Robert Weisskopf
  • Good Luck . . .

    I got to the point where the green pen became my good luck talisman. I couldn’t go to work without it in my shirt pocket.

    Robert Weisskopf
    9 Nov
  • 1,131

    The vote is in . . .

    Ammie is an active Chicago police sergeant, a loving wife, and devoted mother to two daughters and one son.

    Robert Weisskopf
    7 Nov
  • The Right Thing to Do

    She got tired of elected representatives not looking out for their constituents.

    Robert Weisskopf
    23 Oct
  • 9,561

    This Is a Messed up World

    I’m afraid it will take some great tragedy to get people to see the light.

    Robert Weisskopf
    22 Oct
  • 2,773


    The sentencing is set for a future date, but it will be significant.

    Robert Weisskopf
    5 Oct
  • 2,603

    Trying Times in Chicago

    They gathered with a lynch mob mentality.

    Robert Weisskopf
    3 Oct
  • You can rest now, Brother …                 

    He was 48 years old, married with two kids.

    Robert Weisskopf
    4 Sep
  • 1,229

    Pray for Rain

    The weather forecast is for a good chance of thunderstorms. I hate to wish for a rainy holiday weekend, but it would help.

    Robert Weisskopf
    1 Sep
  • 1,932

    Simple Facts From a Bloodied City

    The only plan of attack for our political and religious leaders is to put tighter restrictions on police use of force.

    Robert Weisskopf
    21 Aug

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