WAUSAU, Wis. – A Wisconsin babysitter who allegedly killed a 2-month-old boy then pretended he was alive when she gave the infant back to his mother has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide. Yet more stunning, this is not the first case against her.

A criminal complaint filed Friday says Marissa Tietsort, 28, of Wausau caused the infant’s death in October, then put him in a snowsuit and car seat and returned him to his mother. She did this all without revealing the child was dead.

Authorities found the mother trying to revive the boy, but he had died hours earlier of blunt force head injuries from multiple impacts to the head. Citing court documents, WSAW reports the baby’s tailbone was also broken off and displaced.

During a court appearance Friday, Judge Jill Falstad issued a $500,000 cash bond for Tietsort. Moreover, the judge ordered that she have no contact with children or with the victim’s family.

WSAW reports Tietsort wrote a letter to the judge asking for a reduction in bond. In the letter, Tietsort said she’s pregnant with her sixth child and is not getting proper prenatal care. “I’m not a monster,” she wrote.

Furthermore, Tietsort, whose pregnancy was apparently confirmed, also faces child abuse charges involving an 11-month-old girl in her care. That charge stems from an August incident. Tietsort was arrested in that case after the 2-month-old died in October.

According to the criminal complaint, the mother of the 2-month-old boy dropped him and his older brother off at Tietsort’s home on Oct. 18.

About two hours later, the baby’s mother received a text from Tietsort, in which Tietsort told her that a local news website published a story saying she’d been charged with child abuse and she isn’t supposed to have contact with children.

Nevertheless, Tietsort told the mother not to tell anyone she was watching her two sons.

When the victim’s mother came to pick up her sons later, the infant was in his car seat with a hat pulled down over his eyes. The mother told police she thought he was sleeping, the complaint said.

The boy’s mother later realized her son was not breathing, cold and stiff. Officers arrived to find the boy had “ashen skin tone, his jaw was clenched and his lips were blue.”

The babysitter told police she didn’t kill the child, but knew he was dead, the complaint said. When her boyfriend got home that evening, they went to McDonald’s and she brought the dead baby with them, according to the complaint.

After she gave the boy back to his mother, Tietsort, her boyfriend and their son went swimming at a local hotel, the complaint said.