Baltimore DA (who is under investigation) violates gag order – judge punishes her with another gag order


BALTIMORE, MD – A strange case in Maryland is getting stranger by the minute after Baltimore’s Sate’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, was held in contempt of court for violating a gag order in the case of Keith Davis Jr., who is awaiting trial for murder.

Why is it strange? This upcoming trial is Davis’s fifth murder trial for the same alleged murder.

And the strange thing about the gag order the Mosby violated, is that it was an order granted by the judge after Mosby herself requested it back in June.

In July, an Instagram user took time to point to how Mosby has handled this case with Davis, saying in part that the State’s Attorney “has definitely LOST MY VOTE,” according to CBS News.

Turns out she lost a lot of people’s votes, for one reason or another, given that she lost her reelection bid during the Democrat primaries.

For at least one voter, it was due to the handling of this case.

For others, it may have been the federal indictment she was handed for two counts of perjury and two counts of making false statements on loan applications, when she and her husband were purchasing an 8-bedroom home near Disney World and a condo on the Florida coast.

Regardless of why she lost her reelection bid, the judge in this case found that her response to that Instagram post was enough to warrant the contempt ruling.

“I cannot see the social media comments on Instagram as anything but a willful violation of this court’s gag order,” said Circuit Court Judge John Nugent.

Mosby was ordered to pay a $1,500 fine, which she may be able to avoid paying if she can keep her mouth shut for the next 90 days.

Davis’s wife Kelly told the local CBS affiliate that she is grateful for the judge’s decision.

“We are just happy that today the judge has kind of cloaked Keith with a presumption of innocence. He is innocent until proven guilty,” she said.

“Keith continues to be vindicated, as he was vilified for the past seven years and I’m so glad that a judge finally saw that and is very serious about his presumption of innocence.”

As previously referenced, Davis is awaiting his fifth trial on murder charges stemming from the 2015 death of Kevin Jones, a security guard at Pimlico racetrack.

According to CBS:

“On the morning of the murder, police chased Davis into an auto repair shop in Northwest Baltimore as part of an unrelated attempted robbery investigation and fired dozens of rounds, striking him three times, including in the face.

He was found not guilty in the armed robbery, but later police charged him with the murder of the security guard…” 

Mosby, who was sworn in on January 8, 2015, has tried Davis four previous times.  Two of those attempts ended in mistrials due to hung juries. The other two wound up with convictions, only to see them both overturned. The latest effort saw Davis sentenced to fifty years, but a judge awarded him a new trial.

So Mosby and team are trying again. Davis continues to maintain that he is innocent. However, Mosby won’t be there to see any of it.

Davis isn’t due back in court until after Mosby’s successor is sworn in. That is likely to be Ivan Bates.

Bates believes that Davis has been through enough and should have his case dismissed.

Davis, along with his wife, are hoping that Bates is sworn in and follows through with a dismissal.

“She’s totally screwed”: Federal prosecutors issue new superseding indictment against Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby

BALTIMORE, MD – As Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby faces federal charges relating to real estate purchases, prosecutors have filed a new superseding indictment against her.

The indictment, filed on Thursday, March 10, 2022, contained no new charges, but introduced additional evidence against Mosby.

Mosby had already been charged with two counts of perjury and two counts of making a false statement, in relation to two home purchases in Florida.

According to her original indictment, Mosby had falsified a declaration of financial hardship during the COVID epidemic, which enabled her to withdraw retirement money from Baltimore’s Deferred Compensation Plan.  She made two withdrawals, of $40,000 and $50,000, which she used for down payments on Florida real estate.

CBS Baltimore reports that the two homes were a “$490,500 home in Kissimmee” and a “$428,400 condo in Long Boat Key.”

WBALTV reports:

“The indictment alleges Mosby falsely certified that she met at least one of the qualifications for a distribution as defined under the CARES Act, specifically, that she experienced adverse financial consequences stemming from the coronavirus as a result of ‘being quarantined, furloughed or laid off’ or ‘having reduced work hours’ or ‘being unable to work due to lack of child care’ or ‘the closing or reduction of hours of a business I own or operate.’”

However, WBALTV notes, Mosby in fact received her full salary during 2020.

The original indictment goes on to state:

“Rather than experiencing a reduction in income in 2020, Mosby’s gross salary in 2020 increased over her gross salary in 2019, which was $238,772.04.”

When Mosby signed the applicable forms, she “affirm(ed) under penalties for perjury the statements and acknowledgments made in this request.”

The original indictment also alleges that Mosby made false statements on loan applications for her two vacation homes in Florida.

