Ukraine National Guard’s Azov fighters grease bullets with pig fat for use against Chechen “orcs”


The National Guard of Ukraine has shared video footage of Azov fighters greasing bullets with pig fat for Muslim Chechen fighters who are assisting in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The video was released on the Guard’s verified Twitter account and was surprisingly left up by the social media giant. In a situation where it is hard to find a hero, Twitter added this warning to the post:

“This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about hateful conduct. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible.”

The Ukrainian right-wing militia says that the pig fat-smeared bullets will send the Chechens to hell and deny them the “paradise” they are promised under Islam if they die in battle against non-Muslims.

The Chechen Republic is a Muslim-majority federal subject of the Russian Federation and is led by Ramzan Kadyrov. The Islamist strongman refers to himself as “Putin’s foot soldier” and has ruled Chechnya for a decade.

Understanding the value of having Kadyrov as an ally rather than an enemy, Russian President Vladimir Putin has given him the freedom to lead the region, which is about 1,000 miles southeast of Ukraine.

Chechnya has reportedly already sent troops to Ukraine to support Putin’s invasion of the country.

During a rally of 12,000 fighters in Chechnya’s regional capital of Grozny, Kadyrov has said he could call up a 70,000-strong force to send to Ukraine.  So-called Kadyrovtsy “hunters” — known for kidnapping and torturing their victims — are reported to have already been deployed to target specific Ukrainian officials for death.

The “Azov fighters” of the National Guard of Ukraine — are themselves notorious, being formerly associated with the Azov Battalion, a volunteer militia with neo-Nazi ties. It was integrated into the Ukrainian military in 2014.

Despite being legitimized, some Azov fighters still wear the Wolfsangel insignia used by a number of Waffen SS divisions during the Second World War.

Putin used their presence in the Ukrainian military as an excuse to launch a “special military operation … to de-militarize and de-Nazify Ukraine.”

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky dismisses Putin’s allegations that the nation is infiltrated by Nazi elements, reminding the world that he himself is Jewish.

On the other hand, Chechnya’s leaders link their militaristic response to Islam.

Mufti Salah Mezhiev asserted that the Chechen Republic’s Islamist system might collapse along with Russia if what he called Western scheming to destroy the country succeeds.  Mezhiev said:

“About 30 million Muslims live in Russia. Islam is an officially respected religion in this country. In this country, at the legislative level, insulting the Prophet Muhammad and the Qur’an is prohibited.”

Mezhiev added, warning:

“. . . there is freedom to practice Islam to the fullest. But all this will fall apart if Russia falls apart.”

In a public address in which the mufti said Chechen fighters are “are on the path of Allah,” he noted:

“Russia invaded Ukraine. The reason she invaded is to remove the people doing harm to the establishment of peace.”

Law enforcement veteran: Make no mistake about it – Biden helped Putin invade Ukraine

February 26, 2022

The following editorial is written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

WASHINGTON, DC – As much as the left is hand-wringing over Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, a number of people believe this was all preventable. One such person is Marc Thiessen, a former White House official under George W. Bush.

In an op-ed, Thiessen wrote that Joe Biden had the power to prevent Russia from invading Ukraine, however his poor decision making led to Putin becoming emboldened to attack the former Soviet state.

Of course, for anyone following Biden for the decades he’s been sucking off the government teat, this is another in a series of poor judgments made by the feckless Biden.

NFT graphic

This harkens back to former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who famously once said that “he [Biden] has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

One decision which Thiessen claims would have proved to deter Putin (or at least punish him) would have been cutting Russia off from the SWIFT banking network, a move which Biden refused to invoke. That network is a banking system used by all financial institutions to wire money around the globe. Instead of leading, Biden is kowtowing to countries such as Germany and Italy, who are not in favor of such sanctions.

Had Biden moved to kick Putin’s Russia off the SWIFT system, it would have, Thiessen said, seriously impacted (in a negative way) Putin’s ability to wage war in Ukraine, as it would have had a significant effect on Russia’s oil and natural gas exports.

In fact, not one so-called “tough” sanction imposed by Biden has touched Russia’s energy industry, the major source of income for the country.

Biden said he isn’t inclined to enact sanctions on Russia’s energy industry because he doesn’t want American energy costs to be impacted (more than they already are), especially ahead of the mid-term elections, where Democrats are expected to get annihilated. That point was not lost on Thiessen.

Say what you want about Vladimir Putin, but he’s not a stupid man. He could clearly see that Biden was going out of his way, cheered on by his radical left base, to destroy the American energy industry.

