Dr. Scott Silverii
  • 1,334

    Do You Really Want Better?

    I decided to make a few adjustments. The first was realizing that no agency would ever be perfect according to my definition of perfection.

    Dr. Scott Silverii
    5 Apr
  • 1,666

    Preparing Your Mouth for Duty

    Dr. Scott Silverii
    20 Feb
  • 2,510

    KKK to FBI: Why Secret Societies Form and Fail

    How many times are we going to shake our heads in disbelief when secret truths are revealed about the few bad apples spoiling the barrel? The most recent example involving the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force causes most to ask how and why.

    Dr. Scott Silverii
    12 Feb
  • 2,197

    Police Profiles in Pain

    What’s really eating away at you? Are regrets consuming your thoughts so you’re forced to shut them down? Can you sit in silence without a mental movie flooding your brain and demanding that you fill the quiet?

    Dr. Scott Silverii
    4 Feb
  • 6,810

    Double Minded, Single Focused

    Can a person be double minded and single focused? “You’re just like them.” She pounded her fists against the air.

    My ex-wife was right. I’d become just like the vicious, drug dealing animals I hunted. Unknowingly, I'd taken on their persona. I think it was Elmer Fudd who said to "Catch a wabbit, you must become the wabbit."

    Dr. Scott Silverii
    27 Jan
  • 3,900

    Forgiving the Unforgivable: Police and Grace

    In a profession filled with sentiments of brotherhood and thin blue lines, there are also underlying resentments and resistances. It’s okay to admit that there is sometimes a higher level of tension inside the station house than there is in the crack house. I’m sure some if not most of us have had longer lasting hurt caused by those who wore the shield, than those who oppose it.

    Dr. Scott Silverii
    20 Jan
  • 4,741

    Sex Addiction: Blue Lights in a Red Light District

    Dr. Scott Silverii
    16 Jan

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