The Getaway Driver

What do we do with the driver of the “Getaway” car? Is he responsible for the actions of those who exit/enter his car as part of the robbery or burglary of a premises when he drives them there or away? As with most legal issue,...

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Sick or Evil? Kansas City Shootings

When someone commits a horrendous act, many are quick to suggest he “must be crazy.” When I responded as a prosecutor to homicide calls in Dade County I sometimes saw body parts floating up on Miami Beach. Old women...

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The Stillborn Crack Baby: Is it a Homicide?

Rennie Gibbs is a 16 year old from rural Mississippi who used drugs during her pregnancy and delivered a stillborn baby.  The umbilical cord is wrapped around its neck.  Yes, it’s a tragedy, but is it a homicide? Gibbs’ case is...

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