Kathryn Loving
  • 18,836

    7 Things You Can Do in Your Life After the Badge

    Transitioning out of police life has its ups and downs. It seems like instantly you have lost your identity. Look ahead to your possibilities and options!

    Kathryn Loving
    23 Sep
  • 1,412

    At the Bottom of the Gear Bag Lies a Story of Cop Life

    Do you often wonder what treasures lie in the bottom of your gear bag? What does the inside of your duty bag reflect about you and your police life?

    Kathryn Loving
    19 Aug
  • Meeting Betty White

    Was I just sexually harassed by an old lady?

    Kathryn Loving
    31 Jul
  • 1,173

    9 Unconventional Things About Police Leaders That You Can’t Learn From Books

    You cannot just occupy the uniform and expect to emerge as a police leader because of longevity. Time in the saddle equates to experience, but says nothing about what kind of people navigator you are. You cannot learn about it in books. Leadership derives from who you become.

    Kathryn Loving
    9 Jul
  • Line Up You Lionhearted

    Stealing police lives has become like a locust infestation. Criminals take a human life way too easily.

    Kathryn Loving
    21 Jun
  • Squeezing the Free Speech out of Cops

    Left and right we see police officers being scorned, shunned, and suspended for social media comments. As a cop, free speech does not come without consequences. Things are different out there in the crazy world. Words are ever so powerful.

    Kathryn Loving
    31 May
  • 2,477

    A Dozen Things Police Administrators Do Wrong

    You can hear the crickets whistle through the ideas of retention, increased wages, better pensions, and career path development. The halls of justice echo urgencies of minimum staffing and Band-aiding the community problems. Yet, police administrators are not rallying for internal changes to slow the mass exodus.

    Kathryn Loving
    3 May
  • 2,679

    You Should Plan Your Exit from Police Work on Your First Day

    You should prepare your exit from police work on the first day. Yes, really.

    Kathryn Loving
    9 Apr
  • I would pee my pants for you…

    There are certain mindsets which never dissipate even after the career is over. A race can challenge your mental fitness. When push comes to shove, cop brain never goes away.

    Kathryn Loving
    2 Apr

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