For both applications, according to the indictment, Mosby “said she was not delinquent or in default on any financial obligations, even though the IRS had placed a lien in Mosby and her husband’s property in March 2020 over unpaid federal taxes.”

In addition, CBS Baltimore reports that Mosby received a lower interest rate through falsification of documents.

The indictment states that Mosby “‘falsely executed’ a second-home rider in Aug. 2020.”

The rider specified that Mosby would not rent out the Kissimmee property, but as it turned out, Mosby had entered into a rental agreement with a vacation home management company one week prior to signing the rider.

Through the rider, Mosby was able to obtain a lower interest rate for the Kissimmee property than she would have otherwise.  She was also “able to make a smaller down payment.”

Mosby pleaded not guilty to all charges.  According to the Baltimore Sun, she has claimed that her case is “politically and racially motivated.”

With her eyes on her re-election bid for a third four-year term as State’s Attorney, she declared in December 2021:

“I wanted the people of Baltimore to hear it from me: I’ve done nothing wrong”

She continued:

“Don’t be fooled. We are now five months from my next election, and this indictment is merely a political ploy by my political adversaries to unseat me.”

Despite Mosby’s pushback, prosecutors continued to assess the case, and added new evidence to their indictment.

The superseding indictment now includes a letter from Mosby dated December 10, 2020.  The letter accompanied a loan application for the Long Boat Key property.

Prosecutors alleged in the indictment:

“In that letter, MOSBY falsely represented that she had spent the past 70 days living in Florida and working remotely when she, in fact, had not.”

Mosby was certainly seen in Baltimore during that 70-day period.

According to the Baltimore Sun, she and her entire family were present at her husband’s swearing-in ceremony for Baltimore City Council president on December 10, 2020, the same day Mosby wrote the letter.

In addition, Mosby gave a news conference in Baltimore on December 7, 2020.

Prosecutors also allege that Mosby falsified a gift letter on February 10, 2021, associated with her purchase of the Long Boat Key home.

The superseding indictment now describes how Mosby needed $35,699.15 in liquid assets, but she had only $31,043.24, which meant that she was short about $4,656 to close.

Prosecutors went on to say that Mosby, instead of waiting for her next paycheck, submitted a gift letter claiming that her husband gave her $5,000 to close, which he wired to her escrow agent on February 17, 2021.

As it turns out, according to the indictment, the $5,000 was not a gift from her husband.  Mosby allegedly wired the money herself to her husband’s credit union checking account.  Her husband transferred the $5,000 to his savings account, then “transferred it back to his MECU checking account ending in 0882 before wiring it to the escrow agent.”

The indictment goes on to state that Mosby submitted the false gift letter in order to obtain a lower interest rate than if she would have waited for her next paycheck.

According to WBAL TV, Mosby’s attorney has said that the federal government is:

“scraping the bottom of the barrel when federal dollars are being spent to investigate money transferred between a husband and wife.”

WBAL also reports that Mosby’s attorney also called the new indictment “shameful” and claimed that prosecutors are “trying to shame Mosby three months before her election.”

Mosby’s defense team filed a motion to dismiss the charges in February 2022.

According to WBAL, prosecutors have until Friday March 11, to respond to that motion, and then the defense has until March 25 to respond.  All motions are due by April 4.

A jury trial is set to commence May 2.

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Indicted Baltimore DA Mosby claims she’s being targeted (by black federal prosecutor) because she’s black

Originally published January 15, 2022

The editorial comments in this article are the opinions of the writer.

BALTIMORE, MD- When all fails, pull out the race card. Such is the case of Baltimore district attorney Marilyn Mosby, who was indicted on federal charges related to lying about being adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic where she borrowed money on her pension fund.

The indictment, from a federal grand jury, charges her with two counts each of perjury and making false statements on loan applications, according to The Washington Post.

At a Friday news conference, Mosby professed her innocence, instead claiming that she is a victim of a retaliation campaign for her stance on criminal justice reform and her ill-fated charging of six Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddy Gray back in 2015.

“I am innocent of the charges that have been levied against me, and I intend to fight with every ounce of energy within my being to prove my innocence and to clear my name,” Mosby said in a prepared statement.

She refused to take questions from reporters.

In a tweet from Justin Fenton of The Baltimore Sun, he said Mosby nearly broke down as she described “obstacles she has faced.”

“I will fight these charges with everything I have in me, and I will be victorious…No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I’m built for this, and I will not be distracted from doing my job.”

The charging documents, which were unsealed Thursday, accuse Mosby of withdrawing substantial sums of money from her city retirement account in 2020 not once, but twice.

