CLEVELAND, Oh. – Elder abuse is a sickening topic – especially when it corresponds to a former brother in blue.

Authorities in Cleveland are currently investigating an in-home care aid for alleged abuse against a 95-year-old retired police officer.

The former Fourth District police officer and his wife reportedly receive 24-hour a day care in their Cleveland home due to their age and the state of the man’s mental health. They wanted to remain in their home, so their children hired an in-home agency to help out.

The former officer and his wife were receiving care in their Cleveland home. (Pixabay)


On May 22, one of the family members reported the suspected abuse to police, prompting an investigation.

The couple has multiple aids that take shifts throughout the day and night. An agency worker, who helps during the daytime hours, contacted family members with her concerns after showing up to the home one morning. 

As she arrived, the night-shift worker allegedly bolted from the house, said police reports. When the daytime worker went inside, she found scarves tied around the former officer’s legs. The scarves were apparently so tight that they caused bruising in the man’s legs. 



The officers suggested that the scarves may have been used by the nighttime worker in order to secure the former officer to his bed and keep him from getting up during the night. 

The daytime aid took photos of the scarves and bruising and contacted the family about the potential abuse. The family then reached out to the police. According to the daytime worker, the nighttime aid did not belong to any care agencies. 

Cleveland police and Cuyahoga County’s Adult Protective Services are investigating the complaint. The former officer and the aid have not been publicly identified.

Our take? 

Any abuse of the elderly is despicable, but seeing it potentially done to a former officer cuts a little bit deeper. A man who boldly served his community and his country is far from deserving this kind of treatment. Our thoughts are with the family of this man and the families of other potential victims that faced this kind of “care” for their wellbeing. Let justice be swift. Time to get this “aid” off the street and out of the homes of the elderly.

The investigation into the mistreatment is ongoing. Law Enforcement Today will bring you updates as more information becomes publicly available. 


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