Commissioner despite other city and state agencies claiming that the case is still open. Now, there might be hope in catching this fallen hero’s killer.

In November of 2017 Detective Sean Suiter was shot dead in an empty parking lot in West Baltimore while investigating a homicide case. Following Suiter’s death the Baltimore Police Department launched an extensive investigation that shut down the surrounding neighborhood for days.

The Harlem Park neighborhood was combed through meticulously, but officials couldn’t find Suitor’s killer. To aid in the investigation a six figure reward was offered for information but there was still no suspect.

Later it was revealed that the Baltimore detective was shot only a day before he was expected to appear as a witness in front of a federal grant jury that was investigating a Gun Trace Task Force corruption scandal. 

Allegedly, Suiter was a witness to a 2011 case where officers planted drugs on a man who evaded police and got into a fatal car crash. Suiter was given limited immunity in exchange for his testimony.

Attorney Jeremy Eldridge claimed:

“We weren’t worried about him being prosecuted.”

He went on to say that Suiter was instead worried about how his testimony would effect his work and his colleagues perception of him.

Then, despite their initial investigation and the Medical Examiner’s Office’s ruling, The Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison announced that Suiter’s death was labeled a suicide. The announcement came after a report by the Maryland State Police which indicated that the detective’s death was a suicide.

Harrison gave a statement saying:

“There is nothing in the report to suggest that Det. Suiter’s death was anything other than a suicide, nor was there any suggestion that the case should be re-investigated or continued.

Regardless of the circumstances, Det. Suiter’s death was a tragedy and we will continue to keep him and his family in our thoughts and prayers.”

However, the state police did not conduct their own investigation into Suitor’s death, they simply reviewed the actions of investigators. State police spokesman Greg Shipley stated:

“The Maryland State Police did not take over their investigation, nor did our investigators conduct their own independent investigation. They reviewed investigative actions taken by Baltimore Police Department detectives and provided an evaluation of those actions.”

Other agencies seemed to disagree with Harrison’s words. The Medical Examiner’s Office still ruled the death a homicide and did not change their findings. Similarly, the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3 President, Sergeant Mike Mancuso, claims that it is “very much and open and active case”:

“The Suiter case is very much an open and active case being investigated by BPD Homicide. BPD Homicide Detectives are some of the best in the country and will investigate all cases until all leads are exhausted.”

Suitor’s family refused to believe that his death was a suicide. Nicole Suitor, Sean’s wife, claimed that the couple had just gone on vacation and he didn’t exhibit any suicidal behavior.

Nicole Suitor said:

“He wasn’t suicidal. I would like them to question me about his state of mind.”

If Sean Suitor’s death is officially changed from a homicide to a suicide his family would lose over half a million dollars in pension payments and workers’ compensation. 

Paul Siegrist, an attorney hired by the Suitor family, said:

“If the death certificate changes from homicide to suicide, that is going to have a big impact on everything.”

The Suitor family has been left in a limbo with the investigations and various rulings. But now, there might be hope for the family.

On Wednesday Eldridge told Fox 45 News that law week local police questioned a possible suspect in Sutior’s case. The attorney also stated that next week there will be a  hearing to determine if the Suitor family receives a payout over the detective’s death.

Eldridge said:

“The first legal litmus test is coming up this week. There is a workers compensation hearing and that will decide whether his family will be compensated.”

The circumstances surrounding Suitor’s death remain largely unknown. But there is still potential for his murderer to be caught.

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One officer murdered, second shot and wounded after gun battle at hotel

PINE BLUFF, AK – Two police officers have been shot in Arkansas after a gun battle at a local hotel.  One of those officers died from their injuries, the other is listed in stable condition.


Pine Bluff Police Officers were at an Econo Lodge roughly 40 miles southeast of Little Rock. 


Pine Bluff Police Chief Kelvin Sergeant reported that officers exchanged gunfire with a suspect at the hotel while the officers were conducting some sort of investigation.


Sergeant reported:

“During the exchange of gunfire, we had two officers that were struck.  One officer was fatally wounded. One officer is right now being held at the hospital -he’s in stable condition.  And then we have one officer that did not sustain any injuries.”