The money was withdrawn under a Cares Act provision meant for people struggling financially in the pandemic, despite the fact Mosby suffered no such hardship, and in fact received an increase in pay.

The funds were used for a down payment on two rental properties, one in Kissimmee, Florida and the other in Longboat Key, also in Florida.

The documents reveal that Mosby was dishonest on loan applications for the two properties, failing to disclose she and her husband owed significant sums in unpaid federal taxes, while also violating the terms of a “second home rider” she signed whereby she hired a management company to rent out the Kissimmee property, the Post said.

After the charges against Mosby were announced, here attorney, A. Scott Bolden called the accusations “bogus” and “rooted in personal, political and racial animus five months from her election.”

The “racial animus” charge seems absurd, given the fact that Mosby’s charges were brought by a black U.S. attorney who was appointed by Joe Biden.

In a tweet, Fenton of The Baltimore Sun noted that Erek Barron, the U.S. attorney “was a Democratic elected official in the General Assembly who worked with Mosby and is also the first Black Maryland US Attorney in the office’s 23-year history.”


In Mosby’s Friday statement, she said she thought it important that Baltimore residents hear from her directly.

“I am here before you today to state unequivocally that I am innocent,” she said.

“…I wanted the people from Baltimore to hear it from me: I’ve done nothing wrong. I did not defraud anyone to take my money from my retirement savings, and I did not lie on any mortgage application.”

The federal investigation came after a seven-month inquiry, The Post said, by the city’s inspector general, who was looking into Mosby’s travel, personal businesses and gifts, a report which was released last February.

Mosby is among a number of far left idealogues put into office with the assistance of billionaire George Soros’s deep pockets. Her claim to “fame” was the indictment of six Baltimore officers in the Gray death, a black man who died in Baltimore police custody.

Mosby was believed by many to have charged the officers to make a name for herself and came after unrest in Baltimore after Gray’s death. Some believed she did so in order to calm tensions in the city.

However, Mosby ended up with egg on her face after all of the officers either were exonerated or had their charges dismissed. That led to further criticism of Mosby, with some criticizing her for prosecutorial overreach.

Mosby took Friday’s statement as an opportunity to pat herself on the back.

“As a black woman, a lawyer, a wife and a mother looking to serve my community, I sought elected office because I knew that there was so much more we could be doing to bridge the divide between the criminal justice system and the communities that we are entrusted to serve,” she said.

Mosby further claimed her decision to charge the Baltimore officers came against the advice of the U.S. attorney’s office (which appears to have been correct advice) and claims since that time she’s had “a target on my back,” The Post said.

The U.S. attorney’s office in Maryland said it had no comment on Mosby’s charges against the office.

Mosby claimed Friday she offered to prove her innocence against the charges, saying she could have presented exculpatory evidence to the grand jury; however the U.S. Attorney and lead prosecutor refused her request.

“Please don’t be fooled, we are now five months from my next election and this indictment is merely a political ploy by my political adversaries to unseat me,” Mosby said. “…I will never let that happen without a fight.”

Two men arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a Chicago cop after shooting him during a traffic stop

In case you missed it, below is our prior report on Mosby’s indictment:


BALTIMORE, MD – Oh Marilyn…we hardly knew ye.

Marilyn is Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, whose previous claim to fame was indicting six Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddy Gray back in 2015, has just fallen flat on her face, after a federal grand jury indicted her on federal charges of lying on loan applications, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Mosby, at once considered a rising star in the Democratic Party saw her indictments of the six Baltimore officers go up in flames, after all six officers were either acquitted or had their charges dropped.

It was widely believed Mosby charged the six officers to gain partisan political points to further her political ambitions.

Now, the insufferable Mosby finds herself in legal turmoil after she was indicted on four counts related to financial misdeeds.

One of the charges is related to a $40,000 withdrawal Mosby took from her city retirement account in May 2020, citing financial distress due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Sun said.

“Mosby had not experienced adverse financial consequences stemming from the coronavirus as a result of ‘being quarantined, furloughed, or laid off,’ or ‘having reduced work hours’ or ‘due to lack of childcare’ or ‘the closing or reduction of hours of a business I own or operate,’”—which were all prerequisites for receiving a loan from her account.

Mosby swore to the above under penalty of perjury, the indictment said. Moreover, not only had Mosby not lost any money that year, but her salary increased that year to $248,000.

Reuters said Mosby falsely cited a provision in the federal CARES Act which allowed for a one-time, pre-retirement emergency distribution from a retirement account of up to $100,000, however the guidelines said anyone claiming such a distribution had to meet one of the above requirements.

According to the indictment, Mosby, 41, lied in order to lower the interest rate on a vacation home she purchased in Kissimmee, Florida which she said was a second home.

