Patrick Sharkey
  • School shootings: We don’t have to live with them

    Why don't we have “active shooter” drills? Why doesn't law enforcement conduct “active shooter drills” in your school? NOT just for the police who have to respond, but FOR STAFF AND STUDENTS who must LOCKDOWN the classrooms and shelter in place before the police arrive?

    Patrick Sharkey
    20 Feb
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    In Memoriam Deputy Sheriff Kevin Stanton

    The truck experienced a sudden tire tread separation on the left front steering axle. As a result, the tire tread wrapped around the steering axle causing the driver to loose control of the big rig.

    Patrick Sharkey
    18 Feb
  • 2,381

    In Memoriam Officer Darren Weathers

    In April of last year, Weathers was credited with saving the life of his partner, Officer Waldis Johnson, after Johnson was shot in the head during a domestic violence call.

    Patrick Sharkey
    14 Feb
  • 5,288

    In Memoriam Commander Paul Bauer

    Bauer, being a “hands on” law enforcement officer, located the suspect and confronted him in a stairwell of the Thompson Center.

    Patrick Sharkey
    14 Feb
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    In Memoriam Officer Eric Joering and Officer Anthony Morelli

    Commonly, these types of calls are the result of a domestic violence complaint where the victim is unable to convey information to the 911 dispatcher. In this instance, it is possible that the 911 hang up call was made to police dispatch to draw officers into an ambush scenario.

    Patrick Sharkey
    11 Feb
  • 1,309

    In Memoriam Officer Chase Maddox

    Maddox responded to the scene to assist in the arrest. Shortly after he arrived, a confrontation erupted and the suspect obtained a firearm and shot all three officers. One of the officers returned fire and killed the suspect.

    Patrick Sharkey
    10 Feb
  • 1,196

    In Memoriam Officer David Sherrard

    Officer Sherrard along several other officers responded to a disturbance call with shots being fired at the Breckenridge Point apartment complex. When officers arrived they located a male victim suffering from a gunshot wound. They were able to quickly determine which apartment the gunshots originated from.

    Patrick Sharkey
    9 Feb
  • 1,081

    In Memoriam Deputy Sheriff Steven Belanger

    On December 10, 1994 Deputy Belanger observed a vehicle that was identified as being involved in an assault. He stopped the vehicle and was searching two occupants for weapons prior to interviewing them.

    Patrick Sharkey
    9 Feb
  • 1,433

    In Memoriam Reserve Officer Jarate Condit

    City officials of the Asher Police Department in Oklahoma, sadly report the death of Reserve Officer Jarate Condit. He died in a single vehicle collision.

    Patrick Sharkey
    8 Feb

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