Robert Weisskopf
  • Just hit ENTER

    In many ways, it’s one of the hardest steps you take as a police officer.

    Robert Weisskopf
    26 Apr
  • Early Warning Program or Stigma?

    How is the department going to handle these officers? Take them off the street? Where do you put them? Are there certain watches that are better for them?

    Robert Weisskopf
    17 Apr
  • 3,153

    How can the police let this happen, they wonder?

    The district commander gets a hot phone call from the superintendent who just got one from the mayor, who just got one from a priest.

    Robert Weisskopf
    9 Apr
  • Students Stage ‘Die-in’

    They called for the defunding of the city police and the newly proposed police-training academy.

    Robert Weisskopf
    4 Apr
  • I love a good search . . .

    When I was searching a building, I moved slowly listening for hard breathing or movement that might give away the offender.

    Robert Weisskopf
    26 Mar
  • How do you want your coffee?

    One of the hardest things most authors face is creating characters for their fiction. I don’t. The last 35 years of my life have been filled with colorful characters.

    Robert Weisskopf
    10 Mar
  • 4,678

    Why are you still a Cop?

    Your first call that night is a disturbance with the teen at a convenience store. One eighteen-year-old male is out front slamming the ice cooler with a bat.

    Robert Weisskopf
    26 Feb
  • 3,455

    Safe in the Classroom

    A couple years back a good friend (she is a sergeant) and I went to her daughter’s grade school. We were there to talk to the teachers and help create a school strategy for dealing with an active shooter in the building.

    Robert Weisskopf
    16 Feb
  • 19,191

    Twelve Times This Year

    The robbery offender was taken into custody by other responding officers. An ambulance responded, and witnesses report the paramedics were working valiantly to save the commander as he was transported to the ambulance and then to the Emergency Room. He was pronounced dead from his traumatic wounds.

    Robert Weisskopf
    13 Feb

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