Surviving Off Duty

It could happen at any time.  Criminals who prey on society are working 24/7.  Surviving off duty is an enormous topic with a great many considerations to contemplate.  While on duty, you are constantly in a state of readiness;...

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Florida Legislative Update “Blue Alert”

Chapter 2011-72: New statute 784.071 creates a “blue alert”.  A blue alert shall be issued (by FDLE, in cooperation with DHSMV and DOT) when requested by an authorized person employed at a law enforcement agency when all of the...

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Police Layoffs

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office located in Florida, along with hundreds of Police Departments across America are making one of their toughest decisions; a reduction in its police force. “This is...

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Let’s Talk About Liability

                It is no secret that law enforcement officers get sued.  Most of the time this is for ridiculous reasons; I think we can all agree.  This “sue happy” era we’re in is not...

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