Baltimore County Police Release Video of Officer Involved Shooting

BALTIMORE – Police in Baltimore County released video Wednesday of an officer involved shooting. Officers shot a man carrying a knife. This is the first time the agency has released footage from police body cameras since launching a program over the summer, reported The Baltimore Sun.

Two officers who responded Friday to the Pikesville apartment of Bryant Junious Palmer for a report of a disturbance wore body cameras, including the officer who shot and wounded the 48-year-old man. The video can be viewed here.

The two videos show the officers approaching the apartment and a shirtless man opening the door and yelling, “Time to die! Time to die!” Police said the man, identified as Palmer, was armed with a knife.

The videos show officers retreating after one of them fired a single round that struck Palmer near the right shoulder.

Authorities identified the shooting officer simply as Officer Remmers, a seven- year veteran with the county police.

After the shooting, the videos show the officers handcuffing Palmer behind his back while he screams. Remmers calls for a medic and then runs out to a police cruiser to get medical supplies, the videos show. He returns to the apartment building and helps the other officer treat Palmer’s gunshot wound.

After some basic questions, Palmer responds: “I keep hearing all these voices, they’re tormenting me.”

Remmers replies, “OK, just stay with us, all right? You’re going to be OK. All right, bud?”

Palmer was listed in good condition Wednesday at Sinai Hospital and is expected to recover.

Court records revealed he has been charged with three counts of first-degree assault, three counts of second-degree assault and three counts of possessing a dangerous weapon, according to The Baltimore Sun.

David Rose, second vice president of Baltimore County FOP Lodge 3, said the videos illustrate the challenges faced by officers in the field.

“It shows the split-second decision some of our officers are faced with when confronted by an armed subject,” Rose said.

But Rose cautioned that more evidence needs to be reviewed in the case, including statements from the officers and any witnesses. The footage, he said, “is still only one piece of evidence until you get it in context.”

Baltimore County launched its police body camera program in the summer. They are training 10 officers per week. In the fall, the county accelerated its plans, saying it would equip all 1,435 uniformed officers with cameras by September 2017.

About 150 to 160 county officers currently have body cameras, which can be worn in multiple ways, including on an officer’s glasses or collar.

The county has an eight-year, $12.5 million contract with Taser International for Axon Flex cameras and data storage.

(Feature photo is screenshot taken from video released by Baltimore County Police.)

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