Three officers were on scene.  One of the officers, Kevin Collins, died from his injuries.  The second officer who was injured in the exchange of gunfire was Lieutenant Ralph Isaac.  The third officer was not injured in the exchange of gunfire.

Collins is said to have been assigned to the agency’s Violent Crimes Unit along with Isaac.  Isaac, a twenty-year veteran of the agency, was listed in stable condition at the hospital.


Sergeant said:

“We’re hurting.  We have lost a family member today.”


When speaking about Collins death, Sergeant said:

“I can tell you, at his heart, being a police officer is what Kevin wanted to do.”

Sergeant spoke about how Collins had worked in the past for the Metropolitan Emergency Communications Department prior to joining the police force.  He said:

“I remember…he always had the desire to be a Pine Bluff police officer.  And he got his opportunity on June 8, 2015.  And I will say when he raised his hand and swore to do his job, he became an excellent police officer for the Pine Bluff Police Department.

“This young man, once assigned to the Violent Crimes Unit, would work day in and day out to come out and try to arrest individuals that were involved in violent crimes within our community.”

According to the Pine Bluff Commercial, Collins was a community favorite as a police officer. 

He served time as a mentor to at-risk youth in the community through the agency’s Youth Empowerment Camp.  He was also honored with the Officer of the Year award in 2017.  He received this award for his successful attempt at saving a 95-year-old man in from an apartment fire.


When he received the Officer of the Year Award, Collins told the Pine Bluff Commercial:

“I always wanted to be a police officer.  Ever since I was little.  I saw law enforcement as a service and something I could be proud of…

“When I took on the challenge of being a police officer, someone extended a lifeline to me.  Some of those lines I pulled on are in this room tonight and I truly thank you.

“As I was pushed into my purpose as a police officer it was either sink or swim.  Thank God I chose to swim, so it seems second nature to me and my fellow officers to extend the life line to save others.”

LET wishes to say thank you to Collins for his dedicated work as a police officer in his community.  Rest in peace, we will take it from here.

In the meantime, the police chief in Portland, Oregon has sent out an alert warning officers to be extra vigilant after another cop was ambushed over the weekend.

Sunday morning, an officer was working in the 881 District, located in the Central Precinct in Portland.  He was stopped in the area of South Corbett Avenue and South Lane Street in a marked patrol car.

The officer said that a male approached the patrol vehicle and broke out the back window (on the hatch — we assume this was an Interceptor SUV) and deployed pepper spray in the interior of the patrol vehicle.

Our sources tell us that the officer was able to remain calm, and was able to broadcast pertinent information over the radio. A short time later, the officer was able to locate a vehicle with the suspect inside and conducted a traffic stop of the vehicle. The involved male subject was arrested.

The officer noticed that the suspect vehicle matched the description of a vehicle which had been following him prior to the incident.

Upon conducting a search of the vehicle subsequent to arrest, officers found the following inside: a laser pointer, slingshot, throwing knives, pepper spray, rocks, and additional items. Officers believe, at least on a preliminary basis, that the individual is connected with other recent attacks on officers.

The officer was not injured in this incident, and should be recognized for being able to have a clear enough comportment in order to locate and identify the suspect.

This incident should serve as a reminder that even the most incidental contact, especially in such charged times as we currently find ourselves in, should be treated with the utmost amount of caution.

One need only look at this incident, as well as the shootings of the two sheriff’s deputies in Los Angeles County a few weeks back to realize that there is no such thing as routine in 2020.

Chief Lovell shared an internal alert with his department, which was shared with Law Enforcement Today:

“Given the nature of the event, I felt it important to share with our members for increased safety. Fortunately, the involved Officer was not injured during the event.

I applaud the Officer for maintaining calm and being able to locate and identify the involved suspect. Thanks to all who responded and continue to look into this case.

As police officers, we know that the vast majority of community members who approach and contact us do so with no intention to do us harm.

However, attacks like this one remind us all that there is the potential for people to try to take direct violent action against police officers. I urge you all to remain vigilant as you go about your duties.

As always, your safety is my top priority.”

Law Enforcement Today is pleased that this officer was not seriously injured and offers this as a reminder to our brothers and sisters to remain vigilant and go home to your families at the end of your tour of duty.


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