Steve Warneke
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    My Law Enforcement Distress Syndrome (LEDS) Experience

    If you are a former or current police officer, if you have a loved one who does the job, if you know a cop or even just want to know more about the job, you have to read this! What is LEDS?

    Steve Warneke
    16 Jul
  • The Cops and Fireworks

    And of course everyone’s got that pyromaniac family member—mine was my uncle who just absolutely loved setting off his own.

    Steve Warneke
    6 Jul
  • 1,112

    What Is Law Enforcement Distress Syndrome?

    Did you know that about 50% of police officers feel that they can’t talk to their loved ones about the stresses and difficulties of the job?

    Steve Warneke
    24 Jun
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    The Community’s Response to Line of Duty Deaths

    When I first heard the awkward, high-pitched, horn-like sound emitting from a bagpipe, I questioned the musical integrity of the instrument. I couldn’t exactly envision myself sitting back in an armchair, wearing my smoker’s jacket, sipping a fine brandy, listening to the LP of “The World’s Greatest Bagpipe Hits.”

    Steve Warneke
    31 Jan
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    6 Things You Need to be Aware of in a Threatening Situation

    In today's world, there are more and more dangerous situations taking place out in the open: shootings, knife fights, brawls, etc. Are you prepared to defend yourself?

    Steve Warneke
    24 Jan
  • 2,049

    Freedom of the Press – Abridged

    When the founding fathers wrote the First Amendment of the Constitution, I bet they never could have imagined the power and influence the press would eventually wield and subsequently abuse, or how ratings and advertising would control the content of the news media.

    Steve Warneke
    24 Jan
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    Contagious Shooting

    Steve Warneke
    16 Jan
  • 2,780

    The Raw Facts

    Steve Warneke
    8 Jan
  • 2,675

    Inside a Police Shooting

    Steve Warneke
    7 Jan

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