Robert Weisskopf
  • How do you want your coffee?

    One of the hardest things most authors face is creating characters for their fiction. I don’t. The last 35 years of my life have been filled with colorful characters.

    Robert Weisskopf
    10 Mar
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    Why are you still a Cop?

    Your first call that night is a disturbance with the teen at a convenience store. One eighteen-year-old male is out front slamming the ice cooler with a bat.

    Robert Weisskopf
    26 Feb
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    Safe in the Classroom

    A couple years back a good friend (she is a sergeant) and I went to her daughter’s grade school. We were there to talk to the teachers and help create a school strategy for dealing with an active shooter in the building.

    Robert Weisskopf
    16 Feb
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    Twelve Times This Year

    The robbery offender was taken into custody by other responding officers. An ambulance responded, and witnesses report the paramedics were working valiantly to save the commander as he was transported to the ambulance and then to the Emergency Room. He was pronounced dead from his traumatic wounds.

    Robert Weisskopf
    13 Feb
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    Working in Winter

    We’ve all learned what we need to be prepared for on winter nights. Each of us developed our own personal little tricks to make sure we were ready.

    Robert Weisskopf
    11 Feb
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    Burning the Candle at Both Ends

    I was browsing through LinkedIn. I saw a photo of a young Park Forest police officer asleep in an overstuffed chair in a police station break. I say young only because he has all his hair and it’s brown, the way mine used to be many years ago when I was a young officer.

    Robert Weisskopf
    2 Feb
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    Our Own Worst Enemy

    Even before I first walked into the police academy in February 1983, I remember my father and Uncle Jack saying, “We are our own worst enemy.” They, of course, were talking among themselves or with fellow police officers. This was never intended for my ears.

    Robert Weisskopf
    30 Jan
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    For most police departments in the US, the last hundred years have been a time without beards. Mustaches were allowed if trimmed down to a uniform standard. Haircut standards have had more flexibility than facial hair. In many departments, the only people allowed to grow a beard was if the officer had a skin condition aggravated by shaving and requested by a doctor.

    Robert Weisskopf
    22 Jan
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    Top Police Stories of 2017

    Robert Weisskopf
    31 Dec

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