A man who was released without bail after a horrific attack on a New York City cop just skipped out on his day in court. Welcome to New York in 2020. 


This is going to be pretty shocking, so hang on:  The New York man who sucker punched a cop and then pinned him on the ground (while his worthless partner stands by watching) did NOT show up to his court date after being released without bail.

I know, I know, you totally didn’t see that coming.

On December 26, 40-year-old Steven Hayes was sitting outside a store drinking alcohol and blocking the pedestrian pathway. 

Police responded and contacted Hayes, who punched an officer in mid-sentence.  The man pushed the officer down to the ground so hard that a trash can flew into the street. Hayes continued fighting with the officer (while his partner nicely asked him over and over to stop.  More on that later), pinning him to the ground. 

NYPD officer violently attacked while his 'partner' politely asks the criminal to stop

NYPD officer violently attacked while his ‘partner’ politely asks the criminal to stop


Other officers arrived on scene and were able to get Hayes into custody. 

The entire incident was caught on the assaulted officer’s co-worker’s body cam (I don’t think she deserves to be called his partner).

Hayes was arrested for assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration, disorderly conduct, and alcoholic beverage violation.

The incident occurred on a Thursday.  Hayes was arraigned on Friday, and then promptly released back on the streets without bail on the same day.

Hayes had been arrested 24 times before this incident.  That’s not a typo, that’s 24 times.


Two days later, he was back causing problems on the same street, sipping on vodka and blocking the sidewalk.  Merchants in the area told reporters that he had been causing problems in front of the businesses for months.

Michael Vitiello is a manager of a restaurant 2 doors down from where Hayes was arrested.  He said, “No bail. Three hours, he was back in the same spot. They had a cop sitting there, just watching him. He got his own security ‘cuz he’s a celebrity now.  They could have locked him up in Bellevue last night, but they didn’t do it.  Now he’s back in the street causing problems.”

A local panhandler, 28-year-old Jesus, usually hangs out on the street next to Hayes. 

Upon Hayes’ return, Jesus said, “I’m dumbfounded.  If it was me I would still be in jail. I’m coherent. I don’t have any mental problems — but that should not be justification for hitting a cop.”

He also said that Hayes is starting to escalate his aggression.  “Now he’s starting to spit at people, started to curse people out,” Jesus said. “The other day he went at the delivery guy like, ‘why you always around me?’” 

He mentioned that police had responded to complaints of Hayes twice on Sunday, but he returned both times after police left.

Since Hayes didn’t show up to his court date this past Monday, officers arrested him again Tuesday on a bench warrant.

Guess where they found him?

Yep…In the exact same location he was arrested the first time.  You know, when he physically assaulted a police officer.


I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to find out if he was actually held in jail this time.

In the days after the assault, Police Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch released a statement:

“When will our elected leaders admit that the streets are out of control? The perps know they can sucker punch a cop and escape with no consequences.  And cops know that City Hall will not back them up. The situation is getting more dangerous by the day.”

That statement was weeks ago, prior to the bail reform laws even becoming official. I would love to tell you that things have since gotten better, but if you’ve been following Law Enforcement Today at all, or any other news source, you know that isn’t true.

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The Sergeant’s Benevolent Association also commented on the incident with Hayes. The group focused more on the police work rather than the city administrators and lawmakers.  The Saturday after the assault, they posted on Twitter:

“Another ATTACK on NYPD Cops! Was this officer working alone?  Who was saying ‘Mr. Get off of him?’ All street cops BE CAREFUL, the city is falling and YOU are the first target.”

The group was referring, of course, to that sorry excuse of a co-worker who did absolutely nothing to help the assaulted officer.  Oh, wait, she asked Hayes nicely like 100 times to get off of the officer, so at least there’s that.

I’m really trying not to Monday-morning-quarter-back the female officer, but it’s just such a disgusting display of cowardice. 


The only thing I can say to her defense is based on what Lynch stated above: Officers know the city won’t protect them.  Officers can be disciplined at work, they can be sued personally, they can be criminalized and put in jail.  Just for doing their job.  It’s dangerous because they second guess everything they do worrying about their livelihoods.

But even then, it’s not an excuse for what that officer did.  Or rather, what she didn’t do.  We’ve all worked with officers like that to some extent, who aren’t willing to get in the fight, and who leave you alone to fend for yourself. 

The video of this incident is hard to watch.  I get anxiety watching cop fights, especially when the cop isn’t winning.  I watched it for this article, and I won’t watch it again.  Different news sources described the fight in different ways. 

Some said the female officer used her asp to “beat” the man off of the male officer.  Some said she “wasn’t able to subdue” Hayes.  Some said that she and other arriving officers took Hayes into custody.

I will tell you, the female officer in that video did not a damn thing to help the assaulted officer, other than call on her radio for help.  Which bystanders could do on their cell phones.  She literally begs Hayes to get off of the officer who is pinned to the ground, a lot of times.  She took out her asp and gently nudged him with it, almost like a tickle. 

That chick should not be a cop.  You want to help people?  Go be a social worker, because that’s about what your skill set is.

I’m not knocking girls as cops either, lest you think I’m sexist against chick cops. Hell, I’m a chick cop myself (or at least I was until I got injured on the job…in a fight).  Some of the baddest cops I know are girls.  And some of them, much like the one in this incident, were dangerous, non-comical jokes who endangered their own lives and the lives of their fellow cops by being too hesitant and scared to get in the fight. They didn’t deserve to wear a badge, and neither does this chick.

What’s more, Hayes doesn’t deserve to be out of jail.


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