Larry Casey
  • Demagoguery and Gun Violence

    There have been 2,100 people shot in the Windy City this year alone with 415 of those dying.

    Larry Casey
    2 Nov
  • 2,797

    Do’s and Don’ts of Conceal and Carry

    Carrying a firearm is a very dangerous responsibility.

    Larry Casey
    21 Oct
  • 2,881

    Judge Kavanaugh Confirmation Process for Supreme Court of the United States

    He is being accused of a crime, sexual assault, therefore he should be afforded the same rights that the liberal politicians demanded for the terrorists held in Guantanamo Bay.

    Larry Casey
    28 Sep
  • Activism Chicago Style

    Interestingly enough, these three undertakings were staged nowhere near the daily violence.

    Larry Casey
    7 Sep
  • 7,861

    Requiem for the Chicago Police Department

    The new round of attacks come with accommodations to the Decree being forced on the CPD from an activist group led by Black Lives Matter.

    Larry Casey
    16 Aug
  • 3,363

    Police Are the New Enemy of the State

    Was it a mindless rant from an activist group or serious threats from a left-wing terrorist group?

    Larry Casey
    19 Jul
  • 4,487

    Judge Allows Twice Convicted Cop Killer Bond

    Days later, as the offender was convalescing in Cermak Hospital, a branch of Cook County Jail, the Wilson brothers, Jackie and Andrew, devised a plan to break him out.

    Larry Casey
    2 Jul
  • Dishonest Media

    I recall the days of neutrality where you would see an article or news presentation and make an informed decision as to what you believed to be right or wrong.

    Larry Casey
    24 Jun
  • 2,330

    Citation or Warning?

    I do believe a difference in the type of police work was a deciding factor in whether or not the reader believed that the trooper should have written a citation to a retired police officer.

    Larry Casey
    24 Jun

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