However, she had already secured a property management company to utilize the property for rental income.

In addition, the indictment said that Mosby didn’t disclose that she had a federal tax lien when she purchased the home.

Mosby was elected as part of a so-called “progressive movement” of prosecutors, many of whom were elected on the deep pockets of far-left socialist George Soros.

She was originally elected in 2014 and was thrust into the national spotlight in 2015 when a black man, Freddy Gray, died while in custody of Baltimore PD officers.

Mosby was reelected to a four-year term in 2018 and is running for reelection this year. The Sun reached out to Mosby and her attorney for comment, however received no response.

The investigation into Mosby and her husband, Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby, began around February of last year when the FBI issued subpoenas to the couple for records.

Those subpoenas were related to their political campaigns and outside businesses, and local churches were also targeted for records related to the Mosby’s’ charitable giving, The Sun said.

The indictment doesn’t address anything related to the above, nor is Nick Mosby a subject of the investigation.

Last October, Marilyn Mosby’s attorney, A. Scott Bolden told The Sun that federal prosecutors were believed to be pursuing perjury charges against his client, however, would not provide further details.

He admitted that he was told the possible charges were related to her signature on a document.

“I say, what document?” Bolden said. “You can’t prosecute me for perjury, or that I lied about a document, without telling me what the document is. Without telling me what the lie is. That’s denial of due process. Every one of them, there were right in the room, refused to tell us what the lie was, what document they saw.”

Mosby is charged with two counts each of perjury and making a false statement. The perjury counts carry a maximum penalty of five years in prison each, while the false statement charges carry a maximum of 30 years for each count.

Given Mosby hasn’t been previously charged with a crime, any sentence should she be convicted would be much less severe.

In September 2020, Mosby purchased an eight-bedroom, 4,000 square foot property in Kissimmee, a town near the Disney World properties for the tidy sum of $545,000 and was using it as a rental property.

Less than six months later, she purchased a condominium on a barrier island on Longboat Key for $476,000.

Last November, Mosby sold the Kissimmee property for a profit of around 30 percent to a Baltimore County buyer.

In late 2020, The Sun reported that a $45,000 federal tax lien was placed against the Mosbys.

The embattled district attorney was also facing questions about a travel company she formed in 2019 and had evidently forgotten to disclose that on state ethics disclosures.

Mosby requested an investigation by the city’s Inspector General Isabel Cumming; however, Mosby became incensed when Cumming didn’t clear her.

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For a prior report we filed on Mosby, we invite you to:


BALTIMORE, MD- Karma has a way of catching up with people.

Such is the case of onetime Democrat darling Marilyn Mosby, the Baltimore State’s Attorney whose claim to fame was prosecuting six Baltimore police officers in the Freddy Gray case, all of whom were either acquitted or had their charges dropped. More on that in a bit.

Mosby, along with her husband Nick Mosby are currently the subject of a federal grand jury investigation, according to Fox News and numerous other media outlets.

Fox reported that the grand jury issued a number of subpoenas in the case, including one to the Union Baptist Church, according to documents obtained by Fox 45. Nick Mosby is the president of the Baltimore City Council. Sources told Fox 45 that the F.B.I served the multiple subpoenas.

According to the outlet, one of the subpoenas was served on Marilyn Mosby’s campaign treasurer Sharif Small, who forwarded the subpoena to the State Board of Elections. Sources say the couple is being investigated over their income taxes, Marilyn Mosby’s campaign finance reports, as well as personal businesses.

Items being requested under the subpoenas include the couple’s tax documents and related schedules for the years between 2014 to 2020, as well as spreadsheets, notes, receipts checks and bank statements.

In addition to those items, the subpoena also asks for all political records, including campaign finance records from the “Friends of Marilyn Mosby.” The couple’s private businesses area also part of the investigation.

Prosecutors have requested records from a company started by Nick Mosby, Monumental Squared, LLC as well as three businesses started by Marilyn Mosby: Mahogany Elite Enterprises, LLC, Mahogany Elite Travel, and Mahogany Elite Consulting.

Sounds like Marilyn Mosby has a lot of time on her hands outside of trying to prosecute trumped up charges on Baltimore police officers.

An attorney for the Union Baptist Church in Baltimore confirmed to Fox 45 that they had been served with a subpoena and the Mosby’s were the target of the investigation.

According to Robert Fulton Dashiell, federal investigators were focusing on how much, if any the couple donated to the church during a specific time period.

Dashiell confirmed a small donation by the Mosby’s, who are not members of the church, however described the contribution as miniscule.

