BALTIMORE A Baltimore firefighter is being criticized after he commented on a photo that advocated for violence against police officers. And while the message was anything but ambiguous, he is now backpedaling.

The viral Facebook comment is so controversial, CBS Baltimore has blurred portions of it. But Law Enforcement Today didn’t.

It shows two men pointing guns directly at a police officer’s head.

The caption asks, “Does it have to come to this to make them stop murdering and terrorizing us?”

And down in the comments section, Baltimore firefighter Jamal Brown chimed in, saying “Yes. We will also have to brutalize [their] family the same way they do ours.” Moreover, at least two of his friends “liked” his comments at the time the screenshot was taken.

Baltimore Firefighter


CBS Baltimore did not want viewers to see the caustic photo without blurring the image.

Baltimore firefighter

(Screenshot CBS Baltimore broadcast)

Sadly, that comment came from a public servant who often works side-by-side with police officers. Actually, it appears more than sorrowful, there is a viciousness associated with it.

The firefighter has since apologized for the post. But does the apology ring hollow once a person has bore his soul in this manner?

The staff at Law Enforcement Today does not believe this was a joke, and certainly doesn’t think it was funny. Furthermore, we are not sure how it can be taken out of context since it’s pretty straightforward. As a result, we need to ask; has he disqualified himself from being a lifesaver? If you’re a police officer in need of help from the fire department, would you want Brown to be the one responding?

The Baltimore City Fire Department officials said they are shocked by the editorial comments, reported CBS Baltimore.

Baltimore firefighter

Baltimore firefighter Jamal Brown is backpedaling from his egregious Facebook comments. But is that possible once a person has bore his soul in this manner? (Screenshot CBS Baltimore)

Baltimore fire officials say the remark is not an accurate representation of the entire department.

“Our men and women of the Baltimore City Fire Department and the Baltimore City Police Department, we are all brothers and sisters in blue and we are public servants here to serve the city of Baltimore,” said Baltimore City Fire spokeswoman Blair Skinner.

The firefighter’s union president said the matter is “currently being investigated by the fire department, and the union has been made aware of the situation.”

Monday night, Brown 40, told WJZ that his comment was taken out of context and that he regrets making the comments. “I apologize for offending anyone that was offended. We work hand-in-hand with the Baltimore City police department. We are co-workers. We may work in different departments, but we are co-workers,” he said. “My intent, it wasn’t malicious at all. It was just, I replied to a post and it was taken completely out of character.”

Brown, who uses the name Jamal Brown Prez Buck on Facebook, later apologized in a Nov. 30 post on his Facebook page, reported The Baltimore Sun.

“To all it may concern I JAMAL BROWN PREZ BUCK apologize for offending the offended,” he wrote. “All I did was comment on a post a few days ago…”

Really? Can someone actually step away from such an inflammatory piece of rhetoric and then claim, “it wasn’t malicious,” and was somehow taken out of context? Brown bore his soul to the masses and the messages was loud and clear—death to cops. Yet now that he sees his job on the line he is singing a different tune?

The department said Brown is still employed with the Baltimore City Fire Department during the investigation.