Since he was inaugurated in 2021, Biden hasn’t made a single move to stabilize the fossil fuel industry at home. This has resulted in increasing reliance on foreign oil, including from Russia. Putin knew that Biden wouldn’t go near his energy industry hence he was emboldened to do what he promised to do.

In an ultimate display of being completely out-of-touch, Biden said:

“As we respond [to Russia’s invasion] my administration is using every tool at our disposal to protect American businesses and consumers from rising prices at the pump.”

In a tweet, Thiessen quoted Biden, then wrote:

“Banning new domestic oil and gas drilling is a funny way to do it.”

As Thiessen noted, when Biden was sworn into office, the United States was energy independent, after former President Trump had undone the shackles that were hampering our fossil fuel industry. In fact, not only were we energy independent, we were a net exporter of oil and natural gas.

During his administration, Thiessen wrote, Trump opened up over 100 million acres of public land for exploration, and also approved the Keystone XL pipeline. All of this served to have the US pass both Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil producers.

On his first days in office, Biden overturned every one of Trump’s decisions, which has worked to eviscerate the US oil industry. The result has been prices of oil and gasoline going up in some cases 100% over the past 13 months.

Thiessen noted that among Biden’s brain-dead decisions was to basically launch an “energy disarmament policy,” while at the same time canceling the Keystone XL pipeline, putting thousands of Americans out of work. He also suspended oil and gas leases in ANWR and banned all new oil and gas permits on public lands, he wrote.

All of this, Thiessen said, served to weaken the position of the United States against Russia. As noted, Putin isn’t a dumb man. He was well aware that Biden’s approval ratings are in the toilet, meaning he clearly doesn’t enjoy the support of the American people to do what needs to be done.

With Americans already reeling from the worst inflation in 40 years, supply chain issues, and COVID hangover, Putin knew Biden wouldn’t make the tough decisions in order to cut him off at the knees.

Meanwhile in the leadup to the invasion, Putin was able to obtain some $630 billion in gold and currency reserves prior to launching his invasion. All of this acted as a cudgel against any impact Biden’s feckless sanctions may have.

Josh Hammer, writing in The Daily Signal noted the invasion of Ukraine under Biden comes as no surprise. After all, he wrote, Biden was vice president the last time Putin decided to venture out, when he invaded and annexed Crimea in 2014.

Putin at that time was emboldened by the then-feckless Barack Obama, who had drawn a so-called “red line” in Syria, which dictator Bashar Assad promptly walked over. Obama did nothing, and Putin saw that as a green light to go ahead and grab Crimea, which he did.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise, Hammer wrote, that Putin decided to act now.

A poll of the American people seems to agree, with that premise, with a Harvard Center for American Political Studies (CAPS)-Harris Poll finding that 62% of Americans believe Putin wouldn’t have invaded had Trump still been president, The Hill reported.

Moreover, 59% of voters said Putin decided to invade because he sensed weakness in Biden. Want to know why Putin was emboldened? The American people know.

Hammer writes:

“His [Biden’s] presidency is a disgraceful exercise in how to do everything wrong: the highest inflation in decades, out-of-control spending, supply chain crises and mass product shortages, a humiliating and botched Afghanistan withdrawal, and the terrorist Iranian regime racing toward a nuclear weapon. Biden’s is the ‘Murphy’s Law’ presidency—anything that can go wrong has indeed gone wrong.”

And, as if the situation in Ukraine isn’t bad enough, don’t take your eyes off Taiwan. Chinese President Xi Jinping has to be watching what’s going on in Ukraine and drooling over the island nation of Taiwan.

After seeing how Biden (probably literally) sleepwalked as Putin first threatened to and then actually invaded Ukraine, Xi surely has to be feeling his oats.

As with Putin, Xi has seen the United States military transformed from one of the greatest fighting forces in the world to a woke, politically correct social experiment, where drag queen shows and trans rights are of more importance than mission, cohesion and readiness for battle.

These are truly dangerous times, not only for the United States, but for the world. As many have noticed, Putin does not seem well. His 5,000 word manifesto seemed to be written more from the mind of an unhinged madman than simply a power-hungry dictator.

Times like this demand a leader with a clear mind, and that person is not Joe Biden.

All you need to know about how serious Biden takes this situation is the fact that once again, he has gone to his rest home in Delaware as Europe stands on the precipice of a disaster.

Not to mention his naming a Supreme Court nominee in the middle of what can only be called a significant crisis. Biden’s eyes are clearly not on the ball.

Switch the name Biden for Trump. If Trump went home to Mar-A-Lago in the midst of a crisis such as this, the left would be in a hysterical frenzy. Now? Just Joe being Joe. And our country…and the world…is in a much more dangerous place because of his incompetence.

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