“I spend more monthly at Starbucks than the Mosby’s gave during the time period,” he said.

He did not give a specific amount, however said it was much less than $200.

Mosby’s attorney slammed the investigation and referred to it as a “witch hunt” when its existence was first revealed by Justin Fenton of the Baltimore Sun.

“On behalf of Nick and Marilyn Mosby, my clients are progressive change agents, making them unfair targets of unnecessary scrutiny by federal investigators.

Nevertheless, I can assure you and the people of Baltimore, they have done nothing illegal, inappropriate, or unlawful. This is a political witch hunt in its purest form, and both of them will vigorously and fully defend themselves.

In the interim, I’ve advised them to refrain from making any further comments, on these matters.

As they’ve done with every other baseless charge and investigation lodged against them, they have every intent to fully cooperate with the investigation lodged against them, they have every intent to fully cooperate with the investigation, to fight for the truth to come out, while continuing to fight for the citizens of a city that they both love and are blessed to serve.”

Fox 45 reported that reaction to the news has been muted thus far, with acting U.S. Maryland Attorney Jonathan Lenzner saying he wasn’t “in a position to say anything” about the investigation when queried about I Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile, Senate President Bill Ferguson (D-Baltimore City), who worked with Nick Mosby when he was a state delegate also didn’t have much to say.

“My first thought was to think about their two daughters and my heart goes out to them,” Ferguson said.

He continued that the investigatory process existed for a reason and noted that more details would be forthcoming as the investigation proceeds.

“We’ll see how it plays out,” he said.

Fox 45 said the Mosby’s have been the center of some questionable matters during their time in Baltimore politics. For example, the inspector general’s office was told that gifts given to Marilyn Mosby were auctioned off for charity at a “Winter Solstice Gala.”

Moreover, according to a recent report from that office, there was no evidence that some of the gifts had in fact been donated or auctioned off.

However, a spokesman for Marilyn Mosby’s office, Zy Richardson told Fox 45 in a statement that:

“Any insinuation suggesting the OIG [Office of the Inspector General] found ‘no evidence’ that gifts were donated by the State’s Attorney is outright false and purposely mischaracterizes the truth.”

Last October, the IRS filed a tax lien against the Mosby’s home, claiming failure to pay $45,000 in back taxes for the years 2014 through 2016.

Nick Moby defended himself against those accusations in a statement:

“I have been in ongoing conversations with the IRS for five years about the tax consequences of an early withdrawal from my retirement savings plan, which I did to support unplanned expenses after a series of family tragedies. I expect to have the issue resolved in the coming days.”

Numerous questions have also been raised about Marilyn Mosby jet-setting around the country without approval. Baltimore’s OIG found that she should have received approval fore 15 of the 24 trips she took which are currently under investigation.

Nick Mosby meanwhile also has some funky stuff going on with his campaign for City Council President. He had a gap of $100,000 in his campaign finance filing, and miraculously filled that gap with campaign finance filings after Fox 45 released the report.

Fox 45 has repeatedly asked Nick Mosby to release his tax returns, a request which has thus far been ignored.

Marilyn Mosby is also a “Friend of KH” [Kamala Harris]. In September 2019, Mosby posted a picture of her husband and her with Kamala Harris at a Congressional Black Caucus dinner in Phoenix, Arizona.

Harris also helped fundraise for Marilyn Mosby along with Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) at a fundraiser in 2017 in Los Angeles.

In May 2015, Marilyn Mosby charged six Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddy Gray, a 25-year-old black man who died of a severe spinal cord injury ostensibly while in police custody in April of that year. The officers were charged with crimes ranging from murder to manslaughter and assault, MSNBC reported at the time.

Gray had been arrested for possession of a switchblade, and then while enroute to a Baltimore PD lockup somehow sustained the spinal cord injury.

Mosby was widely criticized for the theater of her press conference where she announced the charges against the officers. Some theorized that Mosby charged the officers to avoid the typical riots that follow such incidents, especially if officers do not face criminal charges, even if there is no probable cause.

Mosby said during her words that:

“I assured his family that no one is above the law, and I would pursue justice on their behalf,” while using her family’s ties to law enforcement as some type of proof that she wasn’t biased in her “investigation.”

The following statement, however, is what drew the ire of a lot of people, including police officers nationwide:

“To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America: I heard your call for ‘No justice, no peace.’ Your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man.”

However, by July of the next year, three officers had been acquitted of all charges, and Mosby was forced to drop charges against the other three officers.

For someone who was once considered a rising star in the Democratic party and who some had suggested for either the Senate or Congress, her star fell faster than Kevin Harvick at the Daytona